The Kenyan Choir

Via BBC News

An African youth choir has been signed by Universal Music after performing at President Barack Obama’s inauguration celebrations in the US.

The Boys Choir of Kenya signed the deal in the transit lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport as they returned home to Nairobi from Washington DC.

They were the only international choir to sing at the inauguration.

The choir, who are aged between 13 and 24, put on an impromptu performance for passengers before flying on to Kenya.

They have toured the US several times, and their performances have raised school fees for their members, as well as helping them take on several orphans.

Artistic director Joseph Muyale said: “We heard about the record deal about two days ago. I felt delighted on behalf of the boys.

“We began from humble beginnings and to be recognised by a large recording company is so humbling and quite an honour. We just thank God.”

Universal Classics A&R representative Tom Lewis signed the contract at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 4.  Continue Reading….

Hold on a minute…..they signed with a major music label in a transit lounge at Heathrow Airport. SMH… WTF??? 

Did they even have time to give the contract a thorough read? Did they understand what they were signing up to? Did they have a lawyer present?

I’m guessing NOT!

I don’t mean to rain on their parade but I don’t like the sound of this at all!

What exactly does Universal Music intend to do with the choir musically? What are their plans?


Choir Director Joseph Muyale Inzai signed the contract at Heathrow Airport.
Joseph I just hope you understood what you were signing and read the small print.
Watch the Choir perform below….

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  1. Why do people in the western world always think that africa needs their charity and go overboard to donate it? I can only guess who will benefit from that contract. These children have to go to school. Where will they get the time to study and bloody record? To all of you who like to raise charity to african people, the basics are, clean water, food, and most importantly an education. You give these and they will grow up to know what they really want and make their own decisions. Record label contracts are not the bloody answer. You see what i mean by african ignorance. We are in trouble. But greed comes in as well. To hell with whoever signed on that dotted line.

  2. how is this african ignorance lati!!!!! i dont like what your inferring..
    considering that they were there for a short time … all we have is pictures….. we dont know the background to this story!!!…. or the inferences…
    african ignorance!!!!!! come on!!!!!
    watch yourself… africans are all over the world!!!
    what do you possibly mean!!!

  3. @ Lati
    I have to agree with Ty on this one.

    Record labels always benefit more in any contract. Only a handfull of times when the Artist has the upper hand.

    There will be loads of time to record and go school, along with playing football, etc.

    They will have fun and enjoy the experience doing what they love. And im sure it was a good choice with regards to their personal situations.

    Im sure they are more academically educated right now than a lot of rappers on the scene, and are able to make good decisions like you and me without “charity”.

    What is the answer?
    charity has been here longer than you and me and has raised billions of pounds (sterling), what has it really done in its goal to stop poverty?

    Charities do not stop poverty and never will! It simply cuddles it every now and then.

  4. Eh, guys, do not come crushing down on me. I always generalise which probably is not a good idea but in the whole in relation to the western world, african people are ignorant, ok not you or those who are well travelled, but people have big assumptions about the western world such that they jump to whatever opportunity. When i said, “to all of you who want to raise charity funds…” i actually did not mean that they should raise it, i meant for those who really feel the need to donate(even if they do not have to), there are basic needs. I hate charity organisations in africa b’se i know who really benefits from it and its never the people who need it. If you tell me that this contract is long term and it is going to take into consideration the fact that these children have to go to school, i might agree with the fact that this is a good idea. If this money is collected generally as choir money, i’ll tell exactly what is going to happen. They will get a little bit of it and the older they grow, its most likely that they will be taken out and replaced with younger ones who are in ‘need’. The whole thing will turn out to be a money making scheme for whoever are in charge. I know someone who is in this situation and has given up their education for all this choir thing. They travel away from for three months and in return get equivalent of 150pounds. Apparently they are keeping their money for the future education. When will that be? Now is the time. People are growing very rich in these charity adventures at home and it aint the ones who need it.

  5. I believe the african governments can afford to provide these basic needs but they just cannot be bothered. As long as their own are well off, to hell with the rest. If charity money was used purposefully, the people at home would not be in a sorry state they are in now. Mind you not all are badly off. Some people survive.

  6. @ ty1closer, watch myself? i am only behind this computer and the only way i can face their wrath is if they write in. Until then…(just kidding). I hear what you are saying.

