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  1. Verbz get that rush limbaugh bitchassness out your ass!
    You probably from France,or wherever in europe you reside .I suggest you just worry about your queens, ducthess, prime ministers, whatever type of government is being dunned.
    The man’s been in office less than a month,and trying he’s best to get us of this slump.Since you seem to have such knowledge in politics,start a motherfucking campaign, or do something about it than express your idiotic,tactless, simpleton conspiracies on a damn blog.The same douche bags who probably voted for both and see no evil in him.Do yourself a favor, do something, or shut up!
    He’s no messiah, and I don’t except him to save me,as a civilian i will do my best to participate.You damn republicans make me sick.I wish you would all die your fucking sleep!

  2. @ P Prez, i think he is saying that Obama will fail and we black people will be dissapointed. I do not agree with him but u know Verbs.

  3. I have nothing to be disappointed! Don’t be fooled by the media’s perception of obama being our god. Its been 8 years of struggles, and he was a breath of fresh hair. I’m sure if it wasn’t obama or someone else with a new administration we would all be equally satisfied.
    I don’t get how someone can have such an in depth feeling and doesn’t live in the states. I live her, I know.. Millions losing their jobs,katrina, the bullshit lies of war. Now that we choose change,and hope over fear and he happens to be a black man who’s’ been on the job less than a month is being harshly criticised by hate mongers,and those stuck on stupid. These deep scarred issues we have inherited are long term,even if little change does occur,the wounds are to deep,and it would take least 8-10 years. This is simple math: its easy to fuck up,than fix it.
    Verbz and the rest of bigot squad except fast recovery and finger putting,and except failure.the stakes are to high,and these issues are to prevalent to ignore .if you have the ideal path to get us out of this mess, I’m riding behind,if you can’t save that shit,put up, and participate. Crabs in barrels! Ugh

  4. Yes lati,thank you for asking.
    Its a sensitive subject. We’ve been through a lot, and for spectators to start to insinuating and waiting for our presidents downfall sends me into a rage. Does verbz have an idea of the turmoil we’ve dealt and the unfair justices we’ve faced? I’ve read other posts nobody seemed to detest what he said. I’m all good with you voicing your opinion but. Be aware and the state of everything around us. USA is a dominant nation.. when we fail,the outcome starts to rise on other nations. I have friends who lost their life in the bush era because of his greed,and reckless actions.people don’t know what type of havoc went during katrina.

  5. @P Prez

    This is the mistake you keep making. Obama is not for the people, he will draw you in deeper into the mess. Oh look, he is doing it already:



    I found this one very interesting:


    Now why would he be meeting with Tony Blair? Could it be that Tony Blair was the first one to run this “change” campaign over here in the UK and that Obama was just running the same used script on you yanks? It is exactly the case. Obama is thanking Blair for a script that suckered you Americans back into trusting the government especially the blacks, who had really lost faith in the government because of dumb boy Bush. Why don’t you google “Obama’s Flatulence Tax” for added spice.

    Yes Prez, I am perfectly aware of the unjustices, unfair treatment and the turmoil that has gone down in the US, I have been tracking it for some time now. I know and feel what you have been suffering over there. Also exactly what you said is so correct, if the US goes down, it will affect other nations……like the UK. This is the exact reason that I am warning people about the wrath that Obama is about to bring. You thought that you’ve been through the worst, you haven’t seen anything yet:


    Now you’re telling me to give the guy a chance because he has only been in office for a month but I’m looking at what he has done in this month so far and he has passed things that are just worsening the state of your country.

    I’m not warning you as a joke Prez, I’m warning you because I am concerned. Like I stated before, we in the UK have seen this same pattern and “change” talk before. Just ask somebody from the UK if Blair has bettered or worsened this country after his promise of “New Labour, New CHANGE”.

  6. Lol! tensions are rife! But seriously, P Prez to be not fully supportive of US Democratic governance when you come from a different country surely should not mean that you are of the Republican mindset?
    Appreciate that you were rifled by verbs (Lord knows I usually am the first to launch! )But that comment seems to encapsulate the alleged US (all colours) ignorance of the rest of the world and its viewpoint and I think this was not what you intended. I don’t think that you meant to say ‘All you republicans make me sick” to people who do not live in the US and therefore would not have this partys politics in mind.

    Here in England, we have The Conservative Party (probably the closest equivalent) Labour (probably the closes equivalent) and the Democrats (probably the closest equivalent) lol!

    Seriously, there are much more partys out there who veer to the left or right but have different names/values mixed up with their own nationalistic ideals.

    Just a clarification, no hatin.

  7. Noted@ reclaim. It wasn’t the intent,but it damn right sounded good at the time.I appreciate your insight and clarification for the matter 🙂

  8. @ P Prez

    Sometimes we see things more clearly from an out the box perspective.

