“J.Z. [sic] knows the truth, but he chose sides with evil in order to be accepted in the corporate world,” Prodigy writes. “J.Z. conceals the truth from the black community and the world and promotes the lifestyle of the beast instead.”

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Prodigy isn’t the first person to accuse Jay-Z of this……

Could it be true?

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    BUT hey!!!!! you just dont know do you!!
    theres always rooom to speculate!!

  2. speculate Ha! this is fact!

    but P has done alot to uplift the black community! don’t get me wrong I’m a mobb deep fan, but have suspected them of being involved with cults & secret societys for years, not so sure know with him coming out like this…?

    Ty, not sure if you have seen the stuff about Jay-z on youtube claiming him NAs & ‘Ye are into cults and satanism, there is some truth there, even though we can never say yes or no without concrete evidence, I pretty sure he wouldn’t be where he is now without his Secret society brothers.

    also explains the random awards and all that BS!

  3. also I looked into the guy P was taking about who is now behind bars ‘Dr York’ wow, if P is following this dude, he needs help, NOW!… what a mess.

  4. this ish is sick but i believe it what with all the hand signals and all. i love jay but cant be in denial…heard that kanye’s mom’s death was a sacrifice and even jay’s nephews…recall jay rapping in Lost Ones about how he felt like he caused his nephews’ death ? hmmm. and abt dr, york, don’t believe some of the shifty stuff you read on wikipedia, its often just bull…

  5. you are right about kayne west mother being a sacrafice. So are all the stars who are killed, and then covered up as a drug overdose such as michael jackson, aaliyah,left eye, tupac, biggie smalls and many more. It should be noted most of these stars, if not all, were killed on the 25th of each month! Remember, the illuminati is obsessed with ritual and numerology. It is all in movies and whatnot.

    The thing that people are leaving out is, Jay z is more than likely a MK ultra mind control victim. Just like most stars were, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Chris brown and just about any celebrity on the planet who receives any attention (airplay, sold out tours, tv appearances, awards, etc.)

    So in reality, Jay z is more of a victim of mind control. Please look up Fritz Mind control on the INternet to found out more about how the government mind control (trauma base) people as children, then determine what occupation they will take later in life.

    You will also see many stars doing the “devil horn sign”. THis is a true sign that the celebrity is a victim of mind control. Look into mind control, and you will be shocked. This will come to the light in the years to come. SOme people are waking up, as it shows in this post.

    More than likely, Mobb deep is also mind controlled, but at some point, he has broke his conditioning. When some stars break their mind control programming such as (britney spears, mariah carey), they have a mental breakdown. They will either be sent to “hospitals” to be re-programmed or thrown away to jails and mental hospitals.

    A good example of this would be what happened to tupac and biggie. Tupac was set up with that whole (rape) accusation so he could be sent to jail for re-programming. Programming involves anything trauma based, (electroshock, rape, torture, etc).

    Certain religions are also tied to this government mind control mess such as Jehovah witnesses..and who were JV? Hmmm let us see…Biggie Smalls to name one. They say Jehovah witness members and their children are often targeted for mind control experiments. IT should be noted Michael jackson use to be a jehovah witness who followed his mother katherine’s beliefs.

    I’m not for sure about Kayne west’s mind control, but I do know that most celebrities are mind controlled from birth (or the womb) and re-programmed and catholic schools, boarding schools, jails, churches and other secret places that seem harmless. Aaliyah, Diddy both went to roman catholic schools as most celebrities. This is not a coincidence.

    Some stars went to the same schools to be programmed. Busta ryhmes, jay z and a few others went to the same high school. This is not a coincendence.

    Pharrell and chad are also mind controlled. They met each other at a “gifted program” in viriginia. Virginia is a main attraction for mind control experiments.

    We have to pray for these victims, including Jay z and any other celebrity. Any time you see a person getting recognization on television, you have to shake your head, because more than likely, they have been through trauma and pain that we can’t even begin to imagine.

    If you are still clueless and have no idea what I am talking about, please look up (fritz mind control) for more info on this subject. Peace and love yall

  6. Jay z, beyonce I could believe this about, but not the late,great aaliyah. She seemed so pure and innocent.

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