President Obama and wife Michelle flew in for the G20 Summit yesterday and visited Prime Minister Gordon Brown this morning at No.10 Downing Street.

The President and The First Lady will visit Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace this evening.


President Obama


Prime Minister Gorden Brown


Sarah Brown and Michelle Obama




US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Photographs: WireImage/Eamonn McCormack

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  1. MsQuiche…. lol…ahahahahaha…

    is Gordon brown intimidated?… Michelle look like a massive presence next to sarah brown…

    and Hilary…has she put the knifes down (the ones for Obama’s back?)… thinking about it, has she endure the old school black womens struggle,…(no not slavery) a cheating husband, maybe she’s more alike us then we thought.

    Obama – I Still think he is one to watch quite closely, but he’s growing on me, and to be honest, he is a massive sign of hope, and like all people in positions of great power need prayer more that judgemental / critical tongues.

  2. Obama and family can say and do anything now, and i’ll buy it. Cool outfit mama michelle and nice suit(lookin handsome as usual) and both have genuine smiles. Hmmm… i can see Divva and Pprez.

  3. Type into youtube “The Obama Deception” and watch the documentary. You’ll see what he is really about and what he has really changed.

  4. Frankly, I don’t care if Obama is the devil incarnate, as long as he doesn’t bomb/go to war with my country, I’m good.

  5. “he is a massive sign of hope, and like all people in positions of great power need prayer more than judgemental / critical tongues.”

    “Frankly, I don’t care if Obama is the devil incarnate,”

    Co sign.

    He will not launch any bombs on your country Adaobi. Lol

  6. What I don’t like is that they (Repubs) are expecting so much from him and the man has only been in office for only a little over two months. Considering what he has done so far since he has occupied the White House, I think he has been impressive.

    To get off the topic of politics for a bit, I wrote about him on my blog: Barack Obama: One Sexy President. (

    Janice, I hope you didn’t mind that I shared that. 😀

  7. Verbs,
    that obama deception is sheer crude. for crying out loud, Jess Ventura is one of the commentars? I sniff a marketing ploy.Jesse Ventura for 2012 kiss my black ass.
    Second of all, the monetary issue in this world did not start with obama, so rest.. I agree with others, politicans are politicans, verbs you wont be such a radical yourself if you are president so hush, and take a chill pill and liberalism views. I put you and rush limbaugh in the same sentence.
    With that said, yalll heyyyyyyyyy….. I miss yalll. we need to twit, twit on my twitter….

    I have switched my major to international development.trying to help my homeland of DRC,congo! yea…
    and Michelle is just GOREGOUS!… STUNNING
    AND OBAMA is Fione, i used to have a screen saver of my with his shirt off! rarrrrrrrawwwwrrrrr

  8. i aint afraid to admit it – i like me some Obama, its wrong i know but he has a 70’s curved walk swagger….hhhmmmm

  9. @p prez , i knew Obama would bring you out? I think your Obama’s biggest fan. LOL

  10. @P Prez

    The documentary just shows the facts, what he has said he would do and what he has actually done. To say you will do something and do nothing is one thing but to do the total opposite shows a clear agenda against the people. Your novelty will wear off fast with Barry.

    I encourage others to watch The Obama Deception on youtube.

  11. Since when have presidents done all they promised to do? Why should he be the one to be perfect? Because he is black?

    Just curious Verbs, are there any of these videos on Bush 1 and 2? Or is it just the handsome black Obama getting the back lash?

    “he is a massive sign of hope, and like all people in positions of great power need prayer more than judgemental / critical tongues.”

  12. A future target for what? No place is safe? Is it unsafe now, that Obama is in power or has it always been unsafe? Where is the difference? Which leader has ever made the world a safe place to live in?

  13. @ Lati

    Check out the following documentaries, they should be on youtube also: American Dictators, 911 Road To Tyranny, 911 Martial Law Rise Of The Police State, The Illuminati Part 1, Endgame. These should also be on Googlevideo. This is not just an Obama Bash.

    Your government leader has already been chosen(Isaiah 9:6),all of these men promising hope are simply deceivers, liars and frauds. This is just a clear illustration that humanity is in a sad gutter state, when we accept liars and accept that they will not deliver all that they have promised. This is what I keep on saying about Obama delivery, HE WONT DELIVER SQUAT! Watch this space.

