I am a little late posting this news because its only just been brought to my attention.

My mum passed on this story to me yesterday, after coming across it in The Jamaica Gleaner.

Jamaican born pastor Dr. Paul Lewis is apparently a huge star within the world of  evangelism.

My mum’s friend has had the pleasure of meeting Lewis and speaks very highly of him.  She even accompanied him (and others) on a pilgrimage to Israel. So as you can imagine this news has shocked her to the core…..

Via Jamaica Gleaner

The Jamaican-born international pastor, who allegedly gave two teenage girls money in exchange for sexual favours, was remanded when he appeared in the Savanna-la-mar Resident Magistrate’s Court late yesterday afternoon.

He has been remanded until July 7.

The police yesterday afternoon charged the accused, Reverend Dr Paul Lewis, with carnal abuse and indecent assault following an interrogation which lasted more than two hours.

Lewis was arrested at a crusade in Little London, Westmoreland, after he allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old girl and kissed and fondled a 14-year-old on Saturday.

According to reports, Lewis met the 14-year-old girl at the crusade and the two exchanged numbers. Continue Reading…..

Who here is surprised?

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  1. Am glad u wrote, ‘celebrity pastor’, because that is exactly their aim second to making money, making sure they have a close intimate relationship with their sheep, brainwashing them in the process, making them feel inferior and needy, constantly calling them sinners and how they need special praying sessions with them. Why???
    Anyway, janice what was that trip to isreal all about and who funded it?

  2. Another one bites the dust. Unfortunately, he is not first & he’ll certainly not be the last. Giving christianity a bad name, destroying people’s faith/trust, hope it was worth it.

  3. Surprised? Not me. @ lati, the pastors make holy trips with their church members, and whoever goes, as far as i know, pays their way. They exploit people in all forms. Smh

  4. First time to hear of holy trips. I knew they visited other churches in other countries, now they do holy trips. God help us.

  5. OMG, i am actually surprised at that. Never knew that happened. These people are taking it to the next level now. Religion at it’s best/worst. LOL and SMH

  6. @adaobi get out of my head! I said the same thing when I read the caption!! Another one bites the dust is right! And ppl wonder why I don’t do church!!
    And where are the little tart’s parents? I am not defending dude but @ the same time these lil girls … this ain’t their first time!! Kids these days do shit I would never do! SMH

    Did no one learn anything from R. Kelly?! There is no peeing, fondling, and or touching allowed and is highly frowned upon in Society!!

    And look @ this Pastor! He is disgusting! Apparently his has to pay for it but he should hve paid a professiinal!! Kobe!!

    This guy gets filed away in the I am incredibly stupid file! Nasty ass Motha’ F’%$#!!

  7. Father take absolute control of my daughter Taniesha willie & Benjamin Willie God should take absolute control & restore them back to their glorious destiny.
    God in his mercy preserve, restore, reposition and redirect thier steps that the (god of the world should remove his hand from life)
    I pray that God almighty should bring them back home, reposition them to become dedicate members in his church and totally give their life to him.
    God i have mercy of my family (Sonia Willie)

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