Loyal reader The Real NV said something the other day that got me thinking. He said I should give UK rapper and BET Best UK Hip Hop winner Giggs “a chance”, after I posted a clip of him in the studio recording a track, and then promptly went on to slate the rapper.

After some thought I decided that perhaps I was being overly critical and not being fair to the South London based emcee.  NV was right, I needed to give the man a chance.

Us South Londoners should support each other.

So I went online and listened to several of his tracks (in their entirety this time) and the track ‘Ummm’ caught my attention.

Those who follow UK Hip Hop will have already seen this video/heard the track, but seeing as I only pledge allegiance to the US Hip Hop flag, this was my first introduction to ‘Ummm’. 

I’m guessing that this was the track that helped him win the BET Award….

I actually like the beat. But the rest…..(sigh…) I think I will refrain from tearing the video, the lyrics, his tone and entire flow a part.

But from one South Londoner to another, Giggs I wish you the best of luck!

At least he doesn’t spend his days standing outside Dixie Chicken idling….  

Now….. your thoughts please…….

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  1. BET must have watched this video with the sound down because i don’t know how on earth this atrociousness managed to win a blasted BET award!!

    I mean, come on now people, the man is chatting about parsnips and brukkin wind and sounds like a re-animated corpse!!!!!

    I just can’t……….

  2. First line ” Niggas wanna talk, like i’m past it ” …….

    Yep, foolishness ……. Nexxxxxxxxt!!!
    ( Kids trying to be bad, when they are NOT !!! )

  3. thats not all his saying lo… but what the line about the parsnip isn’t really douing it for Janice nah, hehe ….

  4. So, I was happily browsing cyber space checing my facecrack account, NIng, myspaces and all the rest of the schizzle we need to keep on top of and lo and behold a message from dearest Miss bourgie on myspace to check this out.


    You knew I would lose it didn’t ya!

    My word, THIS dude won something? I don’t care what it was- he actually achieved some kind of accolade.

    It’s shit shit shit…what else do you want me to say?
    These guys have got it sooooo hard man:

    The Dixie Chicken didn’t serve them the right portion of wings
    The Job Centre didn’t pay their benefit ditrectly into their bank account in time
    Outlets refuse to them serve them with their balaclavas and hoodies on-it’s racialist (yes, i meant to spell it that way)

    Actually, to be fair I didn’t even LISTEN to the lyrics so perhaps they were talking about current trends in the global economy and its implications in socio-political terms.

  5. @ Fr – i don’t know if i care…and I’m certainly not gonna rack my brains trying to understand what he’s tryng to say.

    It’s far too dark/negative and the youth don’t need this b–lcks to aspire to.

    Sorry to appear bit agressive on this , but I really can’t take the dark mcing about all the negative lifestyle that they live/don’t live, when the opportunities/tools that we have to achieve in a positive light are limitless.

    I’m not saying he has to mc about the flowers and trees but I don’t buy all this woe is me ghetto nonsense.

    I will never champion an artist like Giggs.

  6. helllo im a youth i love giggs, loads of my friends listen to him hes jus amazing if so many people like him then why get angry about it to be honest he seems like a respectful man, and he will make it.

  7. yes wat hes sayin aint right, but its true… he spent two years in prison for gun charges soo he aint fake like most american rappers AND how can u say his flow ent hot? u are jst haters who dont give people a chance, hes original, real and he wants to make a living out of rap and stop all the bad shit… soo stop hating him and support him ffs!

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