  14. Ignorance is bliss for me on this topic untill it becomes so unavoidable and unbearable, then i will see what wrong he has done. Untill then i still quote FR,

    “he is a massive sign of hope, and like all people in positions of great power need prayer more than judgemental / critical tongues.”

  15. if you can get me some documentaries on the Bushes and company, i will try and consider watching one of lovely Obama. If i could have one on Clinton himself as well please. Then atleast i will have something to compare to.

  16. ‘all of these men promising hope are simply deceivers, liars and frauds”

    So what do we do Verbs? We are in a situation where we have these leaders whether we like it or not? What do we do? I have always had my God, but i still have these leaders in my face.

    Oh Verbs lol

  17. Verbs, watched it but fast forwarded it in some parts. Any hoo, my issue with it is, i saw only one black man(KRS, whoopi goldberg look alike, i love Whoopi, no offence) speaking in the documentary, i did not see any mexicans or any other race speak in that documentary.
    And why are they calling it the OBAMA DECEPTION, when clearly it implicates many presidents along the line?
    Is there a BUSH/CLINTON etc… DECEPTION documentary on this issue? Why now are they bringing these elites at the fore front when it is a black man in power in an OBAMA headed documentary. May be they have but the way they are going on it’s like it’s worse now that he is president than before. smh

    That man who said, “those who refuse to listen now deserve what they will get”??? Oh well, i think we will all get the same whether we listen or not from the way they are going on about it? Are there protective measures for those who listen? SMH

    I must say KRS is the only one i could hear loud and clear, he was funny as well, unfortunately it was him alone, the rest *shrugs shoulders*

    It was interesting, but still, there is a dilemma. What do they plan on doing about it or what can they honestly do about it? Thier problem surely is not the president, it is those bankers they kept on speaking about, which is why i do not understand why they headed the documentary with OBAMA’s name. AH

    Oh dear verbs. lol

  18. Here’s infowars description of documentary:he Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people.

    The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery

    We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order’s plans. It’s not about Left or Right: it’s about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation.

    Covered in this film: who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda. If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the film for you.

    Watch the Obama Deception and learn how:

    – Obama is continuing the process of transforming America into something that resembles Nazi Germany, with forced National Service, domestic civilian spies, warrantless wiretaps, the destruction of the Second Amendment, FEMA camps and Martial Law.

    – Obama’s handlers are openly announcing the creation of a new Bank of the World that will dominate every nation on earth through carbon taxes and military force.

    – International bankers purposefully engineered the worldwide financial meltdown to bankrupt the nations of the planet and bring in World Government.

    – Obama plans to loot the middle class, destroy pensions and federalize the states so that the population is completely dependent on the Central Government.

    – The Elite are using Obama to pacify the public so they can usher in the North American Union by stealth, launch a new Cold War and continue the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The information contained in this film is vital to the future of the Republic and to freedom worldwide. President Barack Obama is only the tool of a larger agenda. Until all are made aware, humanity will remain captive to the masters of the New World Order.

  19. Why does this sound like a empyty rhetoric with a bad movie twist? So obama is a monkey,puppet, which would also make verbs, a monkey and puppet. Ahhhhhh to big a watermelon faced sambo held in captivity. Who do suggest be the president? Noah of the ark? David?abraham? Since you love to quote bible.

  20. I don’t know about all you, …but that video description sounds about right to me…lol

    heres my thing, I can’t help but like the guy, and as I said before all people in positions of GREAT POWER need pray, they need to have the right guidance, they need to lend their ears to the Lord and not the Devil.

    but looking at the sign of times, I know better than to trust and take him at his word, no sir.

    this one world government, rule, currency may seen like nonsense, how many people really believe there will be a mark of the beast, how many believe Christ will return???

    if you understand the Biblical accounts leading upto the end of the world, you will know that we are not far from that now, and that Obama seems like he’s going to be playing a massive part in it, but if you don’t understand / believe in Biblical prophecy about the end times, than understandable that u will see now wrong in the man, or care to look for it.

  21. … meant,…than its understandable that u will see no wrong in the man, why would u, what has he done wrong, nothing to the naked eye, he’s is a great person on the surface, all seems well, but time will tell, what is what, and who is who.


