After gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience from within the dynamic world of entertainment, burgeoning entrepreneurs Kent Daobry (Kaydee) and Paul Savvides (DJ Funksy) decided to join forces in early 2007, and went on to co-found DS Music PR (a subsidiary of the DS Music Group), specializing in radio, digital, and online promotions.

North London based DS Music PR, offers innovative marketing and promotional strategies to its clientele within the music industry, and also aims to convey effective marketing strategies and promotional opportunities available in the marketplace.

Company co-founder Daobry explained, “At DS Music PR we feel the best way to reach the key tastemakers in the marketplace, apart from servicing them our music directly, is via local community radio and online.  With us in-charge of our clients radio PR and online campaigns, the DJs, listeners and online community will then be treated to the best new music out there”.

Daobry went on to add, “As well as providing DJ’s with our clients music, forthcoming show dates, online activity information, press releases and promotional imagery so they can then connect with the act, we also provide our clients with weekly reports, breaking down their airplay activity for each radio station across the United Kingdom.

So if you are a label hoping to generate strong support for your developing act or a one person operation looking to create a buzz, then rest assured that we will deliver!”

When asked about their future plans for this fledgling company co-owner Savvides disclosed, “We aim to bridge the gap between American and British artists who we know have a strong appreciation for each other. We are in many cases, the go between and link for international artists, writers and producers as we are active within the industry and represent music that we truly believe in. We know that real quality black music is apparent wherever you are across the world and we represent music that appeals to people who employ a ‘no-labels’ appreciation for music worldwide. We want to eradicate the assumption that in order to get your tracks recognized, then you must comply with the practice of a major record label. Independent labels cater more to the needs and creative freedom of the artist and DS Music PR as independent pluggers and PR appreciate and support this, knowing there is a need for the these artists to be heard and publicised. Quality music needs exposure no matter if an artist is on a major or independent label, or even if they are unsigned.

Our vision is to become one of the leading music business brands in the country.”

DS Music PR services include:
•    Radio PR – Targeting all local community and specialist radio presenters across the country
•    Club Promotion – Providing club DJs with the best new black music around.
•    New Media – Music websites, SNS sites, blogs, editorial sites, and mp3 blog sites

The Co-founders

Kent Daobry’s first big break in to the music industry happened eight years ago, when he worked as an intern for Sony BMG. Daobry gained experience working within the Marketing and Radio Promotions department, and then moved on to work for one of the UK’s leading music PR companies, Music House. Here, he gained valuable experience in Club and Radio promotions. 

This then set him up for his role as a Promotions Co-ordinator, working for West London based music PR company, The Playcentre, who specialised in the promotion of Hip Hop and R&B music. 

Funksy’s career has spanned almost ten years in the music industry. He started out as a Club DJ and has since become a known and respected radio personality and key figure in the representation of quality black music in the UK. He is a major link to many of the biggest singers, songwriters, and producers around the world, and his radio shows speak volumes about the quality control of music that DS Music PR maintain. As a result of his work over the years, Funksy has become a key Tastemaker for major and independent record labels and valued interviewer for some of the biggest stars in the world (J-lo, Chaka Khan, Jill Scott, Dwele, Akon, Lupe Fiasco, Mobb Deep, Louie Vega, Shaggy, Stephen Marley, The Game etc). Being on this end of the promotional spectrum and being a DJ who is being sent tracks and is made aware of various campaigns (whether successful or otherwise) has meant that more calculated decisions can be made when handling projects from clients of DS Music PR.  This, together with radio & Club promotions experience working at radio PR Company Soul2Streets, all contributes to the abundance of experience within DS Music Pr that helps create successful campaigns.

Contact Information:


Kent Daobry – Email: Tel: 07956 342 699
Paul Savvides – Email: Tel: 07958 009 299

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