Several weeks ago I dedicated an entire post to UK R&B/Pop singer Taio Cruz (click here to read).

In my post I asked Taio why he has never cast a black actress/model to play his love interest in any of his music videos and I’ve finally got my answer….

Via Taio’s label Rokstarr Music

What kind of Racist blog are you running here? We as Black people search for equality and pray for an intergrated society where all of us, black, white, asian, or other are all looked at with colourblind eyes and without discrimination.

I work very closely with Taio Cruz & I can say without a doubt he has nothing against black women or any other race for that matter.

The fact that you are concerned by this only highlights your own racial prejudices.

If Taio Cruz only featured black girls in his videos would you be asking if had something against white girls? probably not, and that too is a shame.

Taio and his company Rokstarr, actively promote racial intergration and seek to breakdown the walls that people like yourself persist on building to seperate us.

To quote a strong black man of out time President Obama… “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Change your racist mentality and be more open to something new. A society where its just two people in a video and not a black man an a whilte girl in a video.

I imagine you will disagree with what ive said here because such is the nature of ignorance but i hope one day you will be enlightened.

Thank you.

Rokstarr Music London.

First off let me thank Taio/Rokstarr Music rep for stopping by and responding to my “controversial” question.

I would have never of guessed that as well as making good music, Taio is also actively trying to promote racial intergration and seeks to breakdown the walls via his music promos. 

I mean…who knew that behind the scenes Taio was working on becoming a modern day Martin Luther King????

I guess it now makes sense to exclude black women. Yes it all makes sense now!

I am also relieved to know that Taio “has nothing against black women”. This news warms my heart.

As for accusing my blog of being “racist”…. well it’s been called a lot worse (lol).

Anyway your thoughts please….

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  1. oh wow, so much that can be said about that but it’s a day of rest.

    Maybe to promote ‘racial integration’ Taio should level the playing field by featuring black women in his videos since his white counterparts don’t ever do. or is he just interested in promoting integration between black men and white society?

  2. Oooo, you racist blogger you, you should be ashamed of calling out such a fine example of a successful black man.

    Didn’t you know that by excluding black women from his videos, he’s trying to send the message that black men don’t just have to date black women when they become successful

    Ooops, i forget….

    Most of their claarts don’t even acknowledge that black women exist once they get successful

    I cannot believe that his label felt that that was a suitable response to a very valid question. SMH

  3. Seriously, do they really think people will buy their transparent fool arsed email? It’s pure unadulterated FRAFF!!! How is asking a question about the lack of women of colour in his videos racist? And when did you demand that he only feature women of colour? Errrm, never!

    That response puts their shady love interest choices under the spotlight even more!!!!

  4. I know in my orignal post I just asked why he never featured any women of colour in his promos, and also asked ‘ where is the balance?

    They exposed their arses in the street with that response, but I like it none the less lol!!!

    @ Nees

    Good question!

  5. when in doubt invoke obama!!!!
    why dont you !!!
    brilliant they just exposed themselves further!!!
    like i thought .. the decisions were made by taio and his management!. racist bog please!!!!
    racism got nothing to do with the fact that taio has no BLACK LEADING LADIES IN HIS VIDEO’S AT ALL…. has it!!!!
    if you wanna get ahead dont include black women in your demographic..
    or just include a dark skinned black dolly in one shot on a table and we will all be happy ..INNIT!!!
    I’M GLAD THE RESPONDED .. cos it shows whats really going on !!

  6. It will be interesting to see what happens when he attempts to break the US market….

    I am sure that thousands of African American women/ the bloggers will be giving Taio the side eye and asking the exact same question….

  7. If the questions you posed are already hotting up their collars then they will poop themselves with the questions posed by the US market – they will take it to a whole new level!!

  8. “Change your racist mentality and be more open to SOMETHING NEW. A society where its just two people in a video and not a black man an a whilte girl in a video.
    I imagine you will disagree with what ive said here because such is the nature of ignorance but i hope one day you will be enlightened.”

    @ Rockstar – SOMETHNG NEW !!! It’s you guys that need to do expand your creativity and do something new. If you think what you guys put out is something new, then you’ve been asleep for a long time. The same old tired (we’ve done this a thousand times before video ) with the same old cliched girl which alienates any other girl darker than the colour of caramel. This my friend is not something new.

