If only Rick had just come clean and admitted that at the age of 19 he was holding down a job as a prison correctional officer and earned an honest wage, then he might have been spared from all of this…

The jokes are coming thick and fast folks! The Internet is merciless. SMH… LOL!

Check out more pics over at RealTalkNY

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  1. absolutely brilliant….!!!
    he should roll with the punches and just laugh with it !!!
    it’s ggod to see this type of humour .. i hope he see’s the funny side

  2. Ty it’s highly unlikely.

    The guy built his whole career around once being a big time Miami drug kingpin who mingled with the biggest/baddest Columbian kingpins out there (note he probably did while escorting them to the yard and to their cells). His last two albums – that was all he talked about.

    His fans believed every word.

    It’s likely that his career is more or less done.

    And to make matters worse, he is still denying that he was a CO…..

  3. So, wait, we were actually expected, to really believe, that he was a major drug kingpin? I always thought it was understood that it was all just an alter ego for the sake of the music. What big time drug overlord in their right mind would give it all up and start rapping about their past criminal career?!

    He looks like a proper joke now though! NOBODY will take him seriously now.

  4. People believed he was the “truth” lol

    Those of us over the age of 21 and with sense know that most rappers exaggerate their pasts, but the young fans believe every word.

    Rick Ross took it to the next level though.

    I want to know what he did after he left that job two years later. At the age of 19 he was earning a pretty decent wage (25k) as a CO

    What did he do next?

  5. Ty is right, he should just laugh about it that’s the only way he can save what ever little respect is left. They more he denys the longer this goes on.

    Those images are hilarious. THANK F&^% iIT@S FRIDAY!!!

  6. LMAO! I don’t believe anything these rappers say. It’s all for entertainment purposes anyway. But you have the youngins that listen to this music and to them it’s the gospel truth. Shame….

  7. Man the way i see it the man getting money so he sould not give a f**k what yall got to say… The man got to be doing something right if he got niggahs hating M.O.E. s**ted money ova everything

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