  22. @FR

    Sound thinking bro, very wise thinking.

    @P Prez and Lati

    You still think it is cool that they have brought in a black face during the worst economic meltdown the world has ever seen and you still do not see anything suspect in that? If you two rebels would just watch the film in its entirety without throwing your toys out of the pram, you would see that the conspiracy is much bigger than Obama and that Obama is just one piece of the puzzle to pacify the people, especially the blacks……and he sure has done a good job with you both. P Prez, your rant about Jesse Ventura is pure folly, there are a whole heap of folks in the documentary saying the same thing and as for you Lati and your Bush Deception/Clinton Deception rant, can you not read english? I gave you a whole list of other documentaries exposing Clinton and Bush and I told you already that this isn’t just an Obama thing, in fact if you hadn’t of hop, skipped and jumped through the doc, you would have seen Bush get his fair share of heat also.

    When you are both breaking rocks in one of those many concentration camps that the government has prepared for you, maybe then the wheels might start turning, that is if they haven’t already taken you out and put you in one of their fema coffins. Deal with the message and prove it wrong, don’t shoot the messenger.

  23. Let me be the event of my own demise. I have not joined no government camp or have been brainwashed. The lord,god, jehovah, the alpha omega is my god, and the only god. A man that seems to script. Scriptures out his rectum should no better. So once and for continue to spend umpteen hours looking for excuses to validate obama if you well. I walk my own path that will not be decided by you. I’m done with you, continue your plight judas!

  24. @Lati

    What do you do?

    Stop latching onto politicians for leadership, start thinking as an individual. Just because excrement is placed before you as a meal, it doesn’t mean that you must consume it because your shortsightedness cannot see anything else available. Are you so blinded that you cannot see that these so called “leaders” have been leading you towards a cliff edge? How much more do they have to do to you till you finally admit that they are not working in your best interest and that you are indeed being shafted? The first thing you can do is switch off from their propaganda and show them that you see through their lies and bs. Trusting fully in God seems to be too difficult a job for you at the moment so this is an easier place for you to start from.

  25. Lati thinks for self, you shall do the same. You spend all your time in documentaries. It seems to mer you have consumed the propoganda as well my friend.

  26. Oh, and the Alpha and Omega stated that Obama is the shepherd of the flock did he, did he state that Obama was the saviour? Hypocrite, what reprobate bible is that you are reading from? Yes, you walk your own path but don’t try and bring the God of the bible into it because he told you not to put your trust in men and if you do you are cursed(Jeremiah 17:5, Psalms 146:3).

  27. This world is going to the dogs, I’m dealing in documentaries which are expounding on who is responsible for this, where they are going and what their end goal is and I’m dealing and swallowing propaganda? So the world going downhill is propaganda is it? Open your eyes woman, you are not in fantasy land. This world is a gutter and it is worsening regardless of what cloud you’re floating on.

  28. Verbs you eat the muck you spit out! No where have I stated that is my savior, so please retract that statement till further notice. Seconf of all you, as I have said I am not putting my ashy knuckled on obama. He is not a soverign by any virtue. You make him out to be the serpent that made eve ate from the tree. So your as a manipulative and hypocritical as the next person. You might excuse my 20 year old ignorance but do not, I repeat do not be submersive towards or my intellect. You can compile all the book knowledge you can acquire but it does not make your world view better than the women or men,

  29. Fantasy land? Ease of the drugs rush limbaugh. your preaching and preaching exactly what are you doing? The blantant messenger who just delivers the message and than goes home to his humbled abode and sleeps on it. If you preach be active. In your saying in my eyes its full of SHIT. Ok, peter pan, go to never never land I’m sure you’ll find your way to the jackson five’s slave theme park with a minstrel show starting VERBZ and his apostles.

  30. I am on my blackberry and in class watching pride and prejudice as a part of my film studies . Please pardon the lack of mispelled word. Qwerty is not my amigo!

  31. Oh lass(p Prez), you sure did put up a fight. lol

    Verbs, when a woman fiercely critiques you or your views, i think it is not necessary to point out her gender, put your point across and let it be. I do not know if you are church preacher or whatever, but i am willing to bet that if you are, the majority of the people in your church are women and men. Which brings about serious worries in my head. Can they get the gutts to oppose whatever they disagree with and stay welcome in that same church?
    I am willing to listen to what you have to say and critique without you reminding me that i am woman, thank you.

