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A teenager was stabbed to death in a ‘postcode war’ gang killing shortly after leaving a party held by campaigners against black youth violence.

Steven Lewis, 15, was set upon by a group of youths, knifed repeatedly in the chest and left to die in his 16-year-old sister’s arms.

Friends of the teenager on Sunday linked the killing to a gang from a neighbouring area in East London.

‘There is rivalry. It is neighbourhoods, postcodes – E13 versus E16,’ claimed 15-year-old Leroy Baptiste, who laid flowers for Steven.

Steven was murdered on Saturday night after a church hall party held by a charity which campaigns against violence in black communities.

The party finished at 10.30pm and 15 minutes later police on a routine patrol came across Steven’s body in Plaistow.

‘He was stabbed through the heart. His sister was holding him. His little brother saw everything and he’s just 13,’ a member of Steven’s extended family said.  Continue Reading….

‘There is rivalry. It is neighbourhoods, postcodes – E13 versus E16,’

Can any of you believe this S**T???? It’s absolutely ridiculous!!!

Everybody wants to be a gangster and will create drama out of nothing to achieve that goal.

I swear these idiot youngsters are out of their tiny minds.

“Steven was murdered on Saturday night after a church hall party held by a charity which campaigns against violence in black communities. “


What a waste of a young life. Stabbed to death over NOTHING!

Rest In Peace Steven Lewis.

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  1. when will the government realise we have a real PROBLEM ON OUR HANDS.. i guess as long as they children are safe .. there is no need to act… only make tokenistic offers…
    bloody hell!!

  2. i guess as long as they children are safe … thats it, until it hits there yard, thier homes, thier loved ones, it is not thier problem, it’s ours or those who live among it.

    this whole topic just upsets too much, I’m starting to lose hope for the young people of today, and I’m an optimist?

  3. wow over postcodes that is freakin crazy ..put them kids in adult jail.. lets see how tough they are in there …smdh rest in peace 2 Steven Lewis my prayers goes out 2 his family

  4. What is really upsetting about this is, is the fact that he was stabbed after a that party of campaigners against black youth violence. He dies for something he is against? How tragic.
    I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be young and live and study in britain at an early age. It does not look pretty though. I just cannot get my head around it though. Especially black male kids. I do have a soft spot for young black males. Always on the defence, especially for those who are trying so hard to make something for themselves. I have so many questions i cannot even answer.

  5. yes i have seen it all too often.. and i atend youth conference where the young one speak about it… it is something tha affects them all….
    its more rife than we imagine and a lot of young men have to act a certain way just to exist in their world.. nowadays..
    the media covrage doesnt expose the predatory nature of some of new street culture…
    i know a couple of peoples whose kids are getting beaten up every few months for not joining a gang….
    or hanging out…. .. things are very different… now… the way girls can be treated is ridicoulous
    and the girls themselves can be tenacoius bullies…
    its almost as if a switch has gone on in this next generation and badness has gone up in cool value…. ( dont get me wrong badness has alway been there but not in this volume and not with thislevel of cowards added to the mix)
    where i live i only have to look out my window to catch youts fighting…. school kids.. with hammers.. etc… its very real… and its always about gangs anymore… its that age group..

  6. I hear what you are saying Ty. I witnessed a bottle head smashing and what surprised me was this adult who hid the kids when the police came to the scene, but the victim did not say a thing either. When i narrated this incident to my colleagues, it was very normal and they started telling me worse stories casually. It’s frightening though.

  7. sadness man someone took his life and god took his angel early… rest in peace son never forgotten xxx

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