Remember the last ad campaign photograph that L’Oreal thrust upon us of Beyonce last year???

Beyonce’s skin looked extra light and bright and her nose extra straight!

But things look a little darker this time around…..



I am willing  to bet  that the almighty backlash left L’Oreal big wigs slighty shook up and possibly within Beyonce’s camp.

Ahhh the power of the black entertainment bloggers…. (lol)


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  1. the woman is mixed race i believe, i think she can be whatever she wants to be. I’ve seen many black women lightening their skin to look lighter and not necessarily to look because they want to be white but because they believe they look prettier with lighter skin. I’ve also seen pure africans who are naturally very light skinned. Anyway why do black women buy long straight hair extensions, in blonde or brown or black when thier natural hair is nearly curly and coarse. Why not be pure black? I don’t see what the fuss is about beyonce looking lighter. And if she is mixed race i think that make up suits her skin tone perfectly.

  2. I could never have guessed, looking at her mum’s picture and hers, i could have thought they were mixed race. May be we should all stay natural to emphasise our race. It would make life easier for everyone.


    THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INFLUENCING ME… SO SHE CAN COLOUR HERSELF GREEN AS FAR I’M CONCERNED…. the thing i notice about these artist is tey get to a certain point and they dont know how to put their foot down as far as embaressing us.. they go with it !!

  4. I was being sarcastic and to be honest, black women want to have their cake and eat it. They buy blonde and brunnette wigs and use skin lighteners. I have only seen such hair shades with whites. They should condemn all those africans with blonde extensions or stop selling them. Why then do people condemn beyonce? Ok i can understand why americans condemn it, seeing that the black community is able to stand on its own to a large extent in music and fashion, and have fought discrimination and prejudice for a long time. They are justified. In britain, i do not think i would say the same thing. If that had happened in britain, i think the lighter skin picture would have stayed because the black community is not very influential. And no one would have said a thing( if they had, probably it would have landed on deaf ears).We still have a long way to go.

  5. Au contraire..
    SOME black women wish to lighten their skin or wear corcasion texture wigs with unlikely lengths that even white women would struggle to maintain tis true….but the main issue with this is that there is no white societal equivalent to make this a simple choice in fashion or beauty.. We could go down the ‘white people tan’ argument but that (tanning/fake tan) is a cosmetic application that is not permanent and I don’t hear white women snarling about how the whiter you are the uglier in such extreme equivalent terms to black womens spats in the beauty stakes. Nor do I hear there menfolk decreeng only that they date ‘tanned white girls’ or they will only have children with tanned girls…*says to self “how would that work anyway?*

    The concern or offence for the case of Beyonce in the Loreal ad is because no matter how shallow and crass the beauty industry truly is the company lines for all of them is that they like to promote the so-called natural God given beauties of their consumers. If they wish to only promote to women who are white and show red heads, brunettes, blondes, diff col eyes..pale skin, olive etc…fine. But when they cynically wish to target my purse as a dark skinned woman with afrocentric features cos they know the black beauty market is wonga ($ for my us homies) and have only managed to feature black women who are rarely sighted having extremely fair skin (as was the case with the 1st ad) or black women with finite arian features draped in black skin Black Barbie stylee than I can be annoyed that a black woman like Beyonce allows that campaign to go forward. What a campaign like that says is that “I’m not worth it”…

    OK, she’ not saying “yeah make me lighter please-I hate myself” but she’s not saying”hold up, how come I look so friggin white in this?” As a former model (yeah I threw it in for points)..I know that modles don’t get the final say on the shots people use of you but a woman like Beyonce with her status…it was an error, that’s all..but an error all the same.

  6. That was really educative. I wish blogs like this especially for blacks would be used more constructively rather than stir hatred. I was reading something about taio’s response to mad news and the amount of hatred stired and was abit worried and i thought to myself, no wonder he never casts black people. If they cannot even try to understand his position and discuss it reasonably but throw insults, maybe he made the right choice (i know it is a business thing). It would be nice if we got to give different educative feed back than crucify someone. May be we can have more insight about issues affecting us and not be blind.

  7. @ Lati

    I totally agree with you. Why condemn Beyonce for the blonde year as least she’s light skin, you have some dark skim female walking around with blonde hair.


    The shade that L’ Oreal is promoting is for light skin black woman, you don’t honestly expect to see a dark skin woman using those shades.

    From Africa right back black females are using those wigs and bleaching their skin because they believe that lighter skin with give them more opportunities, it’s an old cliche that’s still alive….Some dark skin female believe that the lighter skin sister gets it all while they have to stay in back ground even do they might have more skills.

    I personally believe that make is for white folks to give them some color and light skin black woman, because I have seen many dark skin woman in magazines and in person with make up and they look like clowns. That red thing poping out on their dark skin, it take away from their beauty instead on enhance it.

  8. Thanx babylonian princess, i agree with you. And one can only know what you are talking about if they have lived in africa or been in close contact with african bred because the amount of bleaching is unbelievable. To be fair some use strong creams to reduce acne spots or acne( i mean, whatever it takes).

    About the comment from “reclaim”, about the “white tan”, i think i have on more than one occasion heard some white say that they looked ill because they are pale and hence the need for a tan to feel that they look okey.

    I personally think the female species can do almost anything for beauty and still turn around and point fingures. Whatever makes them feel good about themselves.
    Lets look at all this surgery and stuff. If a woman felt pretty with lighter skin, bigger boobs, bottoms or whatever, all this “representing blacks and race stuff” would not matter.
    Women always change their tone(not tan) to suit themselves. And am beginning to think that the lighter skin advert could best describe women’s thinking. I could almost bet that many women silently liked it but, maybe not in america especially not now when they have these big black history making changes going on. Anything to emphasise proper representation of blacks.
    Can anyone tell me whether Tyra Banks is pure black or mixed race? At one point i think i’ve seen her look whiter than the advert of beyonce. I know she is a model, with her status, i wonder if she’s ever been condemned.

  9. .

    It is often a surprise for people to learn
    that, in reality, there is actually No Such
    Thing As a “Light Skinned Black” person.

    The term “Light Skinned Black” is really nothing
    more than a racist oxymoron that was created by
    White Supremacists in an effort to forcibly
    deny those Mixed-Race individuals, who are
    of a Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed
    (MGM-Mixed) Lineage, the right to fully
    embrace and to also received public support
    in choosing to acknowledge the truth
    regarding their full ancestral heritage.

    The people who have been slapped with the false
    label and oxymoronic misnomer of “Light Skinned
    Black” person are simply Mixed-Race individuals
    — whose family have been continually Mixed-Race
    throughout their multiple generations.

    For more information on MGM-Mixed lineage,
    feel free to view the information at
    the found at the links listed below:



  10. where is the rest of this sentence? it says __

    I am willing to bet that the almighty backlash left L’Oreal big wigs slighty shook up and possibly within Beyonce’s camp.__ which is not a complete thought “and possibly within beyonce’s camp’ means what?

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