UK singing sensation Taio Cruz is a very talented vocalist, song writer and musician. He is definitely doing his thing here in the UK and overseas. I respect the man’s hustle.

However I would like to ask Taio one question. What have you got against black women?

Taio has released a succession of music videos over the past three years and has NEVER cast a black actress/model to play his love interest. Not even the light skin sistah’s with light eyes and hair down to the centre of their backs get a look in.

Is this your own personal choice Taio or does your label encourage you to totally bypass the black chicks who turn up for auditions?

I just find it odd that a black male R&B singer would make all those music videos and not cast one black woman as his love interest.

I mean what is going on here…. where is the balance????

What is it Taio?  Do we scare you? Are we too aggressive? Do you deem us as not being attractive enough to appear in your music promos?  Are our noses too wide? lips too thick? Is our hair too coarse?

What is your beef with the black woman????

Enquiring minds want to know!

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  1. wow Janice, where did this come from?

    he’s not the first to do this, Craig David in his hey day never had a black love interest until he ‘broke’ america and had to re-shoot the videos with a sister.

    it’s just not the thing to do in the uk

  2. Yes I remember when Craig used to do that… Even back then I used to think what is going on here? But I didn’t have a blog then to vent. Lol. I think it broke Craig’s heart when he went to the US and they FORCED him to cast black actresses/models as his love interest.

    I’ve been meaning to ask Taio this question for sometime, but never got around to it.. Until now. Lol.

  3. Maybe his record company / management believe (wrongly) that having a sista in the video will harm record sales, so have taken a hard-nosed bottom line approach to maximise revenue and recoup their investment in these dire times – in other words if they believed having a pink poodle in every video would increase sales by x% they would do it. And Taio has no power or say in his own image / presentation and the video is someone elses ideal of what’s good, and he is dying inside every time he shoots a video…OK maybe not!

    I reckon it’s just a reflection of his personal preferences, the models in the vidoes being the type he would normally go for, and does not give it a second thought.

  4. I used to like Taio Cruz with that ‘Come On Girl’ song and him being half Nigerian and all that. Now I think he is a total prat. What a sad life he is living having the big wigs of his record company dictating his image for him which is resulting in him alienating Black women. What is going to happen when his career goes down the pan eh? The record company will drop him like a hot potatoe and move onto the next smuck. Poor Taio what a muppet.

  5. I hear that P, I think he’s a little suspect too, but won’t get on that bandwagon after just jumping off of Ne-yo’s!

    I was thinking the exclusion of black women in his videos may be down to the decision of his manager / label, and thats final, they belive he would appeal more to shall we say middle UK, sell more and have more success as a black artist in the UK / europe with white women playing his love interest in his video’s it sends the message that he is for them, therefore they will respond by supporting him with sells, buying tickets for his tours etc, etc…

    I mean how much sales and support does black artists like himself get in the UK from the Black community, sure we are down for them, but do we respond with our pockets??

    Just a thought!

  6. i think its a mixture between him and his management and label !
    he doesnt strike me as a down for the cause type….
    he’s here to make to make money not fight the power!!! so black people and their feelings dont seem to be a consideration!
    .. i call them rnb silky negroes…!!

  7. lol TY!
    Janice you always say what im thinking and cuss about in my own home…i went off Craig David for this same reason back in the day, I remember thinking he was bogus after the third video.
    Im loosing my patience with soft spoken Taio Cruz aswell….how is it still acceptable to conclude black women (from where he was birthed) harm his sales??? Its not cool and im glad you said it first!!!!

  8. I had to put it out there. And I will not rest until I get an answer lol!. Also this isn’t just about Taio this question goes out to all the other UK black male acts who run from casting black women in their videos.

  9. we are all waiting for an answer to that one for sure!!!!!

    its funny cos it goes the other way round with some pop acts always having black dancers in their video’s not quite the same.

  10. Are our noses too wide? Lips too thick? Is our hair too coarse? Maybe your describing yourself not every black woman has a wide nose, thick lips or coarse hair. I understand you use your blog as way of sharing your opinions but do they always have to be so negative?

  11. LOl, oh my days!!!!!! I have been wondering the same thing since his first video. It’s really starting to get very annoying.