    HM, let me tell you something, this message of the world coming to an end is not knew to me at all. You see where i come from, ever since i was in primary, there came all these preachers who preached the exact same message. They typed up notes saying things that you are saying and adding to it, that if we did not pass on these messages and threw these note away, we were going to go to hell. And to top it off, they realy pulled this one and it was very good i must say, they brought in the movie “OMEN”, has anyone watched it? Well if you have you can imagine how scared shit people were because it corresponds with the bible as well.Oh well, guess what i did, i always threw them away and i guess i have booked my self a place in hell already. Too bad.

    Actually it is so infuriating that this message has been used to exploit the poor who actually can not oppose it and take things at face value. IF these people are exploiting with thsi message, how different are they to the leaders who are labeled devils?
    Well, before i begin to look deeper and behind curtains of politics, i will first see what the immediate result and impact this very same message has had on those who have believed it. Ok, Obama is a devil, the world is turning into chaos and so forth, so what? I stop living and start living in fear? Or i will go and lock myself in church like the xtians who locked themselves in church when the year 2000(end of the world) approached and burnt themselves to death? If i am going to die, i sure will choose to die happy, and not in fear.

    I struggle to believe in God? Yes i do. And you want to know why? Because all the preachers, i believe are false to a certain extent. So what? My belief in my God is enough, it is what i can handle. Good for you for having greater faith.

    Hm, you chose to ignore my take on the video. There was absolutely no need for me to hear word to word. I do not care whether those men are racist or not but i stamp racism on that documentary. WHY? How many white men were speaking and giving their views in that documentary and how much airtime did they have? You tell me. The black man, KRS who i was more interested in listening to, had very little air time. In 1 hour and 51minutes, he had about five minutes or three? Hm, so forgive me for refusing to listen to only the white man’s take on it without being biased.
    OH, how could i forget? How many women had a say in that documentary? Oh, i forgot, what do we know about politics and what do we care. We should sit back and wait to be fed with the info and take it wholesale.

    Lets see, Obama is a black man with his descent in kenya and wherever, therefore a foreigner(not american), a perfect candidate for the devil”s description. HMMM

    Or, he is a black man, which makes him an under dog and therefore gullible and willing to kiss ass for anything. That would make us all black people that, now would it not? So what?

    While you are willing to see all this negative side of him, for someone who is against racism, you fail to see this other side of the black Americans who have faced discrimination for so many years and what it means to them. So what if he is going to mess up? He is a figure who represents something now regardless of the outcome of his term in office. I guess if a woman took power it would exactly be the same situation. So what? We should never have female presidents because they will turn out to be devils? Which leader has had a squeaky clean image in history? OH, i forgot, the documentary mentioned the assasinated Kennedy. Hm

    If you cannot see where we are coming form, because

    of age or gender…… then may be we should not even be encouraged to vote.

    And that part where you said we should not drag religion or God in this, why are you doing exactly the same? And like i said, if i am going to go to the concentration camps, i believe you will be going there to. What is it that is going to make me go and you stay? HM

  32. “Are you so blinded that you cannot see that these so called “leaders” have been leading you towards a cliff edge?”

    Now that my eyes are open and the fish scales have been taken off my eyes, what next? So what if we have all this info that clearly the informers have not used to warn people in advance and waited an a black man to pounce on and scavange?

    “it doesn’t mean that you must consume it because your shortsightedness cannot see anything else available.”

    Since you are long sightesd and not consuming, how more fulfilled is your life to mine? Assuming we have similar measures af fulfillment.

    “as for you Lati and your Bush Deception/Clinton Deception rant, can you not read english? I gave you a whole list of other documentaries exposing Clinton and Bush and I told you already that this isn’t just an Obama thing,”

    Yes you did after i aksed for it but you were in a hurry to burry Obama first because he seems the worst of the worst.

