The Second Annual Rick Ross Be Out Day was interrupted by gunfire today (August 6), AllHipHop.com has learned. The annual event took place in Carol City Park and offered the local community a day of food, and fun sponsored by Rick Ross himself. The event went off without a hitch, until Ross took the stage and that’s gunfire erupted. “He was giving back to the community when this happened,” a source on the scene told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive statement. “Rick and the whole Poe Boy team got on stage and that’s when someone in the crowd started shooting.” The shooting resulted in a number of people fleeing the area in fear of their lives, the witness added. Source

Could it have been an angry and betrayed fan firing shots at Rick? Did the correctional officer revelations prove too much for this fan?  

It wouldn’t surprise me if Rick and his team of PR goons were behind this incident.

It’s just all so convenient…….

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  1. While I’m all about putting a hot one in Rick Ross (and all niggers that extol ignorance–yes, NIGGERS, as this is what the classic definition is), this was NOT the proper venue.

    He was, apparently, giving back to the community, and should have been applauded for that, @ least. Not shot @, no matter how ridiculous his recent comments have been.

    Niggers versus niggers…someone should put them all in a bulletproof octagon strapped to the teeth and let them kill each other.

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