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“As an Artist, not a Rapper, we’re obligated to express our opinions on different topics that affect us in some way shape or form. This song is no different. With the help of D’angelo, I bring the soul and love back to the Motherland. Gotta love the culture.
Before I drop the link, I want it to be known that Leak #32 will be decided by the fans. Please submit a concept via video or email to and the best one will get translated thru music.



oooohhhh I like this, and its good heaing D’Angelo’s voice again.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. jan you do know this is just a d’angelo song from the last album
    with mickey rapping over the top…
    its a very nice song …
    but its not really a collaboration!!

  2. Is it? I didn’t know. I just received this email today and decided to post. I didn’t buy D’Angelo’s last album so this track is new to me.

    Mind you I did think to myself, has D’Angelo gone back in to the studio? because from what I’ve heard, he’s still heavy, on drugs, broke and no longer seems to want to make music.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. lol. Honestly I just wasn’t paying much attention to what he was doing back during that time. I was heavily in to Hip Hop. I liked Untitled but I didn’t think oooh I must get his album.

    I might have a listen now though.

  4. I miss D Angelo badly. He may have taken ages to put out an album, but it was always worth the wait. Hot Hot Hot. Absolute legend !!!.

    Very inspirational and fresh …. and they talk about Lil Wayne being a legend. He’s just lucky that people like D Angelo are on a break right now. Wishing D Ang a full recovery soon.

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