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Anyone watching this who isn’t that familiar with rap/Hip Hop and it’s artists, would think that Jay created an album so great that it changed the face of the genre and the entire world.

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  1. Not sure if it changed the world, well actually it didn’t did it, can’t bet around the bush, but as hip hop albums go, 96 was fine year for hip hop and that Album is one of the greatest hip hop albums ever!!!!!!, it can stand next to BIG’s Ready to die and hold it’s own!

  2. have you listen to janice no seriously! have you?…

    93-95… what was banging then i was coming out of my reggae vibe as a teen lol,… what was u listen to in tem days help me to see it, pls :0)

  3. Yes I have. It is a good album but I still don’t understand why people still fawn over it.

    Illmatic, Ready to die, 36 Chambers are true classics to me.

    During that period though I was actually heavily in to the West Coast then. Snoop, Dre, Pac, MC Eiht, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill.

  4. Ice cube and the lnch mob gorillas in the mist I can recite all them right now, damn, thats was hip hop!,…

    I guess we all have opinions, but that RD album, damn even now, I mean are you sure you really listen to it Janice??..lol

    well thinking about ready to die is in a league of it’s own, 36 chambers, and illmatic too, but I think there is a place in that hall of untouchable albums for RD, even busta’#s the Coming was dope, I think I’m gonna play them all again and see what I say after that!…

  5. Dj wasn’t into to him then, but then I did my homework and yeah he’s alright,

    perhaps we can continue the reasioning after we have listened to them again, I’m interested to see what I think of RD compared to Ready to die and illmatic right now!… like 12years on, you say NY’s most influencial artists…

    humm should be interesting!

    one thing we do know is going by second albums there is no contest at all!

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