Roberto Escobar

In an interview with The Metro Newspaper Roberto Escobar, brother of the late notorious drugs baron Pablo Escobar, talks about his brother, how his brother’s choices in life affected his family and the autobiography Escobar.

Roberto became the accountant for the Medellín Cartel and later went on to become a professional cyclist and an electrical engineer. 

Why have you written this book?

I am dedicated to finding a cure for people with HIV and Aids so this book is to raise funds to patent the product we’ve been working on. I’ve been involved in this investigation since 1987, ever since one of my horses developed a disease very similar to the Aids virus. So far we have more than 100 patients who now won’t contaminate anyone else.

Do you have medical training, then?

I studied electrical engineering but when I was training the Colombian cycling team I had to complete some basic medical courses. And when I was about 14 or 16 I worked in a medical lab and I know a bit about veterinary medicine. After this I’m going to investigate a cure for leukaemia. And arthritis.

Did you write the book because you believe Pablo was misunderstood?

People only know part of the story. You don’t know that a bomb was planted in my mother’s building; that the police kidnapped my father; that my pregnant sister was almost killed by another bomb; that the Colombian government allowed a bomb to be sent to me in a high security prison. How can a whole family be held responsible for what one member does?

You say that Pablo was addicted to drug trafficking.

In the beginning, drug trafficking wasn’t controlled and the profits went into public projects: building football stadiums in poor neighbourhoods, providing food for the poor, medicine for old people. Pablo shared the profits with the Colombian people – that’s why they supported him.

But wasn’t this philanthropy motivated by Pablo trying to gain more power?

No. Those same people begged him to get involved in politics so they could get more help when he was in government

Was there ever a time when you didn’t want to be involved any more?

I never wanted to be involved. But I was a target simply because I was Pablo’s brother so I had to protect myself under my brother’s umbrella. I had to choose between that and losing my life. But I’m not trying to justify it because there’s no justification for what we did.

Have you any regrets?

I have repented for everything I’ve done in my life. I have asked Our Father and my mother to forgive me, because I respected my mother a lot. I go to Mass and pray to God every night.

What happened to all the money?

The enemies of my brother and many parts of the Colombian government have taken it. Continue Reading….

I find all this fascinating and plan on purchasing a copy of the autobiography. I will also check out the feature film when it’s released.

Rappers seeking “inspiration” will venture out in their droves to see this film.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading what he had to say, he sounds genuine, not too sure about oliver stone though, he always has his own agenda.

    Walter Salles (the motorcycles diaries) or Alejandro González Iñárritu (21 grams, amores perez, babel).

    But the bother Roberto, may pick up his book still.

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