UK “singing sensation” Jay Sean signed to Cash Money Records last year, and ‘Down’ is his debut single release since joining Baby and co.

I haven’t been able to listen to the track yet so have no choice but to reserve judgement until I do so.

But In the meantime your thoughts please. 

Is it a hit or a miss? 

[Thanks Miss V]

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  1. been watching youtube video’s about weezy and baby, and they erm… ‘partnership / friendship’… add jay sean to the mix, oh is it that should of party?… who knew!… will comment on the vide later once I have seen it lol

  2. it’s ok. Nothing special about it i guess. Heard it and seen it all be4 kind of reaction. And this track sounds familiar but i cannot think of which track or artist he or it replicates.

  3. lati it sounds a bit like a akon song/chris brown beat….i know what you mean by sounding familiar..I turned it off after 5secs i dont understand the hype about this guy. He is nothing special at all, there’s far more talented people out there that Cash Money could have signed. KMT

  4. Chris Brown, that is it. Exactly. I was beginning to get agitated trying to figure out who it was he sounded like. KMT followed.

  5. HUUUUGE ASS HIT HE WILL TAKE THE INDUSTRY OVER FOR SURE!! it was an upbeat song sort of like beautiful by akon but i like down sooo much better then beautiful!!

  6. It’s a hiss. WTH did they do to his voice? R&B by numbers, kinda like a generic Breezy & Polow da Don collabo. As a fan of Jay Sean, I really want the sky to fall down on ’em.

  7. I somehow believe you Samad, because if i, as a black african, decided to venture in Asian music, i would definately be huge in the industry. Not because i do it better than the asians, but because i am a different face altogether doing what has always been done. I guess people would be fascinated, i would be. Exciting stuff. I am fascinated by Jay for that very reason.

  8. Dear Jay sean,
    not everything wayne touches turns to gold; this is a perfect example. your sister in christ Pprez
    btw- stay is my JAM

  9. Dont want to sound the same as everyone else but …jus stop hating on the guy, personally, i think its jus jealousy! cos I certainly am, but hes tried hard and definately worked hard to get where he is so why shudnt we be suporting him! Hes finali getting asians up there along with all other great names! KEEP IT UP

    I want to be a singer too, so treat others how u wud xpect 2b treated urself, n i can only hope i get the same welcome he has…

  10. We are not hating on him, he sounds like Chris Brown, why should we be excited by another Chris Brown sound alike. He has the advantage of being asian and he should take it. We have heard the chris Browns and it’s old.

    Personally i am fascinated by asians on the music scene. But not this chris brown sound alike route he is taking. He was not sounding like this before. Any way, good luck to him.

  11. yall jus hating cuz u cant bear to see someone prosper without trying to drag him down. I bet if he comes big like wayne or neyo then u’ll start following him. Yah bunch of hypocrites!!!

  12. Jaysean song DOWN wiv lil wayne is really gud its somethng different love u jaysean but in the sng lil wayne part is better>>>>>>>>>>
    loving allllll the sngs jaysean singing………………..Lil wayne got differnt voice to every1 lol
    jaysean wana see its my dream to see uuuu

    lve u lts xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. lati dnt bother chatting s**t heze nt chris brown sound a like if u dnt lyk jaysean den dnt bother writing comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. When i first heard Jay’s single, his debut single( i think), it had an asian beat and touch to it, which i thought was quite interesting. That was the only reason i listened to it. Now even that is gone in this single. There’s too much R & B singers who sound like him, on this single, and he might disappear within the crowd. If, like we have been told earlier, american artists are looking for more of this asian culture to mix it in black music, why is Jay not sticking to it like he did earlier? Just an observation. Why do fans jump down people’s throats so fast? Get a grip, go out and buy it, no one is stopping you. LOL

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