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EastEnders is to air the first episode featuring an entirely black cast for the first time in its 23-year history.

Tonight’s programme will focus entirely on characters Patrick Trueman, Denise Wicks, fiance Lucas, and her daughters Chelsea and Libby.

Patrick reminisces about London in the 1950s after his arrival from the Caribbean in the episode.

The action will be set chiefly in his house, which is also the home of the other characters.

The family discuss history around the dinner table as they mark Shrove Tuesday, and it is revealed that Patrick (played by Rudolph Walker) was involved in the 1958 Notting Hill riots.

He goes on to discuss what it was like living as a black man in 1950s Britain and the racism he had to contend with.

When it is decided that the UK is a less racist place to live, Chelsea questions this, saying it still exists but in a less obvious guise.  Continue Reading

WOW 2009 is definitely shaping up to be our year! 

In January Barack Obama became America’s first black President and now Britain’s biggest soap will air a “landmark” episode featuring an entirely black cast… after 23 long years.

Well done Eastenders. This will be a truly monumental ocassion. I already have the champagne chilling on ice in celebration….

I am guessing that the script writers came up with the idea for this ‘landmark’  episode  after Obama was elected in to office. 

Head Script Writer: “We might as well throw them a bone. It’s 2009. Let’s show the black viewers in this country that we are also about change”

Obama just has that affect on the world.


“When it is decided that the UK is a less racist place to live, Chelsea questions this, saying it still exists but in a less obvious guise.”

For once the script writers have given the character of Chelsea some thought provoking (well not really thought provoking its a FACT) dialogue .  Other than that the character just comes across as being an empty headed, annoying fool. Everytime she enters a scene and opens her mouth I kiss my teeth.  

Anyway to read more about the 1958  Notting Hill Race Riots click here.

Eastenders, Tonight, BBC 1, 7.30pm


Eastenders attempted to teach the nation a bit about black history in 30 mins.

Soca music was discussed….

One character mentioned Jamaica…….

Patrick Trueman quoted Martin Luther King….

Rosa Parks was mentioned….

Then the conversation turned to the 1958 Notting Hill Race Riots.

Patrick refused to talk about what happened during the riots (he was involved) but reluctantly took a walk down memory lane, and talked about what it was like when he first arrived in Britain from Trinidad.

He then briefly touched on the racism that he experienced.

The End.

All in all this episode was lame in my opinion. The aim was to educate and to “make history”  but the episode fell flat. It just wasn’t well executed.

I believe that it could have been a lot better.

If you also tuned in to tonight’s episode then please share your thoughts on it….

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  1. i stopped watching Eastenders years ago, but ill watch it tonight, and wait until the credits roll to see who wrote the episode.

  2. Well I just watched it….

    Eastenders was attempting to teach us a bit about black history in 30 mins.

    They talked about Soca music….
    A quote from Martin Luther King was quoted by Trueman
    Rosa Parks was mentioned
    and they talked briefly about the 1958 Notting Hill Race Riots


  3. 2 years from now…

    “What are you lot complaining about the lack of black representation in mainstream TV for? There was a whole episode of Eastenders dedicated to you!”

  4. i watched it for the first time in ages. at they end i was like “is that it, seriously”.

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