Sick and brutal animals: Rogel McMorris, Jason Brew and Hector Muaimba

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Three men have been jailed for raping a 16-year-old girl in an attack in which caustic soda was thrown on her.

The girl, who has learning difficulties, was lured into a north London flat and repeatedly raped.

Rogel McMorris, 18, from Tottenham, north London, was jailed for nine years for rape and grievous bodily harm.

Jason Brew, 19, from Tottenham, was jailed for six years and Hector Muaimba, 20, from Walthamstow, was given eight years for rape and robbery. 

The girl, who cannot be named, was lured to the disused flat in Tottenham in January last year, Wood Green Crown Court heard.

She told the court she agreed to meet a man she knew for sex there because she thought it would make her popular.

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Somebody should pour a vat of caustic soda on these dirty scum bags while they sleep in their cells.

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  1. I can’t understand the shortness of the sentences. I just hope that the poor girl gets all the help she needs. To my mind this is a life sentence for this girl and should be treated as severely if not more so than murder.

  2. Lets hope they get raped day and night in prison, made to give everyone oral sex, all get aids, and have broken bottles shoved up their arses!

  3. Gang rape/caustic soda, 6 & 8 years. Where’s the deterrent ?

    The Justic system in this country is rubbish…..

  4. @ Craig, i agree with all that you mentioned apart from the aids thing. I think having aids is not a punishment. There’s alot of stigma that is built around having aids because people think it is a punishment and because of that, the aids or HIV patients get discriminated and feel they cannot even speak to anyone. It becomes a lonely and isolated experience. I am not taking away what you feel about these 3 bloody idiots but for those who are affected(families and friends) by AIDS/HIV it’s never easy bse of the stigma and attitudes people have.

  5. I heard about this on the radio today and apparantly the men will only serve 2-3 years due to their time on remand… that really angers me and gives me absolutely no faith in the justice system!

  6. There are decent people out there who have HIV/AIDS and do not deserve to think that people see it as a punishment.

  7. i just wanna say .. in africa they would have not made it to trial…. and if they did they would have by the time they got to trial be terrified by how the police treat them out side of prying eyes..
    those boys would be half! dead by now in africa….
    i dont know about mob rule… tho.. family and friend would have dealt with that one neatly!!!!

  8. perhaps back to africa because they they seem to be imigrants. let them serve their sentaces, hopefully they will be beaten by wardens and raped by other prisoners on a daily basis, then ship them to africa.
    at the trial friends of the animals laughed and sniggered throughout, infront of the victims family members. no justice too severe for them.

  9. What a truly sad and wicked story….

    You know, like each and every self respecting, morally driven, try to live God’s way person on this land, we are all angry and appalled by the actions of these sadistic, physologically derranged individuals. There are no answers for such depravity against women/people. So, as ordinary citizens, who may never truly understand why they did this, or how many of them were never held accountable for their actions, we then have to entrust our safety into the only system we can,,,,,,,, the judicial one, and I believe that is the way it should be, in theory.

    I am a peaceful law abiding middle aged female born & raised in London. I have one son who is just about to turn 16yrs old and I fear for him every day. Justice,,,,,, I am struggling right now to comprehend the sentences doled out to these ‘men’, when they brutalised and tortured a child and left her for dead????? As a parent I cannot and will not advocate violence as that defeats us all. However, if the very system that we HAVE to depend upon fails us so miserably, it becomes very difficult to not not wish for the same punishment to be doled out to those ‘men’. Or better still, Street Justice, as mentioned earlier.

    I wonder, had the little girl been a white politician or lawyers daughter, would the sentence’s have been so lenient.? Sorry to say, but I do not think so. I now live in Atlanta, & here in the USA, Mr Rogel would be facing Life/Death Sentence for such a crime, and his counterparts would have recieved life as accessories. HOW APPROPRIATE.!!! Maybe that’s the part of American culture that we Brit’s need to adopt, and leave the rest of it to them. I challenge each of my fellow countrymen and women to put pen to paper and lobby your MP’s with your disgust at the sentence, I AM. The more noise we make around this issue, maybe we can prevent the next rapist from being granted parole too early. One thing your action’s will do, is highlight these perpatrators of violence against women to their fellow new inmate buddies. Lets all pray that they do not get to enjoy the benefits of inmate segregation!!!!!!!! But remember folks, the more you want them raped and punished in prison,,,, one day they will be back out on the streets and possibly your neighbour. Let’s be careful what we wish for!!

