So now Michael’s offering words of comfort and sympathy……

Via Digital Spy

Michael Jackson has telephoned Jade Goody to give the terminally ill reality TV star his support, it has been claimed.

The pop superstar knew Goody after she starred alongside his brother Jermaine on Celebrity Big Brother in 2007, The Sun reports.

A friend said: “He learned of Jade’s suffering and wanted to lend his support and comfort her at this awful time.

“When she was told Michael was on the phone her eyes lit up and she mustered all the strength she could to have a chat.

“It gave her a real boost and hope that she’ll be alive to watch him perform in the summer.”

Jackson also spoke to Goody’s husband Jack Tweed when she became too ill to continue the conversation, and promised the pair and their children VIP tickets to his come back show in July.

From the moment it was announced that Jade only had weeks to live, it’s been one story/event after another.

Bizarre.. just bizarre……

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  1. “…and promised the pair and their children VIP tickets to his come back show in July at the O2 Arena in London, tickets on sale now, priced from £50 plus booking fee, reserve your tickets at the box office now!”

  2. lol, this is the same jade goody who didnt even know who his brother (jermaine)was, when she was in the celebrity big brother house..this is going too far now…is this the only thing worth being on the news…i do feel sorry for her, but i think she will probably have enough money for her children she can relax and stay out of the limelight.

  3. ok i’m gonnna say it… ( jefff) have we forgotten jeff
    her ex husband errr father of her children!!!
    errr we have gona into overdrive like these kids are gonna be orphans…
    no there not!!!!

  4. I’m not a fan on Gallagher, but this comment kind of sums it up.

    “Noel Gallagher has attacked the press coverage surrounding reality TV star Jade Goody, who is terminally ill with cancer. “I was watching the TV today and they’re [journalists] all outside her house,” he said, before lambasting Goody’s PR Max Clifford for orchestrating the media scrum currently surrounding the reality TV star.
    “I mean, I’ve got fuck all against Jade Goody, that’s nothing to do with me,” Gallagher continued. “But it bends my head. That, to me, sums up, in one tiny five-minute thing on the news, what an embarrassing place Britain is right now. You might as well shut Number 10 Downing Street down and get Max Clifford to run the country” (The Times).”….

    I’ve held held held my mouth, but enough is enough, no one can tell me that someone who is terminally ill needs all this press coverage. Like Knox said she’s set up her family now, the media vultures
    need to back off and give her some peace. It’s unbelievably sad how this has got so out of hand. Gallagher is right, this is just too much WAHALA for the wrong reasons.

  5. Max and Jade are in it together. But Even Max said the other day that he thinks it’s gone too far and that “enough is enough”, but Jade doesn’t mind all the media attention and she’s paying for his services.

  6. “But Even Max said the other day that he thinks it’s gone too far and that “enough is enough”, ……

    Yeah Max would say that, but he started this f–king circus and look now. This whole thing makes him look really bad. Even if Jade wanted her story told, she’s naive and this is not the way forward.

    @ Ty, yeah you know…Jeff is probably quiet cos the brother has scruples and doesn’t want to be part of it.

    The media are literaly waiting for her to pass, camping outside her house.
    This is too uncomfortable and it looks bad.

  7. I doubt, it was ever about telling her story, it was about( in my opinion) securing funds for her children and leaving a good name behind after the race scandal. Be4 she went into big brother india, she had a mess of a name with her, then this happened and what better way to revive yourself. It just was not done properly and they had to disguise it with bringing awareness of cancer. I always read “take a break” magazine and like i said, the message of cancer awareness in those stories is very strong and genuine. All this cancer awareness story line was a fraud. That’s how i am seeing it now with all their reactions.

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