    I agree with verbs, America puts business, banking, control and surveillance at the top of the list. Peoples needs and well-being come way down the pyramid whatever party.

    Obama is employed by America! not the people.
    The people only choose whether they have cocopops or cornflakes for breakfast.
    America is a collective of United businesses of global coverage.
    And the game is profit and power by all means necessary!
    The same game is played by the UK but more plays as a hidden silent assassin while America is seen by all with all guns blazing.

    Would Obama really stamp on America’s face and start helping the people?

    He(America) seems to already have trust by two speeches which where touching BUT! are words that we all craved to hear at the end of the day.

    A player knows what a girl likes to hear but will he do it? dont be the gullible girl. Keep a close eye on his activity and question it, like it was anyone else sitting in the seat. Its the sensible thing to do.

    He’s a good poker player I hear.

  9. The man’s been in office for how long? so quick to speak on? certain things in politics never change,that is just the game.Some major or minor changes we’ll occur.. so you stem all your facts from the what the 5weeks his been in office? The problem with people is that are so quick to assume and base their facts on the previous administration and their own personal opinion.
    I don’t put all my cards in the table for obama.As a civilian and a call to action,and the current state of our economy,social apparatus it is my right. I am not say we are in the democracy, shit is there such thing as one? theirs flawed everywhere. In poker, life, work, friends.
    I don’t accept obama to do everything he said on his campaign.I mean who does? what government official has done everything they set out to. I don’t have idols! He is my president and lesson learned.There is a lot of people banking on him to fail, guess what? If he fails,everybody feels.The United States is interchangeable with every country, some we’ll never get out of their hump (i.e. Africa) but damn.It seems those who are stuck on conspiracy’s and the government does this, who he said, or an special interest group does that.All these debt my children and children well accumulate.Times for tough,you might not experience but I have experienced and the state our economy. I wish this man well,and trust he understand,because he once was in the same boat as a regular Joe or Jane. Think how you well, be pessimistic and whatever.Having reason with logic and knowledge.Change is not easy, apparently you and verbs are still stuck on circa 2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008.Speak as well,if you feel so strongly about things do something about,if not just shut up! a close mouth never gets fed, and you are not exercising that in a blog!
    Maybe you a verbs can start your own government party the 2 stooges.
    There’s no seeing clearly from an outbox of prospective,because you are speaking from assumptions.When you assume you make an ass out of your self.Why don’t you experience it,feel it,have it effect you and your family than you can bank on it.You can observe all you want! That’s all I need someone who’s 15,000 to 20,000 miles away from to analyze our current situation without being in it 366 a year (including leap year)

  10. excuse me for all the typos im on my blackberry and running late to an interview which everybody and their mama’s applied for.

  11. @ Real NV, i am honestly confused by this statement(no sarcasm), can you please clarify.”Obama is employed by America! not the people.”

  12. @lati
    Its another debate thats soo long I should’ve said USA.
    State being the key word which finds its way being tied to words like sovereignty, Organisation, leading to words like entity which is used in business to represent a company. hope that made it clearer

    @ p prez

    The only party I’ll run is for my birthday.
    I enjoy my current job too.
    dont take this all to personally my friend we are sharing thoughts at the end of the day for *entertainment* being at the top of he ladder, offence being way down at the bottom somewhere. lol

    I hear you and dont experience your pain, emotion and the affects in your neighbourhood, but it can *sometimes* cloud an overall view point and make it biased, im not saying your wrong and do take in *some* of what you are saying.

    A saviour has 100% of your trust, a stranger should have none, you dont know him and neither do I so we are the same in that respect and if I was to trust him, i’d trust him to fcuk up and hope he didn’t.

    He’s only been in office a while and I personally question the choices he has made already and yes I have made some assumptions about the situation. I like the fact a black guy is now the face of your country, its a confidence boost for all black people, regardless of America’s plans.

    I *assume* there are businesses he must serve for who pay and make America what it is, and have power to influence and compromise a choice he may make, just like our intelligence sharing with America was compromised by obama’s office for the truth about Guantanamo prison, our country was bribed for the truth to be told, in that respect he maybe forced or bribed to make decisions which may not benefit you.

    I would love to be absolutely wrong about the whole thing and see things your way, but i guess im not as trusting as you just because he is black.

    All that stuff you say about he’s one of us and knows the struggle.
    N**** please!

    “The problem with people is that are so quick to assume and base their facts on the previous administration and their own personal opinion.”

    personally I base facts with facts, and my opinion is based on what I already know as facts and personal experience, which I share it in debates.

    “guess what? If he fails,everybody feels.”

    How do you, I and everyone fail for a group of peoples decision?
    Thats like saying all are responsible for the war on terror!?
    We may suffer the affects but its definitely not my our your failure.