    I wonder how these men’s family feel,,,,,,,I feel for their mothers, because had they known their son’s would turn out to be rapist monsters,,,,,, I am sure they would have hung them with the hair down there as they were being born. Their mother’s would have been better off to keep the placenta and discard them as babies. But how were they to know?????? Right?????

    May God bless and keep that little girl safe, always. She has strengthened my faith and I would love to put my arms around her and tell her she will be OK!!!! God has a great plan for her. If anyone who reads this knows the young lady tell her to Google Carolyn Thomas, I am sure Ms Thomas can be an inspiration to her and you all. Lets teach our son’s to HONOR WOMEN, Stop Violence Against Women!!!!

    Y’all be kind to one another now,,,,,,,Xxx

  10. See rapists like this and pedophiles should be put 2 death ..plain and simple ..kill them there no good 4 society especially what they did 2 that poor girl ..throwin caustic soda on her ..I hope they get raped day in and day out ….sick people in this world its soo sad

  11. “I wonder, had the little girl been a white politician or lawyers daughter, would the sentence’s have been so lenient.?”

    Shaz – take your bleating ‘radicalised’ crap somewhere else. Who said she was a white girl? Grow up, your brow beating nonsense over race issues doesn’t apply in this case.

    “Craig, i agree with all that you mentioned apart from the aids thing”

    Lati – you think that rape, forced oral sex and a broken bottle inserted into the anus is acceptable? Listen to what you’re saying! That’s exactly the non-sensical attitude to violence that breeds these people.

    They should have been given life sentences, there is no doubt about that.

    But the idea of forcing a broken glass shard into somebody’s arsehole? If you agree with that then you might as well join in with them and their mentality.

  12. Realist, you should really read a post before you reply to it. Nobody, including Shaz said that she was a white girl, not that it morally makes any difference.
    I agree with everything Shaz says except the god bit because that’s obviously a delusion.
    I don’t think they should get AIDS/HIV or be shot because that’s too good for them.
    Back to Africa? How about Jamaica?

    Additional fact for those that don’t already know, there were in fact around 10 boys in the disused building on that occasion. More than three took their turn. Further convictions could not be secured due to lack of evidence. Members of the community closed ranks and details of this horiffic incident were not forthcoming.
    Back to Africa? What about Jamaca?

  13. Realist, i do not know why your getting upset. THe sentences have been passed and people are expressing their anger by thinking the worst. It’s only expressions of anger and things being thought but never said. You think the glaasses will be shoved up their asses or taken to africa? I brought the AIDS thing up because i see it as one of the main issues black people face and there’s alot of stigma attached to it. I know HIV/AIDS is never talked about in this country, i just had to bring it up.

  14. @ realist, i wonder what you would think if it was your sister, daughter, mum or wife or husband, anyone close to you. First reaction, it does not mean you will act on it, but it will not stop u from thinking something nasty to release the anger and make your self feel better.

  15. @ notrelist, i can only say africa b’se i know what they would do to them in mob justice. tell us about jamaica, i am interested.

  16. I don’t really understand what was wrong with Shaz’ comment. Shaz, it was a very intelligent commentary from a mothers perspective who thinks of the bigger picture without characther assasination at other commentators. Something that this forum has always managed to maintain..let’s stay that way

  17. Shaz up above, wondered what the sentence would be if this poor girl was white. I hope that has nothing to do with it. I am a middle aged white guy in the north of England – I was appalled at both the sentences and the vile actions of these animals. Yesterday, as soon as I heard of the pathetic sentences, I emailed the Attorney General’s Office and complained that the penalties in no way met the gravity of these crimes or dealt with their mocking attitude in court. The Law Officers have powers to increase unduly lenient sentences.

