Singers Brandy and Monica reunited several nights ago in an Atlanta nightclub to sing their classic 1998 hit ‘The Boy Is Mine’.

It has been said that the two might collaborate together again soon, there might even be an album. But as far as I am concerned this should have happened years ago when R&B fans still cared (circa 98 – 2000).

We are now approaching 2009……. At present Brandy’s latest album is struggling to make an impact on the charts and Monica’s tattooed up, seems to have developed a taste for the ‘hood’ lifestyle/theatrics, and on the odd ocassion frequents Atlanta strip clubs with her fiancee, Young Jeezy knock off Rocko.  I think the last time she released new music was 2/3 years ago…. 

Your thoughts please….

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  1. I live in the ATL and heard Brandy on the radio (103.3 FM) with Ryan Cameron promoting her show for this night. She sang live and the girl can really SANG! Both young ladies are really talented and I’m big fans of both of them. Wish them luck with their careers.

  2. Yes I agree, this is about ten years too late. Stars like Estelle, Rhianna and Queen Bee eclipse them now. Brandy looks good though, she has aged well. I am shocked to hear that Brandy is still allowed to release music – who is she appealing to? Leona Lewis has more appeal than she has.

  3. Its fact! Yes they can both sing but its a little late to be talking about reuniting.
    This should have happened when they were both at their peaks. But for whatever reason it never happened because there was some friction and Monica wasn’t interested.

    But now that the majority of artists out there are struggling (themselves included), experiencing album push back after album push back and weak sales ,its now that they decide to join forces.. Hmmmmmm…

    Although both talented they have both been away for far too long to make any sort of an impact now. The audience has changed, and right now whether we like it or not its about Beyonce and Rihanna.

  4. CAN WE TALK???
    Is this a club PA??!!??
    There’s an elephant in the room kids!!! Cos isn’t this about as wrong as Bobby and Whitney going on Celebrity Big Brother or Kelly Rowland knocking about and overstaying her welcome in the UK???…….Jesus! Some things should be sacred!….I’m just sayin!!!!

  5. they both sound amazing but era change since monica and brandy been gone but if they decide to release a song together again i all for it i love the boy is mine i know i will love the next song they sing together their voice balance each other out

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