I thought old Mohammed here beat his then girlfriend/the mother of his daughter with a belt in the street!

That was what online reports suggested at the time.


Via Digital Spy

Former EastEnders actor Mohammed George has started libel action against The Sun after the tabloid reportedly called him a “woman beater”.

The BBC reports that George, who played Gus Smith in the soap, alleges that his acting prospects were “damaged” by the paper’s report, which came in the wake of his 2006 arrest for common assault against his then-girlfriend Emma Archibald.

The Sun is contesting the 26-year-old actor’s claim.

George’s lawyer, Ronald Thwaites QC, told the High Court: “In a nutshell, the allegation against him is that he flew into a rage in the street in the early hours of the morning of 3 December, 2006, and beat up his then girlfriend and mother of his daughter, acting like a wild animal and leaving her sprawling in the street when he ran away. He says this is completely untrue, a false picture.”

Thwaites told the court that George admitted that he hit Ms Archibald with a rubbish bag which had split open, for which he accepted a police caution for common assault.

Questioned by his lawyer, George told the court that he does not have a short fuse and described himself as a “very sensitive person”. He added that there was “no way” that he was someone who was prepared to hit women. The case continues.

Mohammed accuses the newspaper of damaging his acting prospects?

No I will tell you what damaged your acting prospects Mohammed, portraying docile and gormless road sweeper/resident dogs body Gus, in Eastenders for six years!!!

You were painful to watch!

But I wish you the best of luck with the libel action.

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  1. “You were painful to watch!” Lol

    It was his job on eastenders. No upgrade 4 all that time he spent in eastenders. smh

  2. He should have invested his earnings. He never stood out that much in eastenders, and i do not know if it even came down to the script. It was him. I do not even remember the strongest story line he ever did.

  3. LMAO Janice has a point about taking his former employers to court for damaging his prospects and his agent, manager, whomever else had a hand in his career… oh and his damnself!!!!

  4. @ Lati

    He received his strongest storyline just before his character was written out of the show.

    The character of Sean terrorized him remember? and had him running around looking like a runaway slave.

  5. Lol janice. U had 2 bring that up as well. It did not involve drugs did it? Lol. Hmm they tried the sonia line. Unlikely couple. Poems. I guess they tried 2 give him a good send off. Lol. But could they not hav given him a job in the bar? Ah.. Kmt

  6. Don’t remind me.. the poetry (what was that??)….his brother Junior…. the drugs…. the runaway slave antics, the road sweeping, never standing up for himself, always looked scared and startled.

    He really should look in to taking the Eastenders script writers to court.

  7. Your right. Lol. The slavery antics. Lmao. U just gave him good grounds 4 his case. That work wear. Ah. Sharing a flat. Lol. When did he ever hav decent clothing? Kmt

  8. He did not miss out on the all black cast serie, did he? Lol. Yes and they had started the drug story line on the girl(went blank on name). And they had 2 beat up the guy who had started a drop in centre 2 help the kids. Lol. I need 2 detox.
    Slavery antics. Still lmao. Oh dear.

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