This is going to be the biggest DJ Battle ever to hit the UK, pitting the worlds best known DJs together in a battle to see who really is the best!


The DJs:

(USA) DJ Green Lantern – Former official DJ for Eminem
(USA) DJ Scratchator – Official DJ for Busta Rhymes & Flipmode
(USA) DJ Nonstop – Official DJ for DMX
(UK) DJ 279 – Official Choice FM DJ
(UK) DJ Dub Plate Mex – Official So Solid DJ
(UK) DJ Reggie ‘Heavee’ Styles – Official Sony BMG DJ

I’m guessing that an American will win. It’s just a hunch…..

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  1. so why would an American win?, pre-meditated bias…have some faith in the UK…I may be billed as the under card but im not turning up to be a Monkey Butler or Make up the numbers…

  2. “pre-meditated bias…have some faith in the UK”…

    If you were a regular visitor to this blog then you would know that I pledge my allegiance to all that is US musically (lol)…

    “I may be billed as the under card but im not turning up to be a Monkey Butler or Make up the numbers…”

    Good glad to hear it Reggie!

    By the way its been a long time. Good talking to you again!

  3. i await the sad and regrettable news about the victim stabbed or shot…may “enter name/s” rest in peace.

  4. Come on now, look at the flyer and what kind of people it will attract let alone the cash prize AND at the Stratford Rex. I’ve seen it all my life and will be more surprised if this goes without any trouble….on a positive note, I’m really enjoying Q Tips new LP 🙂

  5. I don’t wanna jinx but these events always attract the same mix:

    People who should know better

    People who don’t know any better

    People who secretly enjoy being around the prospect of danger

    People who openly enjoy being around the prospect of danger

    People who think black people like me are not real cos I like to go to an event that has been well organised & hosted, start on time and like to think that security are working for me not chirpsing me (if i’m lucky!)or flexing with the mans dem letting the odd search go cos ‘it’s a black thing’

    People that know bad gals and bad mad but always remain that ‘they’re safe’ regardless of what nuff people have said and given that they prophess themselves as ‘bad’

    People who want to live out a little bit of an MTV fantasy

    People that got a freebie

    POSSIBLY people that will actually be going there for the actual music part of the event

    People that love a room full of tension, jumping and screwfacing

    Very young people who are yet to know that this event wasn’t for them

    LOL, I’m out of order…I hope it goes well but I will stop by the florist in case.x

  6. This “event” took place last night…..

    I’m not saying anything else….. but perhaps Reggie Styles will fill us in on what exactly happened…. or should I say.. didn’t happen!


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