    “If you two rebels would just watch the film in its entirety without throwing your toys out of the pram, you would see that the conspiracy is much bigger than Obama and that Obama is just one piece of the puzzle to pacify the people, especially the blacks……and he sure has done a good job with you both” You are saying that now but clearly, my impression n your take on this whole Obama topic, is that he is the worst and you entirely blame him for all that is coming and selling out black people, but you forget to mention all those who ever sold you out in the past. If we are going to die or drown in debt and whatever worst case scenario, what do we do, especially if it’s these leaders who are physically around? I guess i will stay on that cloud i am floating on and hopefully will get to see the pnk camels with chicken wings. I do not see how you, who knows all these things is any better than me who does not. Quit frankly, i sleep at night well, do you?

    What is your advice for the people, keeping in mind that not all share your faith?

  33. Verbs, lay off the “woman” calling, you have done it to Misses Gump and Reclaimin as well. It is absolutely unnecessary and demeaning. May i remind you that this a BLACK WOMAN’S blog. Yes and i am proud it is a “she”. I did not mean to rub i your face but, there you go. We cannot be put down any more than we can help it. No offence

  34. It is the way it comes out in a discussion that makes it sound that way(demeaning), especially when the discussion gets intense. Like i said, no offense.

  35. Not taking no sides here but:

    1: Obama is sending more troops into Iraq, encouraging Nato and bribing Pakistan to do the same, this clearly is the opposite of what he originally said which was to get troops out. And one I hoped would not happen. Look how quickly this has happened with no questions asked, will there be more black people going to war now?

    2: From the G20 speech I have understood they are going to spend and introduce loads of new money because they have money problems? Isn’t that more debt? And debt to who?

    3: War is stupidly expensive, before, during and after. The country who has suffered defeat/agreement in war will have no immediate money for redevelopment. They will need to borrow money. Guess who will loan the country money with various conditions?

    4: In the G20 speech why was a global banking system mentioned every other sentence?

    If lati is president of US, fr.. is King of England and Janice is Director of the Global Bank we all get our money from including lati and fr.. themselves, who I might add can also be in debt. Who calls all the shots? Who would profit from war? Who would want war? Who would want peace?

  36. Real Nv, u were missed. And thanx 4 those prestigious posts. Am not getting off the cloud any time soon unless i get a solution. Haaaa….

  37. And what do we do with the info apart from turning 2 christ. The wars and bankruptsy r already here and clearly never going 2 go away regardless of who is leader. Why does Obama seem worse than any one else? Bse he is black or bse he is going 2 do worse in the entire history of america?

  38. @Lati

    My Advice For The People, firstly:

    1. Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. He told you all what is happening now would come to pass from 2000 years back(Matt 24, Luke 21, Mark 13, Revelation, Isaiah 13, Daniel 7-12). Nobody can say that they were not given prior warning.

    2. If you reside in the States, get out of there if you can, if you cannot then be prepared to head to the countryside as your next staged attack will be a biological one and in a heavily populated area(s)

    3. Purchase seeds as you will be needing them when the food supply is cut off. This is worldwide advise, not just Stateside. Yes, your government will shut of the food supply to provoke the riots to justify bringing in the military to finalise their control grid on the people. Don’t think it can happen, youtube “food riots worldwide”.

    4. Distribute truth in whatever format possible to wake as many people up as you can(dvds, documents, links etc). I’ve been to 3rd world countries and the conditions they have are coming to the US, Canada and the UK.

    5. Do not waste your time praying for Obama as he is bought and paid for by Wall street. He will not save you and the change he is bringing in is for the worst.

    6. Pray to God and seek direction from him. He is your saviour, not Obama.

  39. @ Lati

    Obama is worse because he is a new face which has put the people back to sleep and tricked them into putting their guard down. People were seeing through Bush’s bs, especially the blacks so they had to changed the face of the game to bring the people especially the blacks back into believing that they could trust in their government again. Has it worked, it certainly has. As I stated before, this is bigger than Obama, its just that he is serving his part of the deceptive scheme at this time. Bush’s time was prior to Obamas, Clinton’s time prior to Bush’s and Bush Seniors prior to Clinton’s. They are all puppets, they all ran nothing, Obama is no different.

  40. Oh well, i just thought of falling off the cliff sooner rather than later. Where shd that mass population in america go? We r all doomed anyway. Haaaa…

  41. @Verbs – this is a genuine question. With all the conspiracy theories you see out there in the world, the injustice and the masses who are walking around asleep, totally oblivious to what is patently clear to you – tell me, generally are you and what makes you happy in this world?