    This morning I received a reply stating that they would send for the case papers and review the sentence if it was felt to be unsatisfactory.

    Personally, I can’t see how anything less than doubling them would meet the terrible things they did to that girl…. I hope they get what is coming to them.

  18. The Attorney General is officially now looking into the sentences that were given to those sorry arsed excuses for human beings.

    As for sending them to Jamaica or Africa to serve their sentences – I think that anywhere they go will be too good for them.

  19. Guys, they would not serve any sentence if they went to africa. Mob justice does not take you to court, you serve your sentence on the streets like Adoabi said. one hour and it’s all over. She or he was not joking when she/he mentioned tyre burning.

  20. Thank goodness these sentences are being reviewed! WOW, those sentences were poor… makes me feel sick that there are some who got away with it too! The worst bit for me is that they filmed it….they were proud of their actions!
    I’m scared of this country!

  21. “YES WE CAN & WE DID!!!”

    A historic and momentous day for the USA & the world, and what an even better one for this young girl.

    Our outrage and voicing of it , from not just in the UK but around the world HAS already made a difference. How proud I am to be British right now as we strive to do the right thing.

    @Realist,,,, “bleating radicalised crap” oh dear,,,,sorry you felt that way but i had no intention to beat your brow. Only to highlight the apparent race injustice that exists within our judicial system whether we like it, accept it, agree with it or not. As a black woman I cannot ignore the fact that this issue is alive and could have played a part in sentencing,,,,, we will never know. However you are so right, race should have no place in ANY case or issue, unless merited.

    @Norealist,,, thanks for emphasising the point that we need to understand before we condem and accuse. Sorry you felt that Gods intervention was delusional. I believe HE saved her for a reason, but that is because I believe in HIM.

    @Lati,,,you are so right. We ALL, initially would be consumed with feelings of anger and revenge, but this is when we turn to our judicial system to help quell and satisfy us via apt justice. We hope,,,,

    @Reclaimin,,,,Thank you.

    @Tony,,,,,,Big Kisses go out to you for that e-mail, and everyone else who acted on behalf of this child. Tony I hope you understand that I was not being racially motivated by my comment as to her race. I dont care what her race is, I just want to see justice served equally and fairly to all. My comment was to attain nothing more than some weak & sensless justification for such equally weak sentences.

    A life sentence is the only suitable sentence for such a crime. Doubling of the sentences is still inadequate, for the mere fact they attempted to kill her. Maybe at 18/19yrs old and looking at the likelyhood of life with no parole, they may be a little more inclined to reveal the other members of this crime. If they complied, maybe then we could consider parole after,,,,,,,, 25 yrs???? Rogel McMorris should spend the rest of his natural days in solitary confinment. No rape or violence,,,, just the pleasure and sound of himself, no human contact, ever. That’s punishment.

    May Y’all be blessed on this wonderful and historic day. We have a Black Man in dah White House!!!!!!

  22. @ nonrelist

    “you should really read a post before you reply to it. Nobody, including Shaz said that she was a white girl, not that it morally makes any difference.”

    I did read the post. The implication was that a higher sentence would have been imposed if the victim had been white or not a member of the working classes. Those sort of comments are not helpful and only serve to fuel further hatred or confusion amongst the ill-informed, regardless of race.


    “@ realist, i wonder what you would think if it was your sister, daughter, mum or wife or husband, anyone close to you. ”

    An initial or personal reaction is not necessarily the one that spells justice. I am a father. I am also somebody whose family has been the victim of a horrendous crime.

    I am satisfied that the people responsible have had their freedom taken away from them for a long long time. Despite initial feeling, as you’ve pointed out, I no longer seek revenge. And whilst I’ve always wished that the perpertrators endure hard time I choose not to wish that ‘they get raped day and night in prison, made to give everyone oral sex, all get aids, and have broken bottles shoved up their arses!’. That would reduce me to their level.

