The track has grown on me (although the lyrical content is questionable ‘gambling with Arafat’… SMH….) but the video……………………………………………………………………….

Remember when Busta’s videos were on point? Top class?

Well folks those days have long gone.

WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO when top tier Hip Hop/rap stars from the land of milk and honey, release videos of such poor quality???

Oh and don’t even get me started on that silly dance…. I’m sorry but they all look RIDICULOUS!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Your thoughts please…..

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  1. Remember when fans were fans and not cynical critics with internet muscles? Remember when Hip Hop writing contributed to the direction of the culture?

    Well folks those days have long gone.

    What is the world coming to when major labels refuse to change how they distribute music, force fans to download (depleting the once bountiful industry land of milk and honey) then doing an about face and turning on said favorite artist? You might as well break their legs and ask them to dance.

    Oh and don’t even get me started on the “standard of the craft”. I’m sorry but these random blogs with seemingly endless “random shots fired” all look RIDICULOUS!

    File this one under “About a dozen people on the Internet trying to accomplish something and about 5 BILLION yelling FAIL”.

  2. Oh dear… Oh dear……… I now feel thoroughly ashamed of myself for expressing an opinion. Well this has definitely shut me up and put me in my place!

    “Remember when fans were fans and not cynical critics with internet muscles? Remember when Hip Hop writing contributed to the direction of the culture?”

    Nah… that was before my time luv!


    Thanks for stopping by and blessing us Rik!

  3. It’s me and I have no life so I’m usually scouring the net. I agree, there could have been a dozen things we could have done for that vid but the industry politics really clamped it down. I really don’t mind the criticism on me it’s what the job entails but just had to defend Busta a bit because despite his reputation for being overly intense he was really gracious to myself and my crew who went above and beyond to try to make the best video possible with all the obstacles getting thrown our way. I’m not asking for a free pass on the vid at all but just a little understanding that our legends and pioneers are getting chin checked for trying to be creative and I try my best to give them that outlet. But more money more problems. Let’s keep each other inspired and really focus on getting our culture back where it once stood. Peace ya’ll!!!

  4. i can see why rik is upset (if it is him) its never nice to hear your work being criticised but he must be familiar with Busta’s video resume and the standard of these videos, some are classics. but i get the feeling that he’s saying the label basically tied their hands here and they couldn’t do the video they wanted.

  5. i generally dont like the busta of late… i think he was one of the greatest. but .. of the last couple of years… i cant enjoy it anymore… his music and generAL content is not as clever as it used to be..

  6. @ Rik

    I have always been a huge Busta fan, so I expect a lot from him. But over the past 3 years, musically he’s just lost it….

    But I do understand what you’re saying. It’s a sad state of affairs….

    The industry is a different place now, with executives holding on extra tight to the purse strings and failing to encourage creativity.

  7. No doubt it’s all love. Just don’t give up on guys like Busta. I’m from the same era and remember that feeling when you would get when his joints would blast in the car with your friends. They still HAVE that inside of them. Arab money song and video will do what its supposed to do for better or for worse. It’s just a small sample of what I’m capable of. I want to get him outside, running around and really doing some narrative conceptual work. Will it happen tomorrow? Who knows but I gotta try every time.

  8. Another twist to this is the fact that a station in Birmingham has been criticised by a section of the muslim community about playing this song as Busta has taking an excerpt from the Qu’ran and have been complaining bitterly to anyone who will listen. Basically it is disrespectful to use on any kind of music backdrop etc..

    @Rik- Respect for speaking uup but it’s blogs like this that as an avid music buyer and lover of black music can feel whole as left to what u guys ‘accept’ from the hand tier to earn your cash truly dissapoints me. SOrry, it’s just how I and many of the silent majority feel. Why are video creatives soo scared of having black people in different scenarios..actually I HAVEN’T watched this so I am assuming I have seen this style before…I’LL HAVE A LOOK

  9. @Reclaimin

    I expected complaints from sections of the Muslim community. Like I said in the post the lyrics are questionable. Its the Arafat reference/the image of him sitting at the gambling table as a ghost that caught my attention the most. I mean… NO!

  10. Ahem!!….Can I say that I thought the track was SICK iyah!! Very catchy and Busta will continue to make it do what it do! Oh and Ahem once more!! – I LOVE the little convulsion dance too! I can see people doing it everytime the track drops! Forget Rick Ross, RIK ROCKS!


  11. the track has already been bannned by many stations because of the chorus’ Qu’ran excerpt…so more $ for Busta I s’pose

  12. What was Busta thinking?

    Quoting excerts from the Qu’ran on a Hip Hop party track….. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    I often wonder if artists live on an entirely different planet from the rest of us.

  13. most of them do Janice, I don’t know what planet it is, but I know it ain’t the same one most of us are on lol

    I’m still digging busta, the scene has changed and alot of artists have choosen to adapt or evolve if you like, I mean look what happen to Mos Def, …

    the order of the day seems to be, money, girls, money, jewels, money, cars, money, women, money, etc etc

    I was listening to some old 94-96 hip hop recently, busta’s first album included, he doesn’t talk the same stuff, or in the same way, maybe it’s the hunger, age, I don’t know, all I know is his first 3 albums were classic shhhh!,

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