I’m not a huge Keri Hilson fan but I like this track.

It’s catchy.

Some bloggers have talked about the sexual chemistry between Kanye and Keri in the video.

I fail to see it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. I am with you I don’t see it either…..maybe they need to discuss the lack there of!!! I don’t see him like that… Eeeewwwwhhhhh!!!!!!!

  2. I’m a Keri Hilson stan, been a stan for a long time (circa Xzibit’s “Hey Now (Mean Muggin’)”) & I’m not a fan of this song. Although, my stan status will probably make me a fan in about 3-7 months. I’m just happy, she finally got released.
    I’ve watched the making of the video (on her youtube page), & Kanye was definately very touchy feely, for crying out loud, he was sniffing her towards the end of the video.

  3. @2pprez I just threw up ibn my mouth!!!
    @Adaobi I didn’t make it to the end!!! Are you going to insist that I watch it???????? 😦

  4. @DKG, nope, I haven’t watched the actual video (can’t be assed really), that (sniffing etc) was from the making of “Make Love”, where Kanye played her love interest (‘frollet included).
    Kanye, the new sex symbol?? This is the helicopter woman* all over again.

    *Chick that sued Vicky S, metal thingy in her eye.

  5. @Adaobi Eeewwwhhh please don’t say “sex symbol” and “kanye” in the same sentence and out loud!!!!!!!!

  6. Americans have too many singers and talent and it is getting ridiculous. They are just producing anything. Very few stand out from the crowd. They all are starting to sound and look the same. She even looks like RIRI.

    The old generation american singers should make a come back and leave the young producers out as well (IMO).
    Yes i am still stuck with the old music and clinging on to it with dear life.

  7. Yeah I find myself listening to back in the day songs… and what’s funny is how you can point out the decade based on how the song sounds….weird… in other news….Foxy Brown is in the studio and releasing a song soon…we need a female rapper right about now since Lil Kim is so busy dancing with the stars!!!

  8. I also stan for keri hilson, and you know i stan for kanye so i would love for those two to hook up.

  9. nooo, kanye is not ugly (thats harsh) especially before the accident. and keri is hot. ugly kids wont happen

  10. It’s Official- Black people no longer have exclusivity rights to decide what is good black music…

    Face it people, you’re not trying to load this up on your mp3 player asap ..subconsciously singing it for the right reasons now are you?

  11. @ Divakattgurl, i am about to sum my collection of american music with the midnight soul collection. My future grand children can inherit that. lol

  12. @lati I know what you mean!!!

    @nemat… I am not mean baby I just call it like I see it!! 😉

    I finally watched the video in its entirety and I do like the video, however I fail to see how she could have a love interest with Neyo either because he is not cute!! He is talented!! But not the kind of eyecandy I am used to!

    The song isn’t bad but like Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ this song is going to have to grow on me!!!

  13. The song isn’t bad but like Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ this song is going to have to grow on me!!!

    I’m sure in about 1,000 plays against your will, on your box and wherever else they can force feed will come to enjoy it..Good luck!

  14. Finally watched it, what’s with the falling Keri? Kanye was painting by numbers **chuckles**, it’s growing me. Damn you will power.

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