  7. I hear you lati on your first response.

    But… i’m sure you must have noticed where all being pimped, we are all someones bitch right now all being under paid by greedy bosses/director’s, while the IR gansters rob us all effortlessly, and bankers rape us promising to pay us the wieght of nothing.

    you can be someones bitch and enjoy the ride and save/spend, or hate it and save/spend.

    Secondly ALL governments are corrupt! ALL of Africa has nothing on America or Britain, some hide it better than others, have more money to minipulate, and can pay to keep it a secret.
    They def cant afford to make the changes you say.
    Most are in dept to World banks, over pay for medicine, have hardly any major trading owned by natives ie farming, minerals/metals, oil, and have problems with local war, among solving conflicts between the chimps and gorrillas who are also at war and have joined forced with the rebels etc.

  8. You know what Real NV, these african leaders own homes abroad and have alot of property. And you know where that money comes from? Taxes. It does not take alot of money to provide basic needs and if they did it a s gradual process, they would get there. But think of all the time they waste and money. Even scholarships offered from other countries are given to their own relatives, i agree they cannot afford to do all those things but my issue is, they do not try hard enough. And you know why they do not try? because they want to use those problems for their presidential campaigns. Honestly they do not try and that’s why we end up with wars that take us back to square one.
    By the way, i like the way you have described this process in your first paragraph(the rape and bitch).

  9. @ real NV, my belief is that the choir master or manager, signed the contract and i do not think the kids had a say in it(obviously not). But if you realise the hype surrounding the western world in Africa, you might see my fear. So many people will get so excited about western opportunities but these children, are they ready for any disappointments that might come with this “good opportunity”? I do not believe that the choir master or whoever is in charge of that choir is going to distribute the money fairly. My concern is that of these children.

  10. The children will be happy regardless, money is not distrubuted fairly in anything, I’d apreciate your concern more, all my bosses have been taking the P thoughout the years. The most by that slugface Ray Lewis. What should I do Lati?

    I dont know what was in the contract but I know all have to agree to the conditions and sign or they will not be bound by the contract and can pull out freely with no set back, the choir leader will normally take position as the choirs manager and take around 20% of all their income and business, he may also push for his costs of travel, burping and sea monkey collection etc to be covered separately. It could have loads of tricky conditions like, if a choir member drops out, a forfeit of some kind may apply (normally money surprise)etc, but im sure all members would have to sign. The other option that may have happened is the choir leader already has them signed to his label, and he may have signed his label to the major, which would not need the choir to sign.

    Im sure the children have caring parents. It just takes the dads to get together and corner him with the wombles for backup if they suspect any funny business. They will likely get cheated, like most in the music business. It just depends how much and how long and if they are in wimbledon.

  11. Caring parents? When your in poverty sometimes especially at home, the care goes out of the window and greed comes at the fore front. And sometimes the parents are equally in the dark. Anyways, i hope whatever happens, the children’s education is not left in chaos. Usually in africa, education is all the wealth and treasure that you have and your parents.
    “I’d appreciate your concern more, all my bosses have been taking the P throughout the years. The most by that slugface Ray Lewis. What should I do Lati?” LOL
    Labels in east africa? Being signed to choir master label? They might be there but hardly any for choirs.
    @ ty1closer, sorry we are ahead of ourselves but i cannot help it personally.

  12. Edom(the modern day European) should be handing out a helping hand after what it has done to the continent of Africa.

  13. However as usual, I highly recommend that the Choir pack an extremely large tub of industrial strength vaseline……especially when you sign a contract in an airport with no solicitor. Edom up to its old tricks again. It would seem that the modern day European’s belly cannot be filled, he always wants more and will stop at nothing to get it. By the way the majority of charities are actually illuminati fronts. If you are giving to one stop wasting your money and help a poor person in a poor country directly via a money transfer. At least then you know your money is going to help the poor.

  14. @ Verbs

    However as usual, I highly recommend that the Choir pack an extremely large tub of industrial strength vaseline……especially when you sign a contract in an airport with no solicitor.

    I could not have put it better myself Verbs!

    Signing a music contract in an airport with out a solicitor present – LUNACY. I’m sorry it’s ridiculous.

    But you know what let’s see what comes of this.

  15. I just wonder what the reason was behind this contract? It’s nagging at the back of my mind. Talent or charity or a publicity stunt? Not that they sign only talented people, but i’d love to know the follow up of this story.

  16. I am wondering that too…

    Universal A&R rep rushes down to Heathrow airport with the media in tow and a contract in his hand……


    Universal holla at me what the HELL are you up to???


