Giggs – The BET UK Award winner has lashed out at the UK industry by releasing a you tube video naming the industry executives in the European market he believes are trying to stop his career from growing.
MTV Base and The BBC’s 1Xtra supremo controllers have been named, as Giggs warns even though they are “Black Balling” him, he will not be stopped.
‘The Last Straw’ was removed before the BET awards after it was raised as an issue that would disallow Giggs from winning award!

How can you have a BET award winner and not play his music on the Urban/Black mainstream channels and radio? Is this the reality of the UK music industry?? With the likes of Estelle having to leave the UK to come back to be acknowledged, does this mean that all UK artists will have to do the same??

[Many thanks to Andrew Smith]

I cannot for the life of me figure out why the BBC, MTV and black UK radio refuse to support Giggs

What with him winning a BET Award and all …. its an absolute travesty! 

Your thoughts please……

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  1. as much as i dont rate i think if people really want to hear him he should be played on 1xtra or Base. but i think they filled their uk acts quota for the year, maybe next year?

  2. the whole world sees u all as clowns…..the idea of rating this is even giving some form of credence to this vid…one day u shall all wake out of ur bizarre matrix..sleep tight.x

  3. welcome to the land of milk and honey!!
    personallly i think …. ahhh what does it matter what i think.. sleep tight…
    back to making music for me!!!

  4. Janice you know what lol

    as much as i dont get his appeal people seem to like him, and hey even if radio and TV are not playing him at least Westwood is a fan 😛

  5. No, I really do agree with you. I guess that I now acknowledge the fact that for some reason the youth seem to rate him. He has a fan base, they want to hear his music, so radio stations/music video channels should take that in to account and play a few of his tracks.
    It’s only fair.

    I tell you what did made me laugh out loud his jab at MTV Base executive Jasmine “I spend ALL my Christmas holidays with Mariah in Aspen” Dotiwala.

    ‘Jasmine you silly little fat cow’

    I will actually give Giggs the thumbs up for that line. Lol!!!

  6. I have been playing his album in the car….at time’s the vibe reminds me of Biggie (the beats especially)
    I can’t listen to the whole album too long though because his voice gives me the heebeejeebies.
    I am surprised 1Xtra aren’t playing him? For sure he is lyrically talented.
    “You Raised Me” is the album highlight. Showing his softer side with a tribute to his Mamma.

  7. lol at the jasmine slating going on. last time i saw her she did look like she put on weight in the way pregnant women put on weight, that was over a year ago so i dont know what she looks like now.

    and lol at her being annoying, i didnt know she was in charge of base now say what you like but she’s hustlin hard. i remember when she was one of teh presenters on The Word.

  8. You’re right she is hustlin hard. She’s come a long way.

    I remember when she just used to be a dancer on The Word. Now she’s top dog over at MTV Base and can call Mariah one of her bestest friends in the world.

    No, but she has done really well for herself.

  9. giggs has bin around 4 tyme only recently ppl strtd 2 pick up on him.. he ws so gud he won BET awards.. like it or not. Fair enuff hes done da “bad stuff” and nt all of his lyrics are in peoples best interest.. but who the fuck cares?
    stop black ballin him n let him show wt uk artist are made of since no one else can..


  10. giggs is REAL! yeah the shit he raps about isnt angelic, oh well, the peeps that r dissin him, dont listen to him then! he aint tryin to be no role model 4 nobody! he isnt beatin around no bush with his lyrics hes just sayin it how it is, thats whats goin on in his life so y not rap about it!! JEEZ! LOL! XX

  11. giggs is the best hip hop artist todate it is pafectic that mtv and the bbc wont play his tracks if they stupid twats actully took into account how big giggs is in the ends and if they really wanted to make p then they would back giggs all the way becase fam this is only the begging for giggs he is gonna hit it big time dnt watch this bless Hattle aka stamina

  12. ‘giggs is the best hip hop artist todate ‘ – i ain’t even gona comment on dis statement. other than, r u serious…giggs ain’t gona make it big unless he switches 2 a positive sound (& also improves his flow drastically), and by the way, how many ppl do u think live in london endz? he needs more of the population 2 gain popularity don’t b narrow minded jus cos ur a fan of dis swag pecknarm wastepunk

  13. I understand y radio stations a tv arnt playing him its not cos they dont want to there just scared ov ppls reactions as most ov giggs lyrics is glamorisin gun crime or demining to women. 1xtra defenently cant play him since it is part ov the bbc and wiv ofcom on there back it is difficult.
    some hw he can gt away with it in america as rappers can get away wiv it.

  14. wat bout tupac and biggie and 50 cent eminem arnt der lyrics demining to women dont dey or didnt ey spit volent lyrics but dey styl gt air tym even til dis day giggs do ur ting g i need 2 roll up 2 da sn1 shop styl my bredrin ws in ur video looks ard body bun dese haers dey get da lyrics emotionally ur mkin money at da end ov da day by doin sumfin u luv say nuttin xxxx keira xxxx….

  15. giggs hardest rapper to come out of london nuff said.
    he makes hit after hit he shud be on evry radio station , an channel

  16. Just read on wikipedia that he was jailed on rape charges. Could this have something to do with why the bbc are not playing his music?

  17. I love Giggs and i think if people really do love his music then you should play it on 1xtra or MTV Base. Their ain’t noting wrong with Giggs, so why not show how much we love him.
    I no Tim westwood will never stop playing his music because they are bedrins init and giggs lives in pecknarm just like me so me and Tim will support him all the way.

    Love you Giggs

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