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  1. Totally agree Verbs. Yes it is great to have a black man in such a high position but please remember this is the American Government we are talking about. Just look at some of his cabinet picks…

  2. This is the problem I have with our people. We are always HATIN’ on each other. I’m not stupid enough to believe that Obama is going to magically fix everything and the world (especially the US) will become a better place. Obama knows that he will be facing an uphill battle and the odds are not in his favor. At the end of the day, the best man won. Bush ran this country into the ground and it is definitely time for a change. Everybody knows that change will not come overnight but any change from the Bush era is welcomed. Why you all are still hating, what again are the British doing to bring about change or at least put a Black person in a position of power? Just as I thought, NOTHING! Try to spend less time hating and more time trying to bring about a change. You have to start somewhere.

  3. weez… have you been or lived in england!!! just a question!!!
    not trying to catch you or nothing!!
    but you said something quite profound about us brits.. WHICH BRITS ARE YOU REFERRING TO? lol
    personally i hope obama achieves what he sets out to do..
    but please understand.. europe is a WHOLE DIFFERENT game!
    who are you addresing bro…. or sis..! which demographic needs to handle there biz!

  4. tyisicloser i have been to england. my post wasn’t for you or meant to offend you at all. it’s so easy to sit back and type that Obama victory will be short lived. that may or may not be true, but he should be given the chance nonetheless. Yes, i am sure that europe is s whole different game. my thing is that black people around the globe all have daily struggles. some of our struggles may be shared and some may be different. regardless of how Obama’s presidency will turn out, just him being elected as president speaks volumes. it gives hope to black children around the world to dream big and work hard to make your dreams come true.

  5. Weez Free take note. Tony Blair our great hope for change from a similarly badly run administration (Conservative Party akin to Republicans) promised and I quote that “Things can only get better”. Here was a young,charismatic man of the people from the Labour Party (akin to Democrats)…Well, the British entertainment industry merchandised, sold songs on the back of this landmark victory etc…8 years later and a it’s a very different story. Now he has royally effed up major world relations, ignored the British publics outcry to not go to war, effed up our economy with cuz Bush…his successor Gordon Brown is now the face of the crisis. (Although admittedly he assisted in maintaining unsustainable pyramid scheme style bankining by being the Chancellor at the time) My point? This global downturn is not gonna spin around in a hurry and every decision Obama makes will be problematic as the ‘good times’ are well and truly over-for a while anyway. Making him out to be this Great Black Hope is juvenile IMO and ignores the realities of Western politics and capitalism.
    Fine, take solace and inspiration in the fact that a man of colour has been successful in his chosen career but don’t expect intelligent thinking people of colour in the rest of the world to assume that he will somehow transcend from his ultimate job spec priority-to protect Americas interests not black peoples of the world..and why should he anyway? Having said all of this I rate this mans personal achievements and wish him well in is own life because he really was the best candidate.

    Oh and regarding the vid- I hate all this riding on the crest of serious matters to sell records. We are in the next chapter of a new world order. China catapulting to Super Power status…Global Civil war on the rise…recession continuing to create disparities between the super rich and poor…and I’ve got to hear tin pan alley pop with a rapper aligning a black president with a blue ostentatious car. Whatever floats your boat..

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  6. Many presidents have done nothing and i would not expect him to be perfect. Why all of a sudden should the black presidents be the perfect ones. The change was, a black man got in power and what he does after, i’ll leave it to the americans. The blacks had to get a foot in somehow and it’s a start. A country consists of people who control themselves regardless of the laws that are placed to control them. So if the people do not change for themselves, why should one man be able to do it for them. My point, i do not care what he does, its great to see a black man for president in America. I’ll suffer consequences 2morrow, but i would like to know how it feels to suffer it with your own rather than the ‘dominant race’ all the time.
    Hullo verbs.

  7. Weez free, i am 100% behind you. And they wonder why Taio Cruz does not cast black women in his video. Sorry guys for bringing that up i could not resist.

  8. It’s a topic somewhere in here. Check in the november or december archives you might get an idea of what i mean, though you might not like it. I think it was, ‘ taio’s response to mad news’ or something.

  9. IMO… Barack is a few steps down from the Anti Christ!… I think him being elected is like a false dawn, like he will inspire many, many will cheer and celebrate and be covered in cloak of shall I say ‘blindnes’ but he would not be where he is if the powers that be didn’t need a change, a man of colour, he was probably selected years ago and been groomed for years… I’m not convinced about the how election / selection process goes in the US…but still this is all IMO!!!

    I hope he does well, I really do, but I’m thinking, how much good can a puppet do??

    As for Taio… we don’t really wanna go back there, we?

  10. @ fr. No we do not. I usually get carried away and weave things. Weez feez’s first comment reminded me about it. Lets not go back to it please.

  11. Let the records be known for all my Mad News family is that I’m a HATER and embrace HATERDOM with great vigour!

  12. Thank you Reclaimin! You hit the nail on the head. People have been blinded by the fact there is a black president and are still riding on the election ‘high’.

    Weez. People are allowed to differ in opinion without ‘hating’. Yes, that is actually possible. The term is being thrown around so loosely soon enough you will hear a vegetarian say they do not like meat, and meat eaters accusing them of ‘hating’. That is how ridiculous using that term has become.

    Yes, I’ll give Obama a chance and I am more than happy that Sarah Palin is not VP; but just because BO is not President yet, doesn’t mean people can’t form opinions of him by his actions.

    For one BO swore ‘Change’. I have yet to see any progressive Cabinet picks. I understand that you must at times work with people you don”t exactly like but have you read up on some of these people he has picked? Rahm Emanuel for one.
    His stance on Israel. When he went to speak at AIPAC and his speech was even more Pro-Israel than Bush. That he wants to continue a baseless war in Afghanistan. His non-reply to Ahmadinejad. The list goes on.

    Obama is symbolic. Not much more. I hope he is; and hope he will bring about at least a bit of change. However this is the American Goverment we speak of, and usually it is run from behind the scenes.

  13. Obama will bring the change that the Obama Cool Aid drinkers desire, it just won’t be change for the better.

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