  13. @ Real Nv, you know that men and women can see politics in a different angle. I think we were kept in the kitchen and bedroom for too long, we are catching up slowly. Emotions vs whatever, could not get the right word there. I wonder how Condoleeza rice managed. LOL No offense to all women who share Real NV and Verbs’ views.

  14. RealNV the problem with you is that you are only thinking about your side. If you got the selfish mentality by all means do so. I can’t change one bigot at a time.
    The question of obama being black and the reason why I support him has nothing to do with his skin color. He is half white. Even if the media choices to discredit the side that raised(white)him that’s their fault. Obama is mixed:black and white.the greater influence comes from his white side. The one that nourished,and challenged him to be better. Therefore I respect him as a reason. There is no one person in this whole world we don’t agree with it the same way ,not every policy I agree with but i/we can’t always see eye to eye. He’s put their to be a better judgement. Not everything he does we’ll be applauded and even an disable person can comprehend.
    Guantamo bay has always been an hot topic and every president has dealt with it differently. If you are going to arrest someone they have the right to a trial! Some detainees don’t need to be there. Not everynody in GB is a monster! So these facts for facts. Are the type of person that cannot distinguish between fact or fiction?

  15. I mean, i think we have been seen more of following our emotions and making decisions based on them. Were at one time not allowed to vote, seen as home carers and baby bearers hence that kind of set back. Honestly, less women have had high profile political positions i believe because of this stereotype which is true for most apart from ‘iron lady and family’,i think. Generally i believe women go with emotions and look at politics in that way, not going behind curtains and questioning alot. Alot of bother. Nothing wrong with it. At home, i used to wonder why presidential candidates targeted women with families mostly, i believe to give them hope and a sense of security which they usually all need hence the numerous win. I am one of those women, although i see where you are coming from.

  16. @P Prez

    You raised some issues that need to be addressed sir:

    You keep rattling on about the amount of time that Obama has been in office and how all conclusions have been drawn from this short period of time…….No, I actually went back into his history, checked out his record as a senator and checked to see if he was pulling any stunts there(not that he has much of a senatorial record, about 3 years in total…..which is another red flag). So my conclusions are not just based on a 5 week stretch.

    You talked about the previous administration and so far Obama has done nothing but show us that he is walking on the same path as the previous administration with “NO CHANGE” so far.

    You talked about not putting all your cards on the table for Obama and not expecting him to fulfill all of his campaign promises. I personally recommend that you put your cards back in the deck and expect nothing that was promised to you in his campaign. He will not deliver a jot or tittle. This is a sad time indeed, where we recognise politicians for who they are, a bunch of liars and bloodsuckers but we will still vote them in and expect them to deliver even though we are familiar with the pattern of lying though the back teeth at their campaign and bringing misery during their reign.

    You keep using the word conspiracy as if it is such an abstract term. What, is the world getting worse by accident? I’ve shown you what your president is doing in front of your eyes, yes it is a conspiracy against you and fact. The links I previously posted also link to the mainstream articles. I’m not posting fairytales, I posting links detailing facts about what your president is doing, don’t you watch the news?

    Wish Obama well??????? Wishing a man well who is sitting in a freemasonic seat, who is a 32nd degree mason and has pledged his allegience to Lucifer, to serve him? You ought to look into the god of freemasonry one day, it is not the God of the bible. Obama is not a christian nor was he a regular joe.

    “Change is not easy”. Change for the better will not happen with Obama. Obamageddon will be your change. Keep deluding yourself with this “left/right” paradigm. It means nothing, the players at the top control both sides but they’ve coerced you into thinking that there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans. Your country has been peddling downhill since the assassination of Kennedy regardless of which side was in and you still believe that there is a difference between both parties. Come on bro, you are more intelligent than that. Look at it for what it is.

    You talked about us speaking from assumptions. I brought you nothing but live facts about what your president is doing. As a person living in the UK have seen Obama’s change campaign previously live via Tony Blair and seen and experienced the skull duggery that he has brought here. Now seeing the same pattern ooze from Obama, should not I warn you that your country is in for a rooting? Should I put away my intuition just so that you can feel comfortable about your new black president Barry Soetoro? Is 500000 fema coffins laying in the middle of no where in Georgia an assumption? Are the fema concentration camps dotted all over the US(and one recently discovered near Norfolk in the UK) an assumption? Your denial is incredible sir.

    Come to the UK and experience so called “freedom”. I’ve given you predictions in regards to Obama’s actions in a previous post. Print them off and start ticking them off as they come to past, guaranteed they will come to pass.

