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In the August issue of Spin Magazine D’Angelo’s former manager Dominique Trenier claims that the singer’s hugely popular video ‘Untitled’ (circa 2000) signalled the demise of his career.

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“We couldn’t get through one song before women would start to scream for him to take off something. It wasn’t about the music. All they wanted was for him to take off his clothes.”

The cat calls had an undeniable effect on D’Angelo. “He’d get angry and started breaking sh*t. The audience thinking, “f*ck your art, I wanna see your ass!” made him angry”.

For D’Angelo, who, as Trenier puts it, “isn’t a sexy dude” but a “real musician who wears glasses and plays video games,” the objectification appeared to do lasting damage. “I didn’t realize how vulnerable he was or how deep his issues ran. He’s cursed now with fretting over how much of his fan base is because of how he looked as opposed to his music. It took away his confidence, because he’s not convinced why any given fan is supporting him.”

“I feel really guilty, because that was never the intention” Trenier says. “Untitled wasn’t supposed to be his mission statement for Voodoo. I’m glad the video did what it did, but he and I were both disappointed because, to this day, in the general public’s memory, he’s the naked dude.” Read more here

Oh please! Get over yourself D’Angelo! Just get your arse back in the studio, fix up your self, lay off the drugs and release some new music! 

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    Blaming your demise/failures on women is weak and I don’t buy this for one minute. D Angelo was always smacking and licking hs lips, trying to look ultra sexy, way before this video came out….I didn’t see any strings behind his head then. What did he think the public reaction was going to be., beig such a fine brother.

    For the record, it was totally about the music for me, welllllll 90% of it, lol !!!. I’ll admit to losing imy head only once, when I saw him perform at Brixton. TOTAL GENIUS !!!

    Brotherman, just get well and hopefully back in the studio. Peace.

  2. I was hating in D when the video 1st came out. Damn him and his once well sculpted abdominals! My girl kept asking me to reenact the video b4 we would copulate…


    Anyway, D’Angelo’s music was blinding. He could sing very well and his production was fantastic. I think that he had a very strong fanbase before the video. Besides, most men would welcome (@ least I would/do!) such attention from women.

    Maybe he’s gay?


  3. I loved his music, but its the first time I saw his body, oh, err video. wow wow wow. He did say that he was an artist didnt he? Brilliance, sheer brilliance. And because I am a healthy person I will go and watch it all over again.

  4. I love D angelo’s music. I of course loved the Untitled video, but what woman didn’t. For me it has always been about his music. I can’t wait until he gives me something else to listen too. Get well and hope to hear something from you soon.

  5. How Lame.You can’t just fall apart over a few perverted women. There are fans who love you for your music (like me). Yea you looked super bomb in the video, but you are more then just a sexy body. So get over yourself, get it together, and make more music so I can add it to my iPod .

  6. OMG.
    i love his music
    yes he is so sexy not just for his body but his music
    is also what made him sexy as well.
    he needs to get his act together cause i would love to hear
    some more of his music.
    im listnig to “lady” by him right nowww.

  7. D’angelo your off the chain. Nobody does it like you, the style that you put into every note you play must be a blessing form God. Your music makes me a happy person.

  8. D’Angelo, come on now…your fans need your music baby, get ur s##t 2gether brother. Your music will never die for me, wheneva im chillin ‘The Best So Far’ album gets played every time. You were and still could be every woman fantasie. It was’nt enough that you could sing and play mulitiple instruments…you were Xtremly pleasing to one’s eyes ….There is always a downside to show business and fame…but u can try and rise above it. So get back into the zone baby and bring back the music.
    God Bless

  9. wow.. i misseed this post!!!
    welll…. i can see what he means.. but many a man would have liked the god given opportunity to actuallly have a career!!!

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