  17. This choir being from kenya and unknown, i doubt they had a busy schedule while in america, why wait be4 they board the plane? I wonder how long the talks took? Hmmm…….

  18. He added: “I went onto YouTube and I saw their CNN performance and I thought, ‘Wow – I do not want anyone else working with them.'”

    Was there another label interested? Does anyone know?

  19. Come to think about it, this is an extremely low move by Universal. They know these guys are not familiar with red tape, contracts and politics. They’ve probably already signed away their rights to any of the songs that they have made and any that they may make in the future. Dodgy music labels on their last legs looking to go to hell dragging anyone and everyone down with them, scum buckets.

  20. I was just about to play the race card but i’d better not. At least they should have showed them respect and waited till they got home. They can afford an air ticket, can they not?

  21. i will say this…@lati
    you sound like you dont really have much experience of african issues.. or how it has come to be where it is….
    or the western worlds involvement in its present state of demise… africans have a huge step in overcoming this situations.. but they are not BLIND….
    you bother me lati!!!
    you truly do!!!!!
    i have read everything you have said and i’m not convinced for a second that you understand what an ignorant statement that was to make!! so i’m not gonna bother breaking it down for you!!!
    it wont help anyone!!!!
    …… i will say this to make a statement like that takea a lot of ignaorance…. have you been to africa ?
    are you familiar with any of the 47 countries of africa….
    what a staement!!!damn!! i cant even be bothered … your off my christmas list!!
    your view of africans is very very very dim…….and it shows..

  22. Its no secret record labels try to sign and catch artists in the heat of moment.
    Just picture R Kelly seducing a teen saying its ok to go raw, and you’ll get the picture.

    Universal done what they did to gain maximum profit. And would have done it to any cultural band. They are a business and that is the goal, Maximum profit.

    I doubt they will own the rights to the recorded music, as a publishing deal was probly included in the contract.
    BUT! What should they have done? Not Sign?

  23. Hmmm….. your xmas list? I did not know i was on one. Anyways, i have been to africa. And i’m not exaggerating anything here. The majority of africans(those living in africa now) and have not travelled, have an exaggerated view on what the western world is. And they think everything is rosy, they never believe the reality of the place. I am an african and travelled here too. And you know what the problem is, we the africans who live here create a false picture about things because we do not want them to think that there is alot of suffering here. People will not even disclose what type of jobs they do here to their people at home. as long as they send the money and the home people are ok. Ignorance comes in so many levels. I am not saying that i know everything but i know what the mentality is. And this i have heard from so many people. The picture i had of britain and the views i had on white people or british born is totally different from the reality, i learnt that the hard way . How many people have travelled or been told the truth about the reality? And how many people at home have the media to have a glimpse of this place and know what is taking place. Even when they do, it’s usually the nice things they show and show. So if you say that there’s no ignorance in africa and the effects it has are not evident, then i do not know.

  24. ‘africans have a huge step in overcoming this situations.. but they are not BLIND….’ They are never blind, they just do not have the courage and knowledge to fight back, especially when people from the western world are involved. This is b’se of the superiority and inferiority complexes involved. What is the percentage of those that are not blind to those who are blind?

  25. @ how do we know this isnt a picture staged for the introduction of interest about them…
    we dont really know just yet…
    picures are staged people..
    that does happen.. how better to pique interest in them by imagining that they actually signed a contract at the airport!!
    come on folks..
    we dont know anything yet.. and already there ignorant!!

  26. Yep, that’s ignorance. Because there’s that fear that stops them from doing something about it and they are not aware that they will not lose anything by exercising their rights. I cannot count how many times i have thought something was wrong and could not doanything about it while here in britain b’se of the same fear. If you are born and bred here, you do not have the same fears as someone from africa b’se you know for sure what to do in similar circumstances. It all comes together with experience and confidence. May be it’s the word ignorance that makes you uncomfortable but it’s the reality. I’ve seen it here so many times and you will not believe how harmful it is and how long it takes to overcome it.

  27. @Lati
    As much as I want to I wont get involved Ty is on your back like a jacket!
    I just want to say maybe your definition of ignorance is being misinterpreted.

    Ignorance can mean:
    1) Lack of knowledge/information.
    2) A willful neglect or refusal to acquire knowledge which one may acquire and it is his duty to have.

    which one do you mean?

    Instead of R Kelly picture Jimmy.

