Britain’s Got Talent semi-final contestant Hollie Steel (10) took to the stage last night and this is what happened….

After Hollie broke down in to tears (notice her eyes are try like sand paper) and put the producers and the judges in a position where they had no choice but to give her a second chance (or risk being seen as monsters), we the viewers at home were then subjected to a 15 MINUTE commercial break because Hollie needed time to compose herself.

This was manipulation at it’s finest and I couldn’t help but think that Hollie was coming across like a spoilt little brat, who is used to throwing a tantrum and turning on the water works when she doesn’t get her own way.

I felt sorry for the other contestants last night because after Hollie bawled like she had just witnessed her mother’s tragic demise in an accident, it was a wrap! She was definitely going to be one of two, who would make it through to the final.

Judges Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell told Hollie that she had been a “professional” (really?) and “incredibly brave”. Then SURPRISE SURPRISE voted her through to the final a long with dancer Aiden Davis.

Then Hollie for some inexplicable reason started to sob uncontrollably again.

Had Hollie been five/six years older would she have been treated in such a “delicate” fashion? Probably not!

Today the question is being asked ‘is the competition too pressurized for the youngsters who take part’.

In my opinion competitions of this nature are always stressful and the pressure can be intense. It’s highly competitive and it’s essentially about WINNING!

If the parents don’t want their off spring subjected to this level of pressure and stress then they shouldn’t encourage them to audition for Britain’s Got Talent.

Or perhaps the producers need to sit down with the youngsters/their parents and explain that this is a competition, it’s going to be tough, there is a possibility that they might not get through to the next round, and that they shouldn’t expect to be exempt from criticism.

If the children who take part in Britain’s Got Talent really see themselves as future entertainers, then they need to start developing thick skins from now!

Messing up during a performance and then sobbing uncontrollably when it looks as if things might not go your way, isn’t always going to fly!

Anyway as for Hollie’s performance… well she’s no 10 year old Charlotte Church but with some  vocal training I see some potential there.

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  1. Why they put kids on the show i’ll never understand. Cruel. Age limit? I was cursing after that. Painful 2 watch. I didn’t even want to imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t been chosen. I blamed the parents and organisers.

  2. I can agree to that it’s wrong make a so big show with so young people. It’s hard even for the adults.

    However, it make me sad read comments about manipulation, that she in that moments crying crocodile tears and so on. It’s easy see she first was chocked about the first mistake, trying to continue but didn’t make it. She probably also was frightened because the intensive reaction from the judge and public and lost control over herself. If you look at the video again, you see all people react very much. The noise from the public is awesome and i can’t hear what they screaming, but imagine the situation.

    About when she was aware she should go to the final, look at the other one who also won, especially the final winners… yes, they full of feelings.. even some guys older than 10 years was crying.

    It’s still hard to understand a little girls reactions to all things that happened?

  3. I honestly felt quite sad for her, i mean most people would of not come back the second time but she did. She honestly just got nervous and forget her words plus the fact she’s on live tv in fornt of millions of people. Dont forget the fact that she’s only 10!

    Hoever if yoy watch the other young contestants act you will see how tented they are and they all deserve to be there.

  4. i dont think this child should have been given another chance if she had so had all the others , spoilt girl and mom should be ashamed of herself depriving others of a second chance

  5. 4 me it was not about deserving 2 be there, i have seen better honestly, it’s about lack of care considering that we all know how cruel the industry is. Being shoved off stage with broken hearts. Does anyone really care? And parents really need 2 prepare their kids.

  6. And even if they r all talented, there can only be one winner, regardless. The kids on this season 4 some reason seemed so unprepared 4 this, natalie okri too, suffered the same exit shock.

  7. As Simon said, if a kid has the talent – and the maturity – then why shouldn’t they be given this opportunity? Hollie Steel is just emotionally immature and her parents shouldn’t have entered her into the competition.

    Hollie’s tantrum was awful to watch. She is 10, not 4 – honestly I was just embarrassed for her.

  8. I remember watching a 16yr old sob on x factor when she was not put through and the reason they gave was bse she was immature. What is the diff btn x factor and britain’s got talent? And the kids really take this serious. They just want 2 be famous even without talent. I still blame the parents 4 pushing them and organisers. I agree though, it was awful 2 watch.

  9. Incurus was right…The promoters have a moral obligation to protect the young.

  10. I think she’s just a little girl who has always had too much expected of her.
    I mean when her mom came on, she didn’t really seemed worried about her daughter’s mental breakdown, but more of if she could get a second try to redeem herself. Not saying that her mom is a bad person. She could have just gotten caught up in wanting the best for her daughter and making sure her dreams came true, but Hollie had just been pushed to her limit. Saying that she’s a spoiled brat is definitely crossing the line. You have no right to assume anything about her because you have no idea who she is or what her life is like. I just think you need to consider the other possibilities instead of jumping to such a harsh conclusion.

  11. Hollie is the most talented child I have ever seen. Watching her face and emotion as she sings is unbelievable. She is 10. How can anyone say a bad word about this child. However, I do agree that the producers of the show need to protect children, even when the parents do not. I can not watch her video without getting emotional. I wanted to jump up and hold her. When she was crying, even when she did well, was very sad. Her parents should think about her emotions, not her talent. She should have been on a childrens talent show. The show should have age requirements to protect these children.
    Where ever you are Hollie, you are absolutely wonderful. You will be a huge star soon. I will be looking for all your work and accomplishments.
    I will always remember your performances on the show.

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