Well Brandy has been away from the music scene, for it seems an eternity, but is now back with the new single ‘Right Here (Departed)’ produced by Rodney Jerkins and lifted from her fifth studio album.


Does Brandy still have a place in today’s fickle music scene? Will she be able to compete with the Cassie’s (LOL!!!), the Rhianna’s and the Beyonce’s?

Your thoughts please?

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  1. I sure hope so, as long as she keeps it real to herself, and doesn’t try to be miss sexy – ‘I’m goona use my sex appeal to sale records’ she’ll be up there, after all there must be a balance right?

  2. Does Brandy really need a vocoder on her vocals? It’s like she’s dumbed down her sound to sound like a girl who can’t sing being touched up with pop production…what’s the point?

  3. If we Support and believe in an Artist the industry cant just get rid of them especially a songstress like Brandy she is one of the Pioneers of New Aged R&B and queen of 90’s R&B (Sorry Monica fans i love her to but really) Brandy, Monica and Deborah Cox are releasing albums and if we support them who knows maybe they can make R&B go into a 180 and bring back the music we love….Vote fro them on the count down and when it comes award time again, actually buy their music (online) and CD”s Give them good revues and maybe we can all enjoy a better quality of Rhythm and Blues

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