  42. @Miss Gump

    I deal in the facts. A theory is no longer that when it is proven by evidence. Some genuinely cannot see what is coming and need to be woken up, other simply do not want to see, they enjoy slumbering in dreamland. I am happy exposing the truth, I am not happy in this world system as it is a system of enslavement(Babylon).

    I have shown beyond any reasonable doubt that the governments of the world have gone bad and that they are plotting against the entire human population plus the signs of this are so clear. My question to people especially black people is this:

    What has your government done for you that now all of a sudden you trust them?

  43. @Verbs – so what makes you happy is exposing your version of the truth, but generally you are not happy in this world system. Is that correct? So that means you are a truth-seeker who is not happy with the truth of life. Doesn’t that make for a very frustrating existence given ALL the things you see which are wrong in the world?

    If you are not 60+ do you think you are far too young to be THIS jaded about life and this interested or concerned in the taxing issue of world failure on a mass level? Which by the way, is hugely unlikely to ever happen on the scale you discuss in your lifetime.

    If you know specific timelines for these predictions, then please share them with and/or direct us to your website or stand-alone blog. Being this vocal about the truth, I’m sure you haven’t missed the opportunity to discuss this on a much bigger platform. I am interested to hear the views of your many followers too.

    You’re a very fascinating man, but I’m a truth-seeker too, and rather than dismiss you as another anonymous extremist on the cyber front-line, when you may actually be the TRUTH in a David Icke sort of way; I’d like to know:

    What is it that you do for a living when you are not seeking the truth?

    Where will you go and where do you suggest is the best place to live now that GB is going to the dogs?

    Who on planet Earth do you trust apart from God?

    What sort of truth do you think you can offer the person who applied ‘faith the size of a mustard seed’ and watched it flourish into what is now a very deep relationship with God, which manifests itself in them living an unbelievably blessed, happy, balanced and successful life, which goes on to directly and indirectly inspire others to also apply faith the size of a mustard seed in God and watch their life flourish?

    Who is the man behind the rhetoric and endless YouTube links who thinks we should all be saved Christians?

    Straight answers without all the bumpf will do.

  44. Verbs just needs to get has derailed him to a maniac lok.
    Everything is wrong in his eyes,but yet he fails to offer a solution. This nut job is just theoristist who spends his entire day searching for youtube videos and anti-obama. He writes so profolic that you look past his bullshit and see a lonely man who is bitter and defeated.Has life been this rough? How accurate are the articles when everybody and there mamas can pose an oppostion and present a scholarily research all faux and duped.
    Verbz, I hand it to you. I only wish you could see it.Since heaven and god is the only truth why not join them? There’s 1000 way to die pick one and ask for forgiveness the lord is forgiving. When you get make sure to blog about it.

  45. @Miss Gump

    My version of the truth???? It is the truth period, I told you before, I only deal in facts. If you are really a truth seeker then your own investigations will lead you to the same truth. The actual truth of life is the part of life people do not want to see. Being in a blessed position in life will shield your eyes from that reality to a degree as you can always globe trot to another part of the world where the tyranny isn’t so in your face.

    This isn’t the 1980s or 90s where the hand of these conspirators was still at work, their work is almost done, America is one attack away from complete lockdown(which will be a biological one), they just need a bit more time to put their military grid in place. We all have less than 3 years until a full police state is in place, thats why there is no time to relax.

    There are various sites for you to check out(if you are really looking for truth).

    These sites deal in real news as it is, not the slanted versions you are fed via the mainstream media.

    I work just like you, I’m not a lay about. To be honest, you are better off in a third world country than a first world as the people won’t tolerate the crap that people in the west put up with and it will be harder to implement a police state grid in those lands. Plus you have more freedom to defend yourself effectively in a third world country.

    I suggest you read Luke 21:16. Those who are willing to stick by you to the end and who know what is going on are not the problem, its those that are undecided or pro government, they will be your problem, even those from your own family.

    Depends what you mean by blessed. You can bless people all day with materials and things of this world but your “blessings” are as dung in the sight of God. Too many people are deceived into thinking that they can branch into the kingdom of God or be accepted through some backdoor or some other way. The only way into the kingdom of God(which is the next government after God destroys these) is through Christ and a full commitment to him. It would be interesting to see if your deep relationship with God would fair the same if all your wealth and riches were taken away, then we would truly see where your loyalties would stand and whether your deep relationship was conditionally based as long as you are well off.

