Several days ago I called upon my UK based readers to send me music featuring real UK talent – artists who are currently working the underground circuit and who you think deserve the exposure.

So far I have been very pleased with the response, so thanks to those who have sent links.

Today I am posting music from singers Taylor Lane,  Orie, Tawiah and Rox.

*Note: I will be posting more music from various artists in the coming days.*



Photograph: Shimmer Images

Click here to listen to a selection of Taylor’s tracks.



Click here to listen to a selection of Orie’s tracks.



Click here to listen to a selection of Tawiah’s tracks.



Photograph: David Richardson

Click here to listen to a selection of Rox’s tracks.

What are your thoughts on the artists featured?

*Please be constructive with your criticisms if you have any*

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  1. ok .. all this talent and only one comment from our american bro’s ans sis’s .. hmmm…..
    where the obama optimism people!!!!!
    check em out .. and leave some comments….
    folks are quick to jump up and slag off the rubbish!!!!
    well come on down for the good stuff….!!!!!

  2. Are you not the expert in music? Start it off then we will follow. What do you think TY?

    Apart from that, if you do not mind me asking, why are they under ground with such good talent. I am trying to figure that out. Is Rox’s music in the shops? I have not grasped her lyrics but i love her sound, enough to get me to the shops 4 it. Yes and she is beautiful. What?

  3. @TY, what about the african’s views. LOL SmH hmmm.. And you should be the one giving them some encouragement and feed back first, and tips and all that. I know the customer is always right but why are they underground? I am really curious? Is there any particular reason? How come they are not head hunted? Too many questions i know.

  4. @Ty

    So what if the Americans decide not to comment. Why does it matter? Why the focus on impressing the Americans? Regardless of where we are from it’s important that we ALL give feedback, provided we have something to say. Yourself included.

    Your an artist, so let us know your thoughts.

    Anyway here’s what I think…

    I really enjoyed tracks from Tawiah, Rox and Taylor. They are really talented and I look forward to hearing some more music from them.

    Orie I thought had some good production, but I feel he needs to work on his vocals. On a few of the tracks I felt he sounded way offkey. That’s just my opinion.

  5. I need to buy Tawiah’s single, “every step”. Love Her voice. Can i get it in the shops too? I’m in scotland, so chances are i cannot get their music unless i order for it. Which will take a week or so>

  6. @ cj …. i wasn’t looking for american approval
    no one should …
    !! but we share this blog with american counterparts… who have been shown … up until quite recently a pretty narrow selection a one sided view of what’s happening here..

    if we can all laugh and giggle at the wack stufff
    surely we can pay attention to the goood stuff when its presented!!!
    by madnews!!!
    and i have noticed over time that there are less comments from abroad when goood music from here is showcased!!!
    so i brought it up!!!
    and here we are!!!!

  7. you just drove the americans away. Do not mock them then. charity begins at home. they need more support home inorder for them to rub off elsewhere.

  8. really diggin orie’s retro sound 🙂 . reminds me of the days of vinyl. rox’s music is really good too. where did you find such good talent?

  9. @ lati i dont quite understand what you wrote . .. i make typo all the time so i know how it gets when your typing..
    how have i singlehandly frightened off our us peeps from talking.. THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!
    go back and check the other blogs lati and you will notice what i’m talking about … !!!go back beofre you start throwing stones at goood ole ty
    !!have a flick back and have a look!!!

  10. expert in music when did i say that!! lati sometimes lati .. i think your really having a pop!!!
    i never said i’m an expert in music!!! to you!!! never!!lol

  11. I see your point, but it’s these artists that need the support. Do not go negative and mocking. I am not throwing stones but if it’s about the artists, lets all get involved and create a good buzz. And stop blaming mad news as well. Her blog, her game. Lets focus on the artist and not get personal. Peace.

  12. had a listen to their tracks and in my opinion i think the ladies won this round, I already stan for Tawiah but i really liked Rox, definitly going to check out her other stuff. I liked the production on Orie’s tracks but didn’t really feel the vocals (sorry), if he did produce the tracks then that’s where his strength lies, he could be a great producer. but what do i know, i am tone deaf.

    on a side note i just realised it’s been ages since i’ve been on myspace, i didn’t realise they changed the player lol.

  13. negative and mocking!!!!!!
    …….. most of the artists are not new to me…
    !! but enjoy and go support them
    tawiah been doing her thing… for a while!!!
    she is the main firsstarter that makes mark ronson look goood on tour!!!
    if you were wondering where you ‘ve seen her before
    .. she is the main singer in mark ronsons touring outfit!!!
    enjoy lati!!!

  14. “where the obama optimism people!!!!!
    check em out .. and leave some comments….
    folks are quick to jump up and slag off the rubbish!!!!”

    That was the mocking bit TY.
    I think all views will be welcomed by these artists whether desirable or not.

    And as for my typos, which part? All am asking is why such good active talent goes un noticed. What is the problem? I do not know what goes on in the music business much especially if it is not fed, but i am just wondering.

  15. I enjoyed all of it, especially, Rox & Tawiah, def keeping my eyes on them, and Taylor off course 😉

  16. @ Nemat
    An interesting question. You see I think that black music truly has evolved from the stale chains of sacharrine R&B and narcisstic hip hop. In fact historically over the last two decades, Europe has been at the forefront in pushing more contemporary black music so it is hard to recommend UK artists who relegate to BET or MTV standards- in essence, they don’t. Take Tawiah-one track will be considered neo soul, another folk, another pop, another jazz.

    There are of course US counterparts doing something progressive too before I get stoned but they will always say that there inspirations come form the Europeean side of black dance music.

    SO I CAN recommend a fair few but really is Mad news ready given that most tracks put up tend to be formulaic R&B/Hip Hop joints.

    Are black peple really only ready to hear black folk do one kind of sound….

    Anyway, needless to say I have sent you a few peeps jan so my fingers are crossed 😉

  17. would you guys consider a band like the noisettes to make black music? their lead singer can out sing any R& B singer out.

  18. I have sent to Jans email as she requested, we leave Jan to decide whether or not music other than standard R&B and hip hop is allowed..

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