I never thought that I would see the possibility of this happening in my life time. I never thought that he would actually get this far. It’s only just starting to sink in that in a couple of days time Barack Obama could be President.

I am excited and a little anxious …….

People are saying that he has already won the race to the White House, but lets not count our chickens before they’ve hatched folks.  There could be a huge upset on the horizon. The Americans might experience a moment of madness and at the very last minute vote McCain in to office.

If that happens then God help us all.  

No, I will celebrate once it’s been confirmed that Barack is President of the United States and photographed moving his furniture in to the White House.

The past 8 years have been absolutely HORRENDOUS thanks to the actions of Bush and his henchmen. I don’t think the world can stomach another incompetent, reckless, deceitful, dim wit war monger in the White House. 

Thank the Father up above that their reign of terror and propaganda is about to come to an end.

It’s good riddance to bad rubbish and time to welcome in positive change!

So to all my US readers. Get out there and VOTE!!!!!!! 

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  1. we shall see…

    Utimately the ‘right/pc’ vote is Obama- it makes sense on paper and to discuss at liberal dinner parties BUT the clincher will be those who behind closed doors will switch to Mccain because he is at least what they know. there’s security in that thought for many non-racist white americans…..

    I am in serious doubt that Obama will win but it will be very close.

  2. McCain is definitely not presidential material. However, the question is ..can Obama do the job in terms of merit rather than colour?

  3. Won’t be surprised if Obama DOESN’T win, would have a heartache if he does. People tend to forget that Gore & Kerry lost to that overgrown leprechun, the mutchkin ruled for 2 terms. Sometimes I wonder either the American public’s nuts or Yanky get 419 pass the one way dey Zimbabwe……Anyhoo, Janice, I was just thinking of Palin as VP, she’d make Cheney look like Christ.

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