    I am nobody to be exhalted or lifted up, I’m just showing people the light, some want the light, some prefer the darkness. Do not check me, look at what I am claiming and try it to see whether I am telling the truth.

  46. @Pprez

    You’re like an uncaged bird constantly squawking. Polly want a cracker? You are only upset at me because told you the truth about your boyfriend Barry Soetoro…..oops Obama. Sorry I had to throw your dreams of the 10th black president in the dumpster but I only deal in reality, not in what you want reality to be.

  47. You have been yamping your words on here and nobody has called you on it.why so gray?

    What true Verbs? The same rubbish conspiracies you want to put in theory?
    Third.Answer gumps questions. Was my comment more amusing or the fact you could not answer the questions because you have testicles so tight together your balls can’t breath?
    Get that slave mentality out your gut. You still a nigga verbs? The massah let you out a hundred-something years ago you still want act like a house nigger?
    Verbs answer these questions without acting looking at dictionary:

    What is it that you do for a living when you are not seeking the truth?

    Where will you go and where do you suggest is the best place to live now that GB is going to the dogs?

    Who on planet Earth do you trust apart from God?

    What sort of truth do you think you can offer the person who applied ‘faith the size of a mustard seed’ and watched it flourish into what is now a very deep relationship with God, which manifests itself in them living an unbelievably blessed, happy, balanced and successful life, which goes on to directly and indirectly inspire others to also apply faith the size of a mustard seed in God and watch their life flourish?

    Who is the man behind the rhetoric and endless YouTube links who thinks we should all be saved Christians?

    Straight answers without all the bumpf will do.
    *answer! Ill do gumps the favor sense I’m your favorite. Salvation being the only staple for truth, and since this world is fable in your eyes there are 1000 ways to die pick one and save us the mercy and tell us if hell is all that’s cranked up to be. Do not address until you have answered these questions. I won’t says women to men. Man to man verbz cause it appears I have more balls than YOU. I don’t give a shit if his 10th black president what does that have to do with anything? Verbz just call me gawd!

  48. Don’t worry verbz you can be my jade and I can be your jack tweedy and rhe can be max clifford. Ill make you into a star and give your own dateline special on how” we all live in an hour glass except you” guest performance by Jim Jones! I’m waiting for you to pull the womans card or reclaimin to agreed with you. One or the other?

  49. Pprez

    You would lick the dust off Obama’s scrotum if you were given the opportunity. I tried to liken you to one bird but it would seem that you are a mongrel of many. I could show you truth till I’m blue in the face but you still will not accept it. You’ve drunken the Obama Koolaid, you are foaming at the mouth and you are quite happy to perish in a rabid state.

    Your boyfriend Barry is a devil, he is bought and paid for by Wall Street and he isn’t going to save your hind. You know in the back of your mind that Obama is a sellout but you have to keep addressing the truth as “Verbz Theories” to make yourself feel better. So, carry on tossing your saviour’s salad for the meanwhile but your high hopes and glory are already fading away as your bumchum is already showing his true colours.

    Some fries with that salad mam??

  50. @ Lati Verbs n fr..
    Tnx! Thought you was my Archnemesis Lati nice to know LoL.

    Wow from debate to cussing match.

    A single person can do much. Trusting/Gambling in someone you have never met to save you is down to the individual. Personally I’ve been spending my last couple sundays Rollerskating im slowly getting the hang of skating backwards.

    Your Life! do what makes you happy!
    forsee obstacles ahead and plan how to overcome them while they are still small.

    There are two Sayings that have stuck with me.

    Deal with Big Problems while they are still small.
    A Good plan Today is better than the perfect plan tommorrow.

    Do all the costly and time consuming fun things you want to do asap! before some new tax or charge makes it more expensive and that step further away.

  51. Hmm… Just seen this. Didn’t know it had escalated. @ Real Nv, i refuse to make enemies on line apart from racists. Lol. I’ll listen to yo politics any time coz it has no religion behind it. Thats why i diverted to verbs after yo post. Lol but u were missed. And that advise just took me off that cloud back to earth at least. Lol

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