Not content with being an actor, Terrence Howard has now decided to try his hand at singing.

The debut single ‘Sanctuary’, is taken from his soon to be released album ‘Shine Through It’, which drops on September 2nd.

[Thanks for link Nessa]

Terrence has discussed his music and up and coming album in various interviews, and just came off as actually sounding quite shallow. I get the distinct impression that he thinks his music will change the world.

Yeah we’ll see…..

Any way your thoughts please……

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  1. he sang the first word and….it was over for me…

    the video looks like a really bad Seal video from the early 90’s.

  2. ((cracking up @ Mishal Moore))

    Seal might well have been the inspiration for the video, Terrence directed it himself..

    He so multi talented!

    What will be coming next from his arsenal of skills i wonder?

    Terrences ultimate work out video?
    Terrences clothing line – “Casket Sharp”

  3. Uhm…… how is it possible that sombody signed this guy? I have more talent in my lil’ pinky toe!!!


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