    Additionally, I don’t really understand how you can correlate the discrimination that HIV afflicted people (africa or otherwise) face with the convicted people in this case – other than that they are black and have african surnames. I don’t even understand why you would bring this matter up, perhaps you can educate me on this point?

    @ all

    As stated in my original post, it is quite clear that these ‘men’ deserved a life sentence. I, we, can only be hopeful that the review approves such a sentence and spells out a clear message. Even if nobody listens, at least these three animals will be removed from further damaging the society that we wish to uphold.

  23. @ shaz

    In the time between me posting my last message and this one, you had responded.

    There is not a single point or counterpoint you have raised that I disagree with. Thank you.

  24. @Realist
    I was truly moved to hear of your tragic experience, and I am sorry for your loss. Like you, I cannot agree with the further perpetuation of violence against another human being. My God and faith does not call for that. We build prisons to cater for the derelicts of our society and we should be courageous & skilled enough to identify who they are and deal with them accordingly. However, I strongly believe, that if we do intend to release dangerous convicts like these, we must have an adequate rehabilitation process in place to ensure we are not unleashing an even bigger problem than what went in.

    Your right, just because I have the where withall to see the bigger picture, does not mean that my neighbour will do the same. The politician/lawyer comment was not meant to be inflamatory, but i certainly aquiese that it could serve to fuel hatred. Ultimately, i seek nothing other than equitable justice and punishment in accordance with our human rights.


  25. @ realist,

    It’s only human to react the way everyone did above. If your calm post had come in at the top of this topic, i would have been more angry personally, because it would have felt the same as the sentences originally passed. Having the release helped.

    Anyways, you said that you did not understand why i brought up the AIDS/HIV topic and i’ll try to explain this. Like i said, HIV/AIDS has a very strong stigma attached to it and people are really scared of it, both in britain and africa. How many people do you know who have come out publicly to say that they have the virus? And why do you think that is? Craig wished that these thugs could get AIDS. To me, saying that is like saying having AIDS is a punishment or crime hence adding to the stigma. Imagine if i turned around and said, i wish these thugs get cancer knowing how families of so many have lost their loved ones. This problem is not only in africa, it’s here. At one point in time i watched a programme on channel 4 about this teenage white girl who had contracted the virus through her mum at child birth and she was on a mission to find groups that gave support because she felt she was the only one and knew no one in her situation. She had to travel a good distance be4 she could find a support group. THis is in uk and a white girl to balance the argument a bit. When she did, it was a group of young black youths who agreed to talk to her on condition their identities were kept secret. I do not believe there are no white youths living with HIV but there you go. That broke my heart. ANd their reason was that if people knew they had the virus, they would be killed. Put yourselves in their shoes. YOu can go on tv and declare yourself to have cancer or be gay or black or fight for animal rights etc… but people with the virus and so many of them will think hard be4 they tried. If you think being a minority race is hard try having HIV. Now imagine making such a statement that craig made above infront of these young youths, that would emphasise what they think about people’s views on HIV. And in many cases people associate having HIV to sexual contact so they think you are sleeping around, they always 4get the other ways you can contract the virus. In glasgow i saw an advert of a support group being advertised for gay and bisexual men living with HIV, now, why only thosetwo categorie, its the same stereotypes. And this advert was in the underground train which is rarely busy. Why not put it on a big billboard(is that what it’s called?) outside for everyone to see? I know they say HIV is only for blacks but with these inter racial relationships going on, they might want to think twice. Anyway my point, HIV/AIDS is no punisment and these thugs are too good for it.

  26. I am not having a go at Craig bse i can understand his reaction, i just wanted to bring it up as something which affects so many but in this case i will say black people so that we are all aware. We all do not know everything and i needed to bring it up. May be it’s irrelevant but i find it’s important to know.

  27. “Anyway my point, HIV/AIDS is no punisment and these thugs are too good for it”. OOPS, Mistake here, i meant it the other way round.

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