Diddy and the equally annoying Ashton Kutcher hosted the 2009 White Party on Saturday (July 4th), in Los Angeles.

I’m not quite sure what brought on this sudden interest in malaria but the party was “thrown to raise money for Malaria No More, a non-profit organisation geared towards ending Malaria in Africa”.

I’m sure that the men, women and children currently suffering from malaria in Africa, will be eternally grateful to Diddy and Ashton for throwing such a FABULOUS white party in honour of their suffering.

Throwing a huge lavish party packed with shallow celebrities always improves the lives of those living in the developing world and eradicates disease…

It’s a beautiful thing………

Diddy and Chris Brown

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Lil Kim *huge sigh*

Tyrese and Chris Brown

Celebrities and hangers on party hard and say ‘malaria no more’.

I bet the majority who attended this party (including Diddy and Ashton) don’t even know what malaria is.

Photographs: WireImage/Merritt

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  1. As an ex-regular malaria sufferer (I haven’t had one in 6 years, apparently the mosquitos don’t like the ish I bring back from England). I am real grateful that they rewrote Diddy’s Annual White Party as a more recession-friendly event. All that Ciroc helped fight my malaria.

    Infact, I’m going home for the hols tomorrow to sleep in my very own mosquito net, that my loving parents have set up. I’m ready for the baby jokes tomorrow.

  2. Thats exactly right. Because of the recession they wanted to be seen as being ‘more responsible’. So a light bulb flashed above their heads… lets throw the party but at the same time raise awareness at the same time. Now which disease should we pick…. cancer, HIV/Aids nah that’s already been done. I know malaria.. yes malaria.

    If we say that we’re raising awareness for malaria we will look like we care, and it won’t look as if we want to just have a nice time with our famous friends.


  3. Just loved the sarcasm. lol. Anyway, our president promised to give everyone mosquito nets, not sure when he will actually do it, but i am sure people at home know malaria, whether the government leaders are willing to do something about it, that’s a different story altogether.

    Anywho, here in britain, i think they need the awareness. They have the preventive jabs, but if you come back with it, if you are not lucky you can die from malaria. They will put you in isolation, and run all the tests forever, give you paracetamol, and by the time they decide on whether it’s actually malaria that you have, you could be dead. My friend’s mum from zimbabwe nearly died of malaria in a hospital here until they had to get drugs from home and sneakly take them in hospital. Then she miraculously cured and was discharged. Obviously they took the credit, but there you go.

    That looked like a fun party though. Poor lil Kim. Mariah and Demi look fab.

    Adaobi, safe trip.

  4. Thanks, Lati. Now, it makes sense – why my dad always carries his malaria meds with him. Whoa…did you just say paracetamol?!

  5. Yes Adaobi, paracetamol. If you did not take the jabs early, as soon as you get home, take some anti malaria tabs or carry some on your way back, otherwise they will isolate you as if you have some air born or contagious disease. LOL

  6. oh and did anybody see the metro this morning??… Amber Rose and Chris Brown?? hummm lol

  7. The mainstream print media kill me. They have now resorted to printing gossip from blog sites. I read about this yesterday on I think Necole Bitchie or Bossip.

    I resent the fact that the British media is featuring news about Amber Rose. lol

  8. Captions are in order here!!

    Lol @ Ty, then he would have to declare the party a breast cancer charity event to mask his homoness!

    It looks like they just let any old loser into the white party! His parties used to be A-list with the usual groupies and model wannabes!

    I did not recognize Lil Kim!! Jeezus! Did she have more surgery? Why does she have to look like she is giving IT all away all of the damn time??!! What I wouldn’t give to see this girl in some clothes!

    Chris Brown photos they have that I’m a free man but I am still a woman batterer look

    Demi looks amazing I want whatever she is having!!

    Nick n Mariah …

    I want to know where his lil whore Cassie is? Was she not in attendance?

  9. @ Diva… HEHE *one of them shameful but famously loud black people luaghs*… I just saw that too Diva, humm, one of them types of partys is it?… i think somebody/s took it too the pool, them got told to take it upstairs,… what I’m thinking, is what is in the bottle is a drink?, or lotion? lol…

    as for Cassie, apparently she was at a networking event for recently / about to be dropped artists, according to ‘Do-you-know-where-you-*itch-is-at.blogspot’

    @ Janice – I know, thats what I thought, why the heck is amber rose in my morning paper?, so all of a sudden she is somebody worth printing about in the UK, ermm, NO she isn’t! … pls remind me what she does as to make a living, or what she is doing to get fame? questionable I know lol

  10. boule!
    amber rose is like caster oil ! ……honestly, i really cant stand these paid for nuthing mo fo’s!!!!!
    Janice, i beg you – stop talking ’bout these dead ends ppl…if she worked in Netto’s not one deggy deggy person would look twice at her shinny head!!!!

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