    He might be well educated in entertainment law.
    We have really made a whole lot of assumptions here LoL.
    Nice firery debate though.

  28. @ real NV,I will say both. Oh do not worry about me, when i speak from experience, i know exactly what i am talking about and cannot change anything. I’ve been there and i know. And i mean here in britain. I have many friends from many african countries and have been priviledged to know them at their first landing here in britain. I know what am talking about in this case.

  29. I nearly went cuckoos b’se of that ignorance, but b’se of the help from fellow africans who had been there, i learnt. So when you see mouthing off here, i am not trying to be clever, i know the cultural shock.

  30. well… i’m glad your over your ignorance!!! and it didnt take you over …. congrats tata alway good to hear….
    but i’m not gonna sit here in my warm house with electricity and call ( some ) people ignorant because they do not have the opportunitie that we have in the western world…. or do not have the foresight to see things from OUR perspective..
    as i grow older in this country i am begining to appreciate what all my native africans do have whether they are in the deepest west indies, cuba , brazil.. they may be poor
    they may be be hard up and not have a clue as to how to handle thing from a western perspective but .. they have culture!!!
    and they have my respect!!!
    i grew up in a family where half of us never made it over here… so most of them are dead from making wrong choices .. and living in an environment most of us couldnt survive in .. present company included…
    have watched one third of my next genration of family die from AIDS yes aids… even up untill three weeks ago… and you know what .. as far as i have come in life….. you will never see talk down to them or others because they are in aless fortunate position than i am….. always remember that could have been you!!! god permitting…
    so as far as our opinions and stuff… sometimes you need to CHECK YOURSELF!!! are you losing perspective living here… is it making you think your better off than they.. are… if so!!!! think again… hard!!!

  31. I must confess that I am guilty and commenting on the assumption that they have indeed signed. I must admit though, knowing the snakes at Universal and their prowling looking for a victim methods, and the possibility that these guys could be seeing this as a path to a better life, I am tending to swing with the assumption that they have indeed signed the paperwork.

    Then again Ty has a point, the whole thing could be a set up ie Universal pretending to give them a record contract/ a publicity stunt, after all it was on the heels of Obama being sworn in as dictator…..ooops sorry president. This would be a prime moment to gain………..for some that is.

  32. Yes, i knowmyou appreciate being here and what not. I am not looking down on anyone, i have lost people to AIDS as well i lived in Africa, but if you think i am going to sit here in my freezing house and ignore the problems and not talk about them, then you are wrong. It’s not ok for all of us to sit here and agree with each other even when we disagree even though we are black. I do not look down on anyone in africa but i cannot say that we are not ignorant. I’m sorry you took offence to that but that is the reality. How can you say that there’s no ignorance in africa?Even in britain,it is there. The more people paint rosy pictures,the more they embrace and protect the ignorance. There’s nothing wrong with dying from AIDS, i justnoticed the way you emphasised it there and i am not phobic. I love my home and i have my relatives living in poverty but for me to sit here and say that there’s no ignoranceis wrong. But how do you solve a problem without admitting it?

  33. All my family is at home by the way and i make sure i tell them exactly what i go through and they never believe because they get the money when they need it. They know this is a rosy place and you know what, i have never encouraged any of them to come over b’se of that hype they have and funny mentalities about the white man.

  34. And the people who bother me most are those that go home and boast with all the money they have and show off and make people wish they are here and yet cannot even tell them what jobs they do. Some people have encouraged others to come and left them stranded at the airport b’se they are embarrassed to take them to their home after painting that picture. Why would anyone do that to anyone? Why not educate the people?

  35. @Lati

    I was hoping you meant just the first one.
    It seems you hold the people responsible for what the system has put in place. And in return you have the view point of what they want us to think about our people.

    I feel you maybe the ignorant one.
    I hope you change your view and look at things from a higher perspective. Its like me blaming you for having monthly periods when I know nothing about the moon.

  36. @ real Nv, the problem is there’s ignorance. How do you attain knowledge you cannot access even when you want to? Knowing something does not mean you will act on it. IT is why you do not act on it that is the problem. Why are you afraid? Where is that fear coming from and why do you have it in the first place? I cannot change my view b’se that is the reality. You take offence to the word but that is the reality. How can you look at things up and ignore what is down?