    I didn’t comment on the original post because I don’t really expect anything more from this type of artist. It’s the same old shit all the time, nothing ground breaking. I felt compelled to respond after that weak response.

    It’s so easy to play the race card, as an excuse when you get exposed.
    It’s you guys that are ignorant and need to be enlightened. With the same old drivel that you put out in your ‘tired’ videos you would never know that we are a diverse comminuty.

    Even if I like a song peformed by Taio, the video is always a turn off. It’s been done a thousand times before !!! Painfully boring and VERY uncreative.

  9. “We as black people” don’t make me laugh, I know for sure that you black people are not in a position within Rokstarr to say yes or now when it comes to selecting models for ANY video let alone Taio’s.

    What are you talking about when you say racist blog?? It was just a question asking why has they NEVER been any black models/actresses on Taio’s videos or come to think of it any women of colour?

    We are not saying that Taio has something against black women however we have noticed that there has not been ANY black models/actresses in any of his videos which to some people will think maybe he has got something against women of colour.

    You say your company and Taio actively promote racial integration and seek to break down the walls that ignorant people persist on building, ok so then the question remains where are the women of colour, and why are all the leading actresses/models been white????.

    Let me tell you this from now, this is just the tip of the iceberg because if you have any plans to break Taio to the US market and service the same videos to the Music TV channels over there…..may god be with you as you will receive exactly the same questions plus a whole lot more being asked regarding the lack of black models and women of colour from some parts of the US media and at Taio when he does his promo trip over there.

    P.s I know for a FACT that BET will not play Taios videos as they all don’t feature any women of colour and you will be forced to spend thousands of dollars on making another video for the US market.

    So, if only you featured women of colour then you would have saved yourself thousands of dollars. 😦

  10. That makes no sense. Did his publicist write that? LOL!!!!! They still did not answer the question. Actions speak louder than words. Let’s lay in wait until his next video and see what happens. He is the UK Equivalent of Yung Berg in my book. Seems to have a thing against dark butts. Obvious. LMAO

  11. Well, Ive been reading this blog never commenting much, but have to say that sometimes this blog does get a little pro black, and although the statement seems a little angry, i do partly agree.

    Why cant you forget about black and white, stop creating issues when there really is no intention to discriminate. Do you complain, or ever even notice the lack of white girls in rap/dancehall videos, of course you don’t. What about events such as black only X Factor, Black Miss Uk. The list goes on as i am sure your more than aware.

    As for Tiao, maybe he just likes white girls, i know plenty of white men that like black girls and vice-versa its not discriminatory or racist in anyway. Its personal choice and we are all free to make it.

    Just my two cents.

  12. I hear that Adaobi, mine If I nick some of ya popcorn, I’ll give u some of my drink…..

    slurp, lol!

  13. I think I will take the honour here…
    @ Casey

    What EXACTLY is pro black and what does it mean for those who are not?

    I can tell you, but I am intrigued to understand the way you have used the term ‘pro black’ contextually to be deemed as some right-wing black agenda that wishes to exterminate an entire population of people who do not ‘fit’ this spreaded nose, big lipped, afro headed quota…..

    I’ll take you out of your misery actually and let you know that ‘pro black’ is just an attitude of taking pride in yourself as a black person and not feeling adequate by a race of say, ‘pro white’ people who historically have had a way of taking things a tad further then a power fist with the odd holocaust, segregative governance and National Front Resistance. I can see why the term could put the heeby jeebies on you iif it were the equivalent-ok hon?

    Just to let you know that R&B, hiphoop, funk, soul, dancehall and reggae is BLACK MUSIC made(maybe not manufactured anymore) by mainly BLACK PEOPLE, Don’t intellectualise it, its very very simple.

    If you were working to promote holidaying to Barbados would you feature the indigenous population in the promo or just have cutaways fo white folk enjoying themsleves with no black folk- oh wait, they’ve already done that..

    How about, show a best of R&B compilation of over 100 songs but only show white artists who make up 0.6 % of the comp-oh wait, that’s already been done…

    Do you know what forget it, it makes absolute racially integrated sense to not include one race of people in anything that they dominate figuratively just by pure matter of fact it’s progressive and will heal the world and make it a better place.

