O.J Simpson and co-defendant Clarence Stewart have been found guilty of all twelve charges stemming from a confrontation in a Las Vegas hotel room. He alleged he and his friends were only trying to recover his property from a former colleague. The charges included kidnapping, armed robbery, use of and assault with a deadly weapon, and could get him life in prison. The all-white three male, nine female jury deliberated 13 hours. He will be formally sentenced on December 5th.

They have been dying to lock OJ up since he was found not guilty (I actually believe that he was responsible for their deaths) of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman (RIP).

From the moment they selected an all white jury in this case it was over for OJ!

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  1. It would seam that the date October 3rd is a date that will stick in O.J’s mind forever. He was found not guilty October 3rd. 1995 for the murder of his wife and her friend Ron Goldman. Now let’s zoom ahead 13 years to the day October 3rd. 2008 and O.J is now found guilty for a crime that where no one was murdered nor harmed in any way and yet he will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison. Now do you think Browns & Goldman’s feel a sense of closure ? I’ll say one thing “Karma” is a very strong reason for being on the right side of the lord .

  2. He was found not guilty for the murder trial, back then I was happy for him

    Then he started to talk about writing a book if I had done it or what ever the tittle was, the man is a moron, there was a lack of consideration and respect for his children that woman was their mother. I drop the OJ fan card

    To put the icing on the cake he goes to that hotel room playing wild wild west

    O.J has been tempting faith for a long time, and it finaly ran out

  3. What did he think, He should have known that they was gonna get him if he even thought about slipping his black ass up again!… so what does he go and do…. Damn OJ, I thought you were the one who beat the crooked system, but nahh. u just a dumb as Nuggah! excuse me people and my language! SMH!

    another one bites the dusts,…

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