The O2 Arena (Greenwich, London)

[shaking my head in disgust]

Via BBC News

One man was stabbed and two others have been injured during a music awards ceremony in south-east London.

The Urban Music Awards at the O2 arena in Greenwich had to be abandoned after an hour and a half when violence broke out.

The stabbed man in his late 20s is in a critical condition in hospital. Two other people have been treated in hospital for minor injuries.

Officers initially cleared the room, but the audience was allowed back in.

Andre Nevling, 24, said a woman sitting at his table was “covered” in blood.

“Obviously the guy who got stabbed must have run straight past her and she’s pretty shaken up,” he said.

Some people at the event said security was poor.

Natalie Williams, 32, said: “Before anything even happened I commented to my boyfriend, because we live nearby and come here a lot, and we usually get screened coming into the building. Tonight there was nothing.”

Chris Miller, who was reviewing the awards for an online music guide, said people were wandering into the press room without a pass.

“Even when we were waiting outside in the press area for stars to arrive, it was a melee,” he said.

“The security was so slack.”  Continue Reading…..

The O2 Arena has hosted hundreds of events since it’s opening and every one of those events has gone off without incident.

The Urban Music Awards host an event there and this happens!

But this event is always badly organised and never runs smoothly on the night, so none of this should come as a surprise. 

The UMA’s have been up and running for a number of years now, so am I wrong in thinking that the organisers should have learnt from past incidents and mistakes?

Now I am wondering…… which venue will want to host the UMA’s next year?

Don’t all rush at once!

Click here to read UMA media sponsor ITV Local’s report on last night’s madness!


CLICK HERE to read the full hilarious list of winners and an equally hilarious press release….. SMH……

Best Jazz:  ADELE – When did she become a Jazz artist??????

Lifetime Achievement Award: FINLEY QUAYE – Err didn’t this guy only have one hit album back in the late 90s thanks to the Hoxton media crowd? What has he released since then?????

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  1. This is beyond embarrassing. This is just tragic. Why go to an event to stab up the place? The fact that security was poor almost empowers those that carry out acts like this. That and the fact that they obviously have no respect not just for life, but for any ‘Black’ event. Those same set of people would never act like that at the Brits.

    From BBC News:
    “Estelle, Adele, Leona Lewis, Dizzee Rascal and Duffy were among the performers nominated for awards, but it is not yet known which celebrities were in attendance.”
    I reckon none of ’em.

    I guess ITV Local will not be screening this event then.

  2. I want to know why the security was poor. This was held at the Indigo O2 so what went wrong here? If security had been tight then all this could have been avoided. And why were people allowed to walk in and out of the press room with out passes…. I mean what were the organisers doing?

    As for the individuals who went there war – scum just scum!

    I don’t think any of those artists were in attendence either….

  3. What were they thinking with the security?

    The security is always really tight when I go to the 02. Getting searched on entry with airport scanners is standard! I even got searched a second time when I went to a club inside there once. What the hell happened here?

  4. i was there. o2 security was there
    and the security was enough usually these things don’t happen there,
    e.g. the nme awards were held with rock fans but nothing broke out

    There were police everywhere, however there was no crowd control.
    just men sitting on the floor in handcuffs with people standing around at them. Police or security should of cleared people away from outside the indigo.Baring in mind there were teenagers coming out from a gig at the same time -not very safe?
    I’m guessing the o2’s learning from there mistakes

  5. Man why does something like this always have to happen when black people are concerned? I thought it was time for a change, kmt!

    Are these awards shown on Flava yeah? @ ben.. you were there? It says Boy Better Know won an award, were they there to accept it? If not Im gonna give it a miss..

  6. The only Qualey song I know is “Dice”, thanks to The OC. Roll Deep still exist? Mica Paris, Outstanding Achievement Award 2008? As in for this 2008, In the year of Our Lord, 2008 AD? Maybe, I missed the memo.

  7. 2Man why does something like this always have to happen when black people are concerned? I thought it was time for a change, kmt! ”

    Rephrase “Man why does something like this always have to happen when cheesy R&B and hip hop fans are concerned?”

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