  12. Maybe because he’s English and I hate to breat it to you but, proportionately, there are more white people in England…

    Why should he show a preference to black women? Wouldn’t you be MORE offended if he decided to cast what could be the only black woman at an audition, purely because they were black? I, as a white woman, could also beg the question of why so many black artists show such a strong preference to black women, yet I don’t see it as a problem.

    If I were you, I’d be asking myself why you seem to first see the skin tone of the woman in the video. First, these women are humans, second, they are female, third, they are no doubt talented performers… somewhere far further down their lists of attributes comes thier skin colour.

    Not everything comes down to a race issue, sometimes it just happens that way. I am no more attracted to asian men than any other race, yet of the three major relationships in my life, one is of Chinese origin, the other was Pakistani. Not once has it crossed my mind that maybe I have a preference for asian men.

    Despite living in a predominantly black area, I have never dated a black man. This is not because of their skin colour, or because I am not attracted to them, I just never have.

    I seem to have created my own rant. Of course, you could be completely right, if that is so, I’ll hold my hands up and admit I’m wrong. I hope you aren’t right. Purely because, if you are, the notion of excluding a talented woman from a massive career opportunity because of her skin colour, is vile. If you are right, I would be one of the first to condemn the decision.

  13. im a black man and shame on u taio u are a slave again it should be 70 black and 30 white. u prop have a white manager and label who trying to steal our identidy again and feeding you money for your soul….

    Come on bruv keep it real..

  14. I don’t see what the problem is. Why should he have to have a girl who is black simply because he is? So he has a bit of a thing for white girls. Cheryl Cole seems to prefere black boys and she has not been slated for disliking white men. And as for me, I really like asian boys 😉 There’s nothing wrong with that!

  15. at the end of the day if he turned around and said it was because most of england audience who buy his stuff are white females he would get slated for being a ‘sell out’ and forgetting his roots etc. if he said it was a media company decision he would get slated for being a pussy who lets someone else dictate what he does… if he says its coz he has a pref for white chicks… guess what? he gonna get slated by black chicks for not liking them.
    my tv is usually on music channel 24/7 coz i dont watch much else (programs are naff) and i have lost count of all the black artists i have seen who dont show white chicks in their vids…. i am a white male, i have no pref on women i like, black, white or “sky blue pink with yellow dots” if you pretty you pretty, skin colour dont matter… i think people will allways find a reason to pick fault…(me included/especially).
    i reckon the only thing you should judge him (or any other artist on) is their music. if you like it.. buy it, if not dont, if ya haven’t met or spoke with him you have no idea what he is about and judging him based soley on a vid, which was created for no reason other than to increase sales is kinda messed up. i have bought tunes created by black artists who dont show white chicks and will continue to do so purely because the track was rockin… screw the vid… listen to the song/rap… if it moves ya… buy it…. rant over… (sorry i let this get a little long… available in paperback soon… lol)

  16. Well, Taio you are as stupid as you look and I’m sure your family are proud and happy to know you, seeing how you just smacked them in the face! And you know what? You ain’t all that too so thank you very much!

    I look forward to hear the dude’s apology. I wonder which apology he is going to use:

    Apology 1)”It was a joke. I wanted to see if the people took it seriously,” or Apology 2) “I said a stupid thing and regret it. I respect and love black women. My mother is one. My grandmother is one and they are two beautiful women that I look up to….with more blah blah blah and the gag gag gag.”

    I hope sales drop because his song Break my heart is up there with Smack that! [b]Just as annoying![/b]

    You know what, Taio? Painfully to have heard you – later, d*ck!

  17. taio cruz is cool,a like him an i don’t think he’s that bad.he made a stupid comment thats all.his gay,he has STI,he use to stinks at school.thats not true an unfair.i think he’s cute

  18. Taio Cruz is basically just another run of the mill club artist with an annoying, engineered voice, uninspiring lyrics and tedious and uninteresting techno sounds to back it all up. Thankfully, he’ll most likely be forgotten in a year or so.

  19. Taio is just a disgrace to black ppl WORLDWIDE. In our house we switch the TV over when he comes on.

  20. Maybe he just likes white girls!! gosh it doesnt matter if its black or white people its just his opinion

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