This news story was brought to my attention two days ago, but I held off from watching the video footage.

I could not face it up until now.

22 year old Oscar Grant III was shot dead by Oakland police on New Years Day in California, while laying face down and handcuffed on a train platform.

Details leading up to his arrest and subsequent MURDER are still sketchy.

However Grant, unarmed, was cooperating with officers before his death….

Johannes Mehserle, the police officer responsible for Grant’s death has since resigned and refuses to be interviewed.

Rest In Peace Oscar Grant.

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  1. R.I.P Oscar Grant …yes I agree Anges them pigs are trigger happy ..there was no reason at all to shoot him ..he was unarmed ..Its so sad but this happens everyday ,just some1 happens to catch it on their cell …that pig cop needs 2 get the death penalty

  2. There was a demonstration in Oakland today in protest against the shooting. This happens way too often and the black community is fed up. Now the cop is saying that he thought he pulled out his taser and fired, not his gun. Hmm, he didn’t know the difference between the two? Needless to say Oscar Grant’s famlily has filed a $25million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against the cop. Oscar leaves behind a beautiful little girl.

  3. I just can’t press play, this was not a war, this was not an armed assailant, this was not an uncopperative suspect, this was not a terror alert, this was not a game. This is real life, I just can’t.

  4. you better!!! press play..
    and be reminded.. THEY DONT LOVE YOU AT ALLL!!!. PROTECT AND SERVE!!

  5. sometimes i do not even want to watch such things or hear them but i cannot escape them. It is not long ago since DEMENEZ was killed under similar circumstances. I cannot play it either. I always convince myself that such things will not go away now. Its like i can scream and shout but no one will listen. So, what do i do? There are so many stereotypes and i only wish the minority people especially the blacks could emphasise education to their children to make sure we have a better generation that can stand up for themselves. What i am trying to say is that we have to work hard to establish ourselves in society strongly and maybe one day our voices will be heard. Why is it that it is always the white cops that are called out to these scenes? Would it not be worth having black cops on such scenes, because they might be able to advise the white cops on someone. It would avoid controversy aswell. As far as everyone else is concerned now, it was racial, and i cannot see it any other way either. No black cops on the scene to say otherwise, and as in demenez’s case, we all know they will stick up for each other. I hate to play the race card but in this case, when you shoot someone in handcuffs, with his face down, i have no choice but to play it.
    God rest his soul in peace.

  6. Even if if they were arrested for terrorism, if they were cooperating, shooting does not qualify. At glasgow airport, the terrorists that set off bombs were not shot. The worst they got was a good kick in the balls by a brave citizen and then arrested with no shooting.

  7. It says in the beginning of the video – these men were being pulled off the train because of a fight that broke out.

    This cop disgusts me.

  8. And they shot him for that? If thats not racism, then i do not know what is? Sometimes i think that these things can only happen in movies but i know sometimes movies are based on true stories and this is really scary. I know it happens a lot but when it happens to innocent people, i never get used to it. You hear about it and it’s like your hearing it for the first time.

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