  14. Considering how Barack Obama is such an inspiration to Rokstarr Music London, maybe they’ll take Barack’s lead and cast a dark-skinned black woman as Tao’s leading lady. Barack chose Michelle as his wife and STILL managed to be successful. Black women are an asset, not a hindrance!

  15. I remember some time ago on a post, can’t remember what one, but anywho, TY said reclaimin’ is the truth!

    I’m seconding that right NOW!

  16. third fourth and fifth!! reclaim just cuts to the bone…
    pro black please!!.. anytime black folks speak up against something we black panthers.. !! rubbish!!

  17. i love Barak got a shout out..but lets be clear, you said what theaverage black woman THINKS everytime his track is played. I have had this discusion wih my partner and friends a while back so why they dont think we dont communicate about how black women are represented in the industry is beyond me. They were found out!!!
    He doesnt have black women in his video – standard! HE IS part of fast grown trend of creating an imgae – which has yet to include beautiful black women – standard truth. No one is telling lies on the man, we seen it and have just right to say hang on a minute. Craig was the same and that ish you cyant run with in the U.S. – let them go oh my gosh now, who us?? …. its so blatant and obvious that it leaves a nasty after taste

  18. you’re all racist, the lot of ya. how dare you question the norm, what the hell were you thinking. Janice you disgust me with your pro black propaganda.

  19. its like they cant win …
    if they put a black girl in their video then maybe ( in their eyes) they will lose the confidence of the audience .. that they are trying to reach who already have a subconcsiuos uncomfort with black faces…
    everybody doing it…
    even the mainstream wiley video’s have this same approach
    all to ease the conscience of the English mainstream audience who seem to need to see themselves only in these videos to feel safe about liking the music….

    what have we become!

    personallly i have never been comfortable with backing up this need or notion from mainstream middle England… but i see as time goes by and as more people like mr cruz subscribe to this idiom…
    we are walking backwards to walk forward…
    goood luck to them!!! may there mortagages be paid abundantly…
    i hope someone has tthe bottle to challenge this ridicoulousness.. cos its cancerous!!!

  20. So far. I think, I’m the only one who has had the balls to challenge this foolishness openly, cos I’m “millitant” like that lol.

    Perhaps in his next video Taio will surprise us all and feature Alek Wek as his love interest.

    ALEK WEK is not an appropriate answer to whats been missing in certains peoples videos of late..
    i actually think alek wek is far out of the league for what should be available to taio cruz…
    rachel ritfeld could have been a goood example.. i hav’nt seen a more stunning girl in any of his video’s to match her…
    alek isnt really a video model to be fair!

  22. I was being sarcastic/joking. They wouldn’t dare ask her, featuring her would be far too “extreme”. What would Middle England think???. And yes of course she’s too high up the food chain to appear in a Taio Cruz video.

    Alek Wek has appeared in music videos before (most notably a Busta Rhymes video).

  23. Reclaimin: WoW! You could not have put it more eloquently for the ROCKKNOT label. Clearly this missive was written by either a person NOT of colour or a person who is trying to DILUTE their colour. Ouch!!!! They wanted militant, right?? Take that!

    But seriously now. I read this with much interest and whether the label are prepared to discuss this intelligently or not, the fact still remains: You break down significant barriers by leveling the playing field. So with that; where are the women of the darker hue?? ROCKKNOT, you are not breaking down any barriers with your obvious worry of using a black woman of ANY hue in your Taio Cruz video’s. Au contraire, the way you have reacted as a label makes you appear a tad panic-stricken just by the thought of it really – and why??

    As A. rightly pointed out: How are you going to use quotes from a solid Jedi like Barack Obama when the truth is you haven’t even grasped the basics OR benefits of his set-up yet! The phenomenon which is Barack Obama is actually something you are going to need to bit of a reality jog to catch up to. It is wayyyy over your head, and you appear to be a little giddy from the run. You don’t and couldn’t possibly GET what has happened yet, because you are using his words in the wrong context – so please refrain from using his rhetoric until you truly GET it! May I also add that, you as a record label are looking real goofy, right now. Did you know that??

    Taio may have some skills in some department, but a Stevie Wonder he is not. Fall back and sit down……….LMFAO!