  17. I guess when you don’t do much you’re still considered dubious.
    Verbz put a cork in it! I’m glad you went back and retracted. You believe what you believe. If you prefer 5000 long resumes by all means do so. You’re opinion and mind are complete distant. Therefore I will not waste a single moment on my blackberry typing to you and NV. Since you both seem to be elite and standing firm on your lucifer beliefs do what you please. The news and media are as bias as you and me. I’m far from being bias. Been living for 20 yrs and I know better. You have a good, and prosperous life. If you wish failure upon him that’s your business. I am a woman but ill fight you like a man. I stand on my beliefs and respect your comment

  18. “RealNV the problem with you is that you are only thinking about your side. If you got the selfish mentality by all means do so. I can’t change one bigot at a time.”

    I used the prison as an example of how a decision can be swayed when an entity has compromised it. Let alone the Financial Institutes and businesses the FOX Network alone have the power to sway the decision of any president in power and can force him/her to make decision with bribes he/she may or may not regret. In return it will affect you and I, im not understanding how you see this as a selfish view.

    what side do you talk about my left side or right side?
    I aint mentioned anything about any sides if you mean my country(side) and your country.
    USA is not your country. lets not confuse citizenship with ownership you don’t have any share of sovereignty in any state. Neither do I or anyone in this blog own any share of any sovereignty in the UK either (unless we have a royal amoung us). And do not represent it and the decisions it makes, I just live here fam and do my thing.

    If you mean selfish for thinking about black peoples wellbeing then im as selfish as the Jewish incarnation of Mr Scrooge and I shot the ghost of Christmas past, now and future.

    If your as selfish as me about black people then we cool, we might disagree on things like this but the overall mentality is one.

    Im ending this here I can see you are reading into my comments in the wrong way. And taking it too serious.

  19. @P Prez

    Apologies for addressing you as a man, I had no idea you were a woman. However I’m not wishing any failure on Obama because the plan is already written out for him to fail and fail miserably. You still are not comprehending that fact that he was put there by others(the political and financial elite)and not by the people. Your vote made no difference to the outcome. Bush lost both terms yet he was still president for both of them. That alone should show you that your vote doesn’t count.

    You asked a question which I failed to answer before about the possiblity of Obama being assassinated. This is very likely and highly probable. He’ll either pass a load of bills against the people to rile them up and one day just like Kennedy his security will be relaxed and blamo(obviously the hidden masters that put him in place will be behind it) or the truth will come out about his citizenship and presidential elegibility and he will be forced to step down and the witch Hilary Clinton will step up in his place.

    Either way, Mr Obama has been set up to take a big fall, probably the largest fall a president will ever take….and they had to do it to a black man, evil canckerous scum.

  20. Verbs, let us know if he does anything positive. You are prophesying doom here and crushing all hope and security. Big sigh.. In otherwards, no presidents coz from what you have said, they seem to follow the same pattern to gain presidency. So what is your answer? Leave a country without a leader? Or no black president ever? B’se as far i can see, there will not be any other way to gain presidency. Big sigh.. Do not tell me believe in christ, coz i do, but the reality is, there needs to be a physical leader of some sort. Did i get you wrong on this one? I give up.

  21. @Lati

    Obama doing anything positive is highly unlikely but if he does do something good I will let you know. There is no hope outside of trusting in Christ and Christ alone, absolutely none. Obama will not save you in the day of distress nor will any other man. Presidential candidates do not gain the president’s seat on their own merits, they are groomed for that position from birth and put there by the financial elite. It is all planned from years in advance. If you have the ability to plan something so far ahead, do not think that the financial elite cannot do the same. The campaign runnings are just to fool the people into thinking that they are involved in the choice process. Your vote doesn’t count.

    Yes, there has to be a physical leader thesedays because people just want to play, roll in and out of fantasy land and dump there responsibility onto another, nobody wants to face reality anymore nor take responsibility or action on their own part. God has chosen a man for the job of world leader already, Yahshya(Isaiah 9:6-7). Anyone else who assumes the role is doomed to fail, including Obama. God can deal with you as an individual and communicate with you without a physical leader being present.

    Turn back to God and stop turning unto men and bringing wounding and cursing upon yourselves. That is all these “leaders” have brought and still bring, wounds and curses upon the people, surely their game has been recognised for what it is now?

  22. Ah verbs. Hmmm…. She’s pretty and all natural. you can give her that for sure can you not? No more spinning please verbs.

  23. Verbs,
    I have come to realize someone like you begs for attention and thrives off being the devils advocate. You like the attention that you get.what you are going to stay and reaction to certain topics is predictable. I don’t why your peers entertain are apathetic,shrewed behavior.than again, it is “entertainment” and your dark,witty,predictable comments cause a charade amongst your peer.to me,that is quite PATHETIC!!!!
    I feel as you exercise and not preach what you say.Let the world hear it.Go out in the streets and share your radical views to your peer.You have some of these people but you do not fool me.ill place you in the same category as an attention whore,the sad part is you beg for yours online.
    I know millions of people who create a new identity online,to be people they’ve always wanted to be…. You’re just a remote control entertains people,to be your as fake as weave and don’t impress me. I know what to except from you!

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