Laura Milne was brutally murdered by Stuart Jack

A man who boasted on a mobile phone video that he enjoyed murdering a teenager then cutting up and hiding her body has been jailed for life.

Stuart Jack, 22, smiled as he spoke of killing charity worker Laura Milne, 19, and mutilating her body in Aberdeen.

Jack admitted murdering Ms Milne at a Union Street flat last year. He was jailed for a minimum of 18 years.

Debbie Buchan, 19, received nine years and four months, and Leigh Mackinnon, 18, nine years, for attempted murder.

Jack also admitted attempting to defeat the ends of justice by trying to cut off Ms Milne’s head, legs and breast, cutting off her ear and hiding her body.

The mobile phone recording was previously played to the High Court in Edinburgh.

In the video, Buchan was seen putting Ms Milne’s face towards the camera and saying: “This is the new and improved Laura Milne.”

Jack replied: “Yes, she certainly is.”

Buchan asks: “Did you enjoy cutting her throat?”

Jack replied: “Aye.” Continue Reading…..

Britain really needs to consider reinstating the death penalty. 

Those animals don’t deserve the luxury of continuing to breathe air!

And why did the his two accomplices get off so easy. They should have also been sentenced to life imprisonment! What is that all about????

Rest In Peace Laura Milne.

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