More than 1,500 riot police were attacked with missiles as they encircled 180 youths who planned violence at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Scenes turned nasty outside the Oval cricket ground in south London as the pre-emptive swoop took place and running street battles started. At least one police officer was reportedly left bloodied and injured.

Police had been tipped off that the group were planning to cause trouble.

Last night, officers wearing riot gear were also deployed to deal with a group that had been causing trouble in Ladbroke Grove for more than two hours, Scotland Yard said.

Chief Insp Jo Edwards said: “Whilst thousands of people came to join in with the fun and spectacle of carnival, once again the event ended with a small minority of people determined to fight and cause trouble.

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Click here to watch footage of riot.

You know what? The police should have beat the living daylights out of every single one of those low life savage beasts. They would have deserved it!

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  1. Beat the living daylights out of them, cheez, thats a bit harsh lol…

    but it’s a shame it did end this way.

  2. Their sole purpose for going to the Carnival was to cause fear and destruction, possibly to even commit murder.

    Dem dutty wild beats deseved to get a beating within an inch of their worthless lives!

  3. What the hell is wrong wid dem deh people?!!!!! What did they honestly feel they would achieve by conducting themselves like that?

    Do they really think the police aren’t able to deal with dyam fool headed pickney? That they themselves with their mob mentality are bigger and badder than a police force who have been handling carnival longer than they (the useless waste pickney) have been polluting our world with their very existence?

    They make me soooooooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. In an unfortunate turn of luck, my friends and I decided to cut out the crowds by walking up Portobello road to the end and cutting through the estate to Ladbroke Grove up near Sainburys.

    The effect was that we bypassed the Police cordon and emerged onto Ladbroke Grove slap band between the Police and the rioters, bottles raining down all around us. One whizzed past my ear and smashed on the ground two feet in front of me.

    Oddly, groups of rioters were shouting out post codes at each other. I distinctly heard “W12” and “W2” as I ran, probably literally, for my life towards Sainsburys. I would dearly love to have some video of myself running though, because I was dressed somewhat like Davide Niven in Around the World in 80 Days, top hat ‘n’ all.

    As we passed a row of cops, one of them stopped me and said “Dr Watson I presume”. It was quite surreal. In the middle of a riot, a cop is joking with me about my costume!


  5. “Oddly, groups of rioters were shouting out post codes at each other. I distinctly heard “W12″ and “W2″”

    How unbelievably WOTLESS!!!

    “As we passed a row of cops, one of them stopped me and said “Dr Watson I presume”. ”


  6. What a disgrace. These kids are big and bad now, cos they can flex in groups and carry on like numbskulls….., but what happens when they are a little older….. and it’s no longer cool to run around in gangs making twats of themselves.


    The end result is that these kids are scarily our future, who won’t have a clue what to do with themselves because when they should have been getting a decent education, when their minds were still fresh, they were too busy chasing nonsense on the street.

    The end results is young adults, who can’t read or write, or talk properly – other than that rubbish universal language they speak.( U GET ME BLAD ).

    The end result is a bunch of kids who because they came out of school too quick won’t even be able to conduct themselves in a basic job interview.

    The future is NOT bright with this lot at all. Interview them in 10yrs time and they’ll be telling you crap like ” Yeah I came out of school too quick, yeah I’ve been living on government peanuts for the longest time, yeah i can’t get a job cos i’m living in the ghetto”, etc etc and the bull shit list goes on.

    WHAT AN EMBARASSMENT !!! Yes Janice, beat the living daylights out of them yes , smuccccch….

    No doubt the ‘CANCEL CARNIVAL’ debate will start up, all because of a small minority of ignorant punks.

  7. Most definitely they will be, if only they could see the wake up call that will hit them and how tough it is to make something of yourself. The longer they bum around, the more they’ll be bums.

    The trouble is a lot of them think they are going to be mc’s, chatting shit on the mic, in an already saturated market. Perhaps they don’t realise that people like Lethal & Dizzy got to where they are through hard work and they are the lucky ones that got away and that their talent worked for them.

    I’ll give you a good example of how dumb some of these kids are… Recently in a restuarant, quite a young girl was attending to us as our waitress. When it came time to pay the bill, my sis said lets split it – you pay £27 on your card and I’ll pay the balance £30 in cash.

    The waitress looked at me like she was ‘bobo the clown’, she just could not get it. How to ad up a simpe transaction.

    I HAD TO EXPLAIN THAT WE WERE STILL PAYING THE BILL IN FULL, BUT JUST NOT 50/50. She just could not work it out…. annnnnnnnnd this is in they day of calculators etc. Can you imagine if we were still using the abacus lol !!! .

    Lorrrrrrrd we are doomed.

  8. its a pity the youth havN’t realised that the eastern europeans ALREADY HAVE THEIR SATURDAY JOBS.. AND SO AND SO FORTH!!!!

  9. still very harsh, but I do agree about the wake up call, I won’t make excuses for the behavior of our young people, but what purpose does beating the living daylights out of them serve at this point???

  10. @ Janice lol !!!

    Beat them, beat them yes, prevention is better than cure.
    There’s no deterrent thats why they misbehave, beat hem yes lol !!!.

  11. This is to all you easilly manipulated sheep that can’t see the big picture. For Decades, the police have been the aggressors. They probably beat the crap out of someone for smoking Marijuana or something like that. People dont just decide to start problems like this. It’s the anger of TRUE justice. If you see the video, you’ll see the Pigs took the person behind the wall and away from camara view. Im not surprised, but you all need to wake up and learn how to FUCKING SPELL!!! YOU’re the worthless shit thats conformed to the Entertainment and lies the News Bullshits into your homes. YOU make me Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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