  37. ok i wanna say i am not suggesting that no one is ignoarant in africa far from it…. but your tone smelled of condescendance…. and i aint having that !!! i’ve seen it a few times on here towards african issues and i recognise that some people have belligerant views about africa because they dont know it……\ but you know better. so if your gonna say something like that have some balance …look what i had to do for you to explain that comment properly … may be just maybe YOU WERE WRONG IN YOUR TONE OF VOICE ON THAT TOPIC. lol
    remember what this post was about an african choir signs a deal in the us… tied in with the fact they performed at the obama concert/// these are also good things.. how many black african choirs are signed to any major record companies in this decade!!!!
    ladysmith black mambazo was possibley the last and that needed paul simon to happen…
    maybe one of the children study law!!!!!! we just dont know do we!!!!

    of course there’s problems

  38. You know what, when you sugar coat things, i never understand the seriousness of the issue. Call a spoon a spoon and a spade a spade. I still do not understand what balance you are talking about. My ignorance is not cured yet and never will but i am willing to learn. If i am going to tell people about african mentalities, i’m sorry but regardless of people’s views on africa, i’ll just say it because that’s what it is. May be you teach me how. Yes these topics start off with a specific issue but how often are you going to get topics where you can discuss these issues? I do it deliberate because some people have not been to africa. And why do you not speak your mind about the problems involved anyway? Why do you just sit with it and burst up? I have no problem with debates and being called names or prayed for to be struck dead. You can teach me about the entertainment industry, i am quite ignorant on that one too. If i cannot learn or speak on a black blog about these things, then it’s a shame. My tone of voice emphasises the seriousness of what i talk about and it’s not to look down on people and i hope for people to take it serious and learn from it and have an open debate. If you tell me that this does not happen on this blog, then i’ll know my boundaries.

  39. “you will never see talk down to them or others because they are in aless fortunate position than i am….. always remember that could have been you!!! god permitting…” What was that about?

    “maybe one of the children study law!!!!!! we just dont know do we!!!!”

  40. i think we cant get any further on this point…..
    you are free to talk about anything you want lati .. at least now i kinda know where your coming from….
    if you wanna address these issues go ahead.. the reason why i didnt respond earlier to when people have said some damn right fiesty things about africans.. is becuase theres a time and a place .. and most of these people that talk up in here i consider friends of a sort and its cool to not like what somebody said…
    with you i dont know you that well .. it was time to hash that out!!!

  41. @ jan and Ty, you cannot stop me on this one. I nearly run cuckoos at night and i thought you were turning into a Khollin Dollin.

  42. This debate has turned into something else LoL
    Sorry for the long comment

    @ Lati
    Ignorant in a way of not knowing the reality of things and things being misinterpreted I’d say.

    Not accepting knowledge given to you that is true and fact is ignorance.
    Accepting what someone says and believing in what you see is not ignorant, it is being mislead, tricked.
    Africans among others have been tricked, conned, raped, poisoned and have us lying to one another by magic tricks of magicians who have great knowledge in manipulating human behaviour.
    Everyone is misleading everyone as a result that has been forseen.

    Things can easily go unnoticed and misinterpreted, especially in a heated situation or state of concentration by anyone.

    In two of my comments I put in some unnoticed nonsense.
    In my second comment in this blog I wrote.
    “solving conflicts between the chimps and gorillas who are also at war and have joined forced with the rebels”.

    And calling the wimbledon wombles for backup in the following comment.

    As far as im concerned everyone on this blog is very intelligent, we may dissagree but we all have a level of understanding, because you didn’t question what makes no sense and replied after, many will read very quickly and assume it makes sense if they too caught in the moment.

    The point im making is being tricked can be simple, unexpected and have a massive outcome if planned right.

    ie. if heated personA agrees with my points they can tell and vouch to personB they agree with what im saying, if personB reads with a clear head they may take it as it is, and start telling others monkeys and gorillas are at war and joining with rebels, because personA who they trust confirmed it.

    PersonA now has some predictable choices to make, he can admit he did not read it correctly and look a fool or try to twist it so it makes sense and is not questioned again, which can either backfire or fool the people. what would a person in a position of power choose? who’s to blame for the outcome? The leader the people or me? Ignorant/decietful or tricked?

  43. I have been following Mad News for a while now, not commenting just observing.

    This is a good debate.

    @Lati, the same sort of mentality also runs deep back home in the West Indies, where I am from. I totally understand your point of view on this subject matter.

    @Ty, I thought people were allowed to express their opinions freely on this forum without fear of being jumped on by others???

