“In a shocking blast at Barack Obama that was caught on tape, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, “I wanna cut his nuts out.”

He made the astonishingly vulgar remark as he accused the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee of giving moral lectures to African-Americans.

“See, Barack [has] been talking down to black people . . . I wanna cut his nuts out,” Jackson said.
His whispered comments – accompanied by his hand-miming a cutting motion – were picked up by a live mike before an interview on health care in Fox News Channel’s Chicago studio Sunday.

In an effort to blunt the controversy, Jackson apologized publicly at a news conference before the tape aired last night on Bill O’Reilly’s “The Factor” show on Fox News Channel.

“It was not a public speech or a declaration,” Jackson said at the news conference, although he admitted his language was “regretfully crude” and “hurtful.” (NY POST)

What is Jesse’s problem?  Why is he looking for ways to find fault with Barack? When has Barack ever talked down to black people?

Is Jesse just jealous because Barack has come this far and look’s set to become America’s first black president? Didn’t Jesse run for president once and fail miserably?

As far as I am concerned Jesse’s acting like a little bitch… I’m sorry he is!


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  1. Jesse is just mad, at least explain why you said it. I hate people who apologise when they get caught and go back on what they said. Explain yourself, what is it that Obama did that makes you want to cut off his balls cause it must be serious lol

  2. “Messy Jesse” needs to sit his hating ass down! He’s mad cause he thought he would be the first black president and it aint happen! Go take care of your child you had out of wedlock and shut the hell up!

  3. Lesson: Be careful what you say because you never know who is listening.

    From what I saw on TV, it sounded like someone was hatin’. All I can say is with friends like that who needs enemies.

  4. By that y’all can see how this hatin’ epidemy is bigger than we thought. PLAYA HATERS ARE EVERYWHERE, even in leading of black community. LESSON: to every supporter you got, there’s three or more playa haters praying on your downfall. Jealous @ss, playa hatin’ @ss Jesse. Damn. Hatin’ on Obama ’cause his hustle is tighter. That n!gg@ already got too many big problems to deal with, so Jesse please…. QUIT HATIN’ B!ATCH!!
    How in the f*ck you suck some balls when u want to cut it out? sh!!!t…

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