And so it begins…

First it’s your reputation then its the endorsement deals……..

According to TMZ.com chewing gum giant Wrigley have decided to suspend their current advertising campaign featuring singer Chris Brown.

The decision comes after Brown’s alleged physical altercation with singer and girlfriend Rihanna in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Both are said to have sustained bite marks and brusing…..SMH….


Wrigley said in a statement, “We have made the decision to suspend the current advertising featuring Brown and any related marketing communications until the matter is resolved.”

The company would not go as far as saying they are dropping him completely, saying Brown should be “afforded the same due process as any citizen.”

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  1. my cougar phase ended before it even started, thanks Chris. Now i have to find another 18 year old to perv on lol.

  2. Breezy is up shits creek. He had twitter buzzing last night. Whatever happened we don’t know the full story, but if he did do what they claimed he did then his career is damn over. Hell Wrigley pulled the ads..*Just heard his career flush down the toilet*

  3. @Janice

    We never knew you were such a freak Janice, the cat is out of the bag now,lol. Jim Jim too old for you know, looking for younger fresh meat now is it(the fact that he’s got with Rihanna I’ll have to retract the fresh part)?

  4. damn why did chris have 2 go and hit her 4 ..its 2 sides 2 the story ..I don’t think his career will be over from this ..he will bounce back ..I don’t condone men hittin on females at all …Just walk away Chris that’s all you had 2 do …

  5. Poor Jim Jim’s crying in the corner….Anyhoo, will try to wait for the other half. Where were the damn paps?? I thought they always followed RiRi, like flies to shit.

  6. Isn’t it nice to be female? His career goes down the pan, while hers will go rocket sky high. I hope she did not him either. But sometimes this verbal abuse is equally worse and equally destructive.If she’s the control freak she’s said to be, Maybe he should have pressed charges for mental abuse. But like i said, men are too proud to admit any abuse from women.
    Note, i am not supporting or condoning what CB did in any way, i just get bothered when some get away with things they should not at the expense of others.

  7. I know Janice, but i think the damage has already been done in this case. How will he recover from this when he’s been painted with all this and Rhi is protected by all means when she could be equally bad? WIll we ever get the other side of the story? I do not know. Only CB can tell it like it was, but i still insist, i doubt he will. Arrrrrrrr……

  8. @Janice

    I don’t particularly see what all the fuss is about in regards to Rihanna. She looks basic as far as I’m concerned, nothing to jump over the moon about.
    Also wasn’t there a rumour that Jay Z rumbled about in her bed aswell?

  9. I agree Jan, now that Chris has escalated to bad boy status he may regain a credible black fanbase…lol

  10. @ Jan and Reclaimin, lets see how sexy he is when he knocks your two front teeth out and you happen to look at your self in the mirror…. LOL
    The good boy image for sure is gone.

  11. Im sure Rhianna had it coming.

    Im not saying he made the best of choices but…

    Some girls really know how to get under your skin and give you a surprise hit like a slap/scratch that comes out of no where and leaves you paused in confusion for 4+ seconds, during those 4+ seconds some girls regretfully have their hands over their mouth hoping you dont do nothin back, while some can wind you up more saying stuff like “you like that fool, what you gonna do!”

  12. I haven’t hit a lady before and never will. But I have slapped some sense back into bitch before which seemed to be just what the doctor ordered which doesn’t count.

  13. If you are hit with a frying pan over who’s turn it is in monopoly, and about to get hit again. A slap was called needed, water would have made things worse I think.

  14. Real NV, a frying pan? Were you guys playing monopoly with real money? Were diamonds involved? Did someone discover the elixir of eternal youth? A frying pan? Great, now I’m hungry.

  15. It was plain old monopoly money, which started with a big argument over who was the car, then the boat and so on, so tension was high from the get go.

    This girl had an evil streak in her, she could be smiling and the next minute say the wrong thing and its like a demon would possess her body. She always had a problem with her temper from young I was told.

    You have nothing to fear Lati unless your a bad loser at monopoly!

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