  24. PS. I call the label ROCKKNOT because their priorities are mad twisted in the game!! Konnichiha Bitches!!!!! lol!

  25. Sometimes i read what people write about race and all that crap about people and wonder where their heads are. I think everyone by now knows from past history and experiences that once one is a minority anywhere in the world and they are successful, they will always be under the microscope and people are always trying to understand them and work out under what formula they operate. So you find all sorts of crap written but once the minority prove their worth, it stops and then the tables get turned. Minority people always have to work ten times harder and take a lot of crap before they earn respect and recognition. I would like to know what race the blog owner is and may be it will help me to put things in perspective. I love Taio Cruz and his music and the fact that he works his butt off to be successful. Good luck Taio. You don’t owe this man or woman any explanation. Your work speaks for it self.

  26. give up what? Its a reality? You cannot ignore the impact of history and people’s experiences. It’s staring at you and i don’t think there’s much you can do about it. And any minority group ie gay, white, black asians, fat, ginger or whatever, go through similar situations and it’s not until you get yourself in a power position that you turn the tables. Do not just look at the surface of issues and conclude without digging a bit deeper and looking at what the reality is around you. TRy and put your heads out of the sand. Even people who have made it and are very successful still face similar problems so, picking on Taio will not solve your problems. Pick on the producers and lets see how far you can get.

  27. Personally i think britain and america are at different levels. And i think even in america at one point in time had similar situations. Any one with abit of research can enlighten us but i have watched music videos and movies where i would have made the exact same comment whether black or white or asian videos. Funny enough i was watching a Goerge Micheal video and he had only black back up singers and also watching beyonce with only females most of the time on stage and prince whose concert i watched and i swear to God i did not see any other race apart from blacks. The only reason these poeple never get questioned is because they have worked so hard and earned every respect and the right to do whatever they can and not be criticised. Mind you, there were so many white and asian fans at Prince’s concert and never heard any one mourn about the black crew he heard but all were hyped about his music and performance. Isn’t that good enough? A good performance? Give Taio a break.

  28. LOL!!!!!! That was not an adequate response, when in doubt, quole Obama and get defensive.

    I’m sorry Lati, but as a Nigerian myself, i don’t really think it’s too much to expect a half nigerian man to feature some african women sometimes. I cannot watch his videos he obviously isn’t looking for my money.

    He’s hollering at my friends Louise & Emma.

  29. I noticed for awhile that Taio Cruz only used white women in his videos; I thought it was a bit odd at first but he has great music so I kind of dismissed it at the time. Then I started thinking if a white guy only used black women in his videos people would notice but probably wouldn’t complain at the risk of being labeled racist.
    It’s not racist to acknowledge the obvious, different races together and there is nothing wrong with it. I do however believe that any race would find it straight if an artist didn’t feature a love interest of the same race e.g. an Asian male artist and an Asian girl! Unless it was their real life partner in the videos!!

    I think that it’s his personal preference, however the record label shouldn’t come out with such nonsense “Taio and his company Rokstarr, actively promote racial intergration”, If that were true then women of different races would be used in his videos.
    Perhaps the women used so far were the prettiest women that auditioned on the day?! I’ve seen MTV- making the video and I do believe that an artist has some control over the featured love interest, so I don’t accept that he just takes what the label throw at him.

    Another thing, in response to Lati: Artist having all black backup people is completely different; they contribute to the final song, which is just about talent (e.g. backing vocalist, drummer and anything else). The same happens with lots of white artist, and nobody cares. This is about LOVE INTEREST, and in this case it matters!!
    Also being gay isn’t the same as someone’s race or gender; sexuality isn’t obvious unless you state it!!!

  30. I’m sorry but this is ridiculous. Taio Cruz is trying to promote racial harmony by not having any black women in his videos? Give me a break!

    @ Lati, Taio Cruz has a choice in what women he wants in his video. He has actively chosen not to have black women in his video. I hope to God you’re not a black woman because he certainly doesn’t think as highly about you as you do about him. Everyone has the right to do whatever they can to change things. Taio Cruz may not be a big star right now (and I doubt he ever will be), but trampling on black women on his way up there is inexcusable.

    I actually didn’t like Taio Cruz from the start but now I think he’s a complete WASTEMAN! I will never, ever, ever, in a month of Sundays buy his music or support him in any way. If black women aren’t good enough to be in his videos then they arent good enough to buy his music either IMO. And now he’s threatening to not put black women in his future videos if too many people complain about it! Who does he think he is!? Not really a loss is it! I wouldn’t be in his video if he was shooting his video, was set on fire, needed putting out, and I was a firewoman.

