I just learned today that Hip Hop pioneer Doug E. Fresh (real name Douglas E. Davis) is a Scientologist.

How and when did they get to him???

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  1. he has been for years….
    and he has flourished whilst being there.. business wise
    my mate is a scientologist and she told me this years ago…

  2. …do they flourish spiritually?

    Enough has been written about the organisation itself (the majority of which is negative), but why do people join?

    No disrespect to your friend Ty, but it seems to me that a lot of people (especially ‘celebrities’) only become scientologists to become materially successful or to further their careers. Seems like it has worked for Doug.

    And if I’m being honest, I was always pleased to see Doug still working high profile gigs, when so many of the Old Skool have disappeared. Seems like there may have been other forces at work!

  3. I love you Janice…and this is why I’m sharing this…gotta look out for my journalist, blogger superstar…

    learnt? you get a pass for that….we all know you meant learned. 😉

    i don’t like religion, btw. so i don’t really know what to say about that.

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