Celebrity Big Brother racist and bully Danielle Lloyd was allegedly attacked by two women in a nightclub early yesterday morning (May 25th).


The ‘glamour model’ is said to have been thrown on to a table of drinks and sustained terrible leg injuries.


This is the second time that Lloyd has been assaulted in a night club persumably over a man!

Lloyd currently dates Tottenham football player Jamie O’Hara, the latest in a long line of footballers that she’s dated, which includes Marcus Bent and Jermaine Defoe.


Continue reading/view more pics via The Daily Mail

Get well soon Danielle.

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  1. Why is it that she gets in fights? She got lucky the first time round. Is it her or do people just look at her and feel like beating her. It’s not nice to be beaten up like that, but it’s becoming a habit and obviously not everyone is going be gentle when angry? Is she the ‘victim’ again and again and again????

  2. it’s not nice what happen to her, so what if she sleeps around and appears to be mad desperate for a certain type of life style, some many others are too, when you think that she might not of walked again, well, wow, was there really a need for all that madness in the club, who knows what it was about but still, it’s just too much.

  3. I feel sorry for her for having been beaten up like that, but i dislike people who start up fights in public places. If you have no self control when you have had a drink, stay at home. How many times has she been involved in fights? No violence of any kind is acceptable, but i refuse to think that she is an innocent party in all of this.

    There are children who are getting shot and knifed and they do not get this kind of attention, which makes me so angry. Then you have the likes of her who are always involving themselves in trouble and the attention is diverted to them because they sell more papers or magazines. All of a sudden, this is going to make news and we shall see her on this morning and magazines, where is the attention for the rest of the victims and who is going to give them the attention.

    We will later on see her being made the face of abuse as if she is the first to be victimised. I have said enough for now.

  4. I agree with the comment left by Divakattgurl….KARMA!!!
    Danielle deserves it, she should of just faded away after she came out of big brother…she’s a Racist & a Slag, she always goes for other women’s men…This was bound to happen to her sooner or later!!! She shouldn’t get anymore attention, may be now she may decide to fade away.
    Every time i see her, i don’t think oh there’s Danielle of big brother, but when i see her I’m constantly reminded of her bullying and shitty racist behavior in Big brother. She had it coming to her, she hurt a lot of people with her nasty behavior!! May be now she might just sit on her arse & think what may of made so many people dislike her!!

  5. This is a great opportunity to fame and money. Sitting on her arse will be the last thing. Am not holding my breath. Look 4ward 2 future posts.

  6. danielle lloyd is the most amazing women she is stunning and beautifull other girls get so jealous of her she did not deserve this attack what so ever i bet the people who done this were ugly people jealous of a girl with money fame and the most amazing looks . . ..

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