    You don’t agree with her comments fine, but telling Lati she is off your Christmas card list and attacking her because she expresses an opinion that you are clearly uncomfortable with is unnecessary.

  44. What might seem as ignorance on the ground, is a planned mind trick at a higher view point.

    If I tell a child Bart Simson is a Woman without proof are they ignorant for not knowing the truth and disagreeing?

    If we wasn’t told the reality by the crew we would all not accept it Bart was actually a woman.
    If only you had seen evidence that Bart was a woman and learned how they done this trick in fooling the mind would you say people where tricked or all Ignorant of the second definition?

  45. Hi, I happen to be a member of The Boys Choir of Kenya and I am proud of the Deal that we’ve just signed and just but to mention we had a whole 2 months to know that we were to sign that contract. Currently we’ve been signing so many contracts that go towards benefiting us, hence we are fully aware of all the contracting abilities, conditions, and circumstances involved in the whole issue.


  46. @ ella .. she’s off my christmas list and so are you !!!!( that was humour) ( i dont celebrate christmas)
    evrybody has a right to say what eever you like and you are ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR WORDS!!!! if you check lati has been dropping some african bombs comments in a few blogs.not just this one…
    so i chose to pull her up on it and get a better understanding… what she has said now makes more sense than the few disparaging comments she first came out with here and there..
    so keep watching ….or have a go..!! its up to you!!!
    i been on this blog from the beginning love…. if i was fouling out janice would tell me!!!
    ..peace… happy new year!!! to you my dear!!

  47. @janice there been a few but i didnt want to raise the issue .. cos i am a little passionate about things like that .. but theres been a few!!!

  48. Ty, its ok 4 u 2 use certain terms referring 2 pple in certain posts but when its someone else using terms on yo passionate topics its not?

  49. @ella hi !!!!!! i am not mighty!!!!!
    but i am on here plain as day for all to see.. no hiding !!!
    feel free to jump in and be one of us!!!!
    @ charles if you are who you say you are ( you’ve got to appreciate you could be anybody logged in under and assumed name ) thanks for clearing that up … we nneeded someone to clarify this situation…

  50. maybe .. lati you owe charles an apology.. seeing as your trying to pull me up…..!!! just a thought… if you look back to how you referred to them… the choir that is!!!

  51. @ Ty

    Why should she apologise for having an opinion???

    But like Ella said the MIGHTY Ty has spoken so you better fall in line Lati!

  52. So am I to believe that because Lati you are from Africa (a highly vague term for a continent on a mainly black forum) that you have some insight into a vast maojority of the populace.
    Neo-colonialism really did a turn on you didn’t it.
    My reality?
    From Africa but specifically, Ghana- afar cry away from say..hmm I don’t know South Africa or Morocco but hey, we’ll just keep it simple and call it Africa.

    Born here and lived for a near decade living a non-expatriate liferenting my own place, working and earning in cedis, paying my taxes, bankng my money etc…

    With this experience, I can say that there were always people who shared your viewpoint making lazy comments starting with “the problem with Ghana..etc” . Cab drivers, politicians, food vendors etc had all adopted this negative generalisation about what Ghanaians were like, whet they didn’t like always ommitting themselves from the equation.

    I quickly negated from this viewpoint and came to meet the silent majority of Ghanaians who did not think this way and continued to simply get on with it, making their own ripples without the need to prophess, analyse on what may be wrong with our culture.

    I get what ur sayng about the whole old skool mentality of flossing when you go back home..I always embarass the relatives getting off the Kotoka Airport in flip flops instead of the supposed Gucci shoes I should be able to afford but you could argue that this type of shallow ignorance is prevalent on the streets of London with people pretending they have material assetts when really it’s all about Jobcentre Plus..

    Oh well, shame it got all a bit catty………

  53. So in otherwords this blog only brings news and no comments necessary, no discussions and no parading our problems. I see now what its abt.

  54. Ty, as long as there are open discussions and its open 2 all and not just frds, then, its ok. Sit in silence and then make ignorance grow on a wider scale. R we hear 2 learn or just hav a gossip and laugh at ourselves?

  55. Reading back on my comments, I meant to say that I lived in Ghana for a near decade but now live here again..

    Yes I am choosing to ignore the cattiness cos I know what a difference a day makes and hope that this site will not become like so many other controversial forums where characther assasination is the key..