  31. taoi is a fucking fool. he is black and will always be black. i know white guys who love and marry black girls but yet u wil never hear them open up their mouths and say something like oh i will never date awhite girl. they are too smart for that, because even though they like other races, they still respect them selves so they wont insult their own race. to hell with this bastard. What annoys me is that the girls in his videos arent even that cute. but isnt that typical. black man dates ugly white girl. that just goes to show how low his self esteem is. God made u black for a reason always remember that. if he wanted u white u would be white but your not. if you have any female siblings or black aunties or cousins they should be very ashamed. you are indirectly telling them that they arent good enough.

  32. I hate when people claim o be colorblind and NEVER give opportunity to their own race. Clearly one still sees color. For that statement to be true, he would equally showcastr love for black, white, Asian, Latin, Indian, and every other woman. The fact that he discriminate against women of his own race proves he is not as color blind as he desperate what to believe.

  33. All proud black men and black women should not support this male.
    Let white women support him since he loves them so much.

  34. WOW!!! This seriously makes me sick. It is sad when black women cannot even be supported by their own!!!! Do you see any white singers using solely black women in their music videos? What a pig. Let him have his white women.

  35. yeah right black women are quick to judge a black man dating a white woman or black men that love white women.Yet you fail to realise that it is black thing and women are guilty of it especially in Uk lots of black women look down on black men and prefer white men.A black woman can date an unemployed white man but she will never even look at an unemployed black man twice.There is inferiority complex in the black race and i personally dont blame him and other black male celebrities that embrace white women, you need to know it is some sort of revenge and i tell you lots of black men who are not successful will do the same if they had the chance.Black women stop threating black men like is affecting us psychologically WORD!!!.

  36. well lets just say he is not gonna make big here in the states…with that kind of attitudeee!!……

  37. To start off he is not attractive at all, he has a butter face and lacks masculinity, no one has ever heard of him until now…and I strongly believe this is just another one hit wonder (he will be forgotten about before the year ends)
    I guarantee this is how his parents brought him up..smh self hate is a monster.
    I read about this on Taio said that he would never incorporate a black woman in his music videos even if she was “hot”. What exactly does that mean? There are many attractive black women out there, he is a shallow insecure, boy he is not a man. No man would make a statement like that unless he is lacking something down there (get the hint). He is a modern MLK come on lets be serious MLK was married to a black woman and he highly embarrassed his Afro-American lifestyle. He was not attempting to hide it nor did you see him with white woman when he was giving speeches, the same can be said for President Obama his black wife is always with him. In my opinion I believe Taio is a insecure punk who hates black woman because he is not a real man to receive one of us. I would not be surprised if he starts bleaching his self…to get more white women in his music videos. Self hate is a monster. Exhibit A. Lil Kim Exhibit B. Sammy Sosa Exhibit C. Michael Jackson

  38. Funny that I found this blog post 3 yrs later. It is now 2011, and Taio is now over here in the States. Yes, Black Women have asked the same question. Yes, black women have also blogged about it. And Yes, they have given Taio the side eye. Lol

  39. First off I respect Taio for his talent he has a good voice it would be nice to leave it at that but..

    I noticed that Taio’s latest video Higher origninally featured Kylie Minogue as the leading lady but she has been replaced with Travie McCoy.

    The funny thing is I actually preferred the Kylie version and it was a really nice video and appeared for to be genuinely pro-integration.

    I cant help but think that since Taio is now appealing to the US crowd he has no choice in selecting somenone who is current but also Ethnic as a lead so he can include the huge black male and female audience and minority white female audience who will be buying his records in the states I guess Travie McCoy is a fair choice in this respect.

    But does this now also contradict the fact that Taio’s record label do not choose white female leads just so they can include the target audience. If it was 2011 and black and white was just the name of a colour and the target audience had nothing to do with it than surely they would have kept Kylie Minogue as a female lead in this video after all Kylie has sold over 90million records to date and must appeal to a white female and a black female audience (lol).

    Lets face reality that white women are no where near as attracted to black men in the states as they are in the U.K. We just aint so unique over there so Mr Taio Cruz best get used to being anova brotha in the states and get in the que lol.

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