Girl sprays man during water fight organised on Face Book

Man chases her


Then slaps her to the ground

Photographs: The London Paper

This is the shocking moment a water fight organised on the internet descended into chaos in Hyde Park.

A teenage girl was chased and knocked to the ground by a thug who she upset during the mass water fight arranged on Facebook.

The attack happened at around lunchtime yesterday near the Serpentine in front of horrified tourists.

It came just minutes after police warned the group about their boisterous behaviour because it was upsetting other park users.

An onlooker said: “The girl poured a drink over this bloke. She thought it was a game but he looked really angry.

“When he caught up with her he whacked her so hard she was lifted completely off her feet. It was shocking. He then stood over her, threatening her, until other people in the group pulled him away.”

Following the incident, tensions rose among the 300 people at the event and teenagers began running amok, leading to reports that some were armed with knives.  Continue Reading…..

Who was responsible for organising this foolishness? An event like this was bound to attract low life trouble makers!

Any way does anyone know the loser in the photograph that’s beating down a defenceless teenage girl?  I would love to hear his side of the story….(smh)

Why bother turning up to an event of this nature, if you hate the idea of getting wet? 

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  1. It as facebook Janice….

    Not good that she got flawed like that, but didn’t she get the memo about a ‘WATER FIGHT’, looks like she’s got a big bottle of Tizer in her hand.

    That stuffs a bitch to get out of your clothes !!!

  2. LMAO ok! Girlfriend had some Kool Aid in her bottle not water! I’d be pissed too! He had on a white shirt!

  3. I’m not condoning what he did, he obviously has anger management issues,……….

    but if you look closely you can clearly see she chucked the fizzy red stuff over his bright white t-shirt…. hence why his t-shirt is now a funny pink colour… To me it doesn’t even look like he’s involved in the staged water/tizer fight,……. he may have just been passing by…….oh dear !!!

  4. She went too far and he boxed her down….he should have never laid his hands on her, you can see the shock and vex on his face. Memo said water fight – it wasnt water!!!!!!

    Facebook events have ended badly before inc death so the issue is bad organisation, bad company and violence once again.

    If it was me in his shoes, i must protest – i’d a floored the chic out of instinct…but im a girl.

    ‘never hit a woman…you can shake the shit out of….but never ever hit em’ – Chris Rock

  5. It should have been TANGO, It would make a great advert. If I was that stupid twit of a teenager Id go about sorting my royalties out.
    Brilliant, I can just see it on main time advertising on TV

    AAnd Youve been TTAANNGGOO’d. and let that be a lesson to all of you hormonally charged teenagers who have an inability to adhere to instructions, some of us adults bite back.

  6. i’m not saying he should have hit her but she’s obviously a bit of a wanker for using cherryade i would have gone mad stick to the rules and nobody get’s hurt.

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