    I know I’m guilty of it on occassion but 80 comments-come on now! 🙂

    Spreadlove 2009.x

  56. And thats the problem. I used 2 wonder what throwing a white elephant in the middle and pple dancing ard it meant, now i know. U wait 4 the white man 2 speak 4 u. Ella and Cj, thanx 4 the support. What sites r those by the way. Really interested.

  57. “I used 2 wonder what throwing a white elephant in the middle and pple dancing ard it meant, now i know.”

    I am now officially in the outer hebrides shivering ….I thought I expressed opinion regarding topic but this whole white elephant simile is in itself one given that there seems to nothing coherent in such an allusive sentiment.

    Ooooh, *hits head in revelation* that’s what i’m supposed to do…dwell on the white elephant that’s there that’s not there that’s there multiply by infinty! You crack me up.x

  58. @ real NV, “excuss the bad grammer!” It was not about the bad grammer, i just honestly got confused with what you wrote, that’s why i asked to be simplified. I’m not picky at people’s grammer.

  59. @lati

    I wrote it without seeing your comment after you just pressed the post button before me.

    Im just saying what your calling ignorance has been set up that way in the great trick, and the ignorance you speak is also part of the trick which was in the magicians trick when it was planned, as a great understanding of human reaction, behaviour and responses are needed for a good trick to work, the behaviours etc of the tricked keeps the trick going without the magician being present, causing a ripple effect, and the blame is passed to the next in line, if someone see’s the trick for what it is. Hense you calling them Ignorant.

    Dont get me wrong there is Ignorance in black people that is not due to any trickery, but the last place will be Africa. Its more in America, it so bad it has rubbed some of its trates in all of us.

    Im going to retract my statement where I called you ignorant. It was not called for. We have all learned a lot from this blog, and again thanks Charles for the information we needed, sorry for any pre-judgemental (predudice) comments I may have made, concerning your choir leader.

  60. @ real NV MATE we all do it.. I’M SURE CHARLES UNDERSTANDS…. @ ERR LATI.. i dont know what to say to you babe.. if you knew me… you’d know i’m the last person to keep quiet.. but this discussion has run its course .. you have new friends.. i have old enemies.. nothing to it..
    .. generally i think charles leaving a comment .. has eased my conscience on what irked me…..
    if you want to coninute arguing about this when CHARLES HAS ALREADY SPOKEN thats on you.. .. personally i think your going for the 200 mark on this blog.. good luck babe!!!!
    … on all accounts points have been made .. some people disagreed /agreed.. personally i learned nothing until charles spoke up!!!
    but now i know that ( HOPEFULLY) THAT THEY didnt just sign a piece of paper ,they were pretty clued up more than any of us thought .. and the pic was for the benefit of the public story. well done choir!!
    ( cos thats what this was about lets not forget).

  61. I happened to come across this.

    This is what i call Cyber bullying and i have seen it before. I noticed a case of people wanting to silence others only because they feel so passionate about certain topics, without giving a good reason for it and it is sad.

    Is it a territorial thing happening here? ( I know about music, therefore i know better?) You know about music but how much do you know about people and their problems or how attached are you to these problems?

    Are you people so ashamed of your backgrounds or where you come from? Just remember that your background makes or breaks you and it cannot be altered regardless of what position you are in now.

    When people look at the priviledged community and ignore those that are not priviledged, and yet i am quite certain that the minority are the priviledged, again, it is sad. I come from Africa and i know that the gap between the poor and the rich is so wide. Which means that the exposure the rich have and that of the poor is not the same. The poor are the majority, right?

    We can argue all day about the ignorance the africans at home have, but at the end of the day, we as africans well know what the mentality of our people at home have about the western world, whether you want to believe it or not, or whether you want to expose it or not.

    I do not know what is worse/ The one who openly admits to it and gets embarrassed or the one who sits in silence and denies it? Just because there are a few who are enjoying a good life in africa, does not mean that their life and knowledge reflects on everyone.

    We ALL have our experiences of this place and we can all look back at the mentality we had before we came here and compare it to what we are now especially those that were not born here. I have heard experiences from those who were born here but have visited their relatives back home and they have the same story of mentalities. For anyone who says that this mentality does not exist, must come from such a priviledged background or is embarrassed about their background which i find sad, honestly.

    It is this denial and arogance that holds us back as africans. Creating false images does not move us forward BUT backwards. Lets not make ourselves our own worst enemies.

    Peace out.

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