Killed at supermarket check out: Kevin Tripp

Kevin Tripp’s grieving partner Josephine (centre)

A woman is appearing in court charged with the murder of Kevin Tripp, the engineer who was attacked in a Sainsbury’s supermarket queue.

Antoinette Richardson’s, whose boyfriend Tony Virasami has already been remanded in custody over the killing, is appearing before magistrates in Sutton, south London.

Police believe 57-year-old Mr Tripp, who was attacked in front of horrified customers at the store in Merton, south west London, on Tuesday evening, was the victim of mistaken identity.

It is alleged that Richardson, 37, from Catford, south-east London, summoned Virasami to the store after she accused a youth of barging in front of her in the queue to pay.  Continue Reading…

Charged: 37 year old grandmother Antoinette Richardson

What the hell were they thinking????? 

So a youth jumped the queue – BIG DEAL! Yes it is annoying when things of that nature happen, but who in their right mind summonds their boyfriend to the store over something so trivial, and then encourages him to start beefing with the  individual who has jumped the queue????

It’s because of this stupid cow’s actions, why an innocent man is now dead!

This is just tragic!

Rest In Peace Kevin Tripp


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  1. “who in their right mind summonds their boyfriend to the store over something so trivial, and then encourages him to start beefing with the individual who has jumped the queue”

    Simple, the kind of pond life scum whose existence is actively encouraged by the powers that be these days – slime like this should be locked up for life, and at the very least banned from ever being allowed to breed.

    Mind you, look at the picture of the evil cow – she looks like just the kind of slime that would do something like that – one can almost visualise her on the phone to her boyfriend, screaming a stream of four letter obscenities and demanding of her boyfriend as to whether he’s going to let the person the attack was intended for to get away with their behaviour.

    If ever there was an advert for bringing back hanging, this couple are it.

  2. my name is adam,
    I want to clear a few thing’s up about the actual events on that tuesday night. I had gone to sainsbury’s with my 8 yr old step daughter to change up some pennie’s once i had done so i commenced to the cigarette kiosk to collect the total amount the pennies had added up to ( a mere £31.89 ) When i reached the kioskto collect my money i joined the que . a couple of moments later a woman jumped in front of me and i said what do think you are doing im in the que and you barged in .She then called me a little tramp , i replied by saying why the ‘fuck’ are you calling me a tramp ,She then said i wil get you arrested , i then said whatever do what you want i hav’ent done anything wrong … I then walked away . The cashier at the kiosk then sent me to the customer service desk . I then walked to the customer service desk with my step daughter and joined the que there to collect my money and whilst there someone ( kevin tripp ) joined the que behind me a few moment’s later i hear a commotion behind me i then turn around and see kevin tripp falling backwards and he’s head hit’s the floor with a THUD . the woman who i had had a disargreement with ‘shouts’ it was’nt him it was him and pointed her finger at me . I had an immediate reaction to run and so i ran towards the rear of sainsbury’s where a security guard ushered me towards the security room where i then waited untill the police arrived ………..

    well this has been written to make sure that anyone that is interested in the matter or who cares for MR.TRIPP
    I hope that everyone who reads this will understand that yes MR.TRIPP was an innocent party .

    But i do not understand why that woman (antionette richardson ) had to make such a big deal out of a disargreement over a que that she had jumped and WAS in the wrong for doing so ….

    Now the situation is an innocent man has died and left a family heartbroken . All because antionette richardson could not take the fact that she was in the wrong……

    I still just cant beleive that someone has died i am in shock …………

    MY name is Adam prendergast

    and i hope that in reading this
    you will understand that
    antionette richardson
    was to blame …….

    and not the ( teenage yob )
    i have been made out to be ….



    R . I . P

  3. @ tc, I tot I was d only 1 who noticed that.
    @ Adam, if ur really who u say u r (which I doubt, blame my pessimistic nature), if that’s how it really went down, that’s just plain sad.

  4. Having had the misfortune to know Tony Virasami I am better placed than most to tell he is 6ft 2 bully and will never be anything else!! Just the sort of man that would attack an innocent bystander!! No doubt hi on crack cocaine same as he has been for almost 15 years!!!! I hope he rots in Jail for the rest of his life!!!

  5. Show this bastards picture to the world. what a brave bloke he is. As for her like the man says ‘scum’

  6. My fullest sympathy goes out to Mr Tripps family for what happened and i hope that the judge throws away the key for both virisami and richardson. My hear too goes out to Mr prendagast, no matter what argument insued, she had enough of a gob on her to deal with it and let it go, how is mr prendergast suppose to feel knowing that this happened because he had an argument with her, also, he was very close to losing his life in front of a young child. I am sorry for him also.

    Whilst she is locked up in that cell, leaving behind her grandchildren, she will have plenty of time to think about the woman that is left partnerless and the child who is left father less all because she could not be patient enough to wait in the queue for her fags, my god was it all worth it? Sometimes guys, when faced with ignorant people, its best to walk away but unfortunatly there are those who just cannot let it go

    RIP Kevin Tripp and so sorry for Adam prendergast also

  7. I sooooo wish it was myself who was waiting to greet this ‘6ft 2 bully’!! It is so obvious that this vermin is a cowardly bully, because what he has done is go for the first easy looking prey, hence picking the ‘wrong man’!! I could bet my house that given a queue of 6’8 bruisers including Mr Tripp, he would have still either picked out Mr Tripp or just stood back shouting his mouth off. I HOPE it gets what it deserves, but I know it never will as what it deserves is to be kicked senseless and used for fire wood. As for her, well this is a very common senario these days with most women instigators getting away with it. Not this time, suffer Bitch!!
    RIP Mr Tripp and Best Wishes to your family.

  8. RICHARDSON you are a stinking, vain (and very ugly, yes really) scum troublemaker with a no-brain big bozo of a ‘partner’ makes me want to puke. A stinking grannie, I hate you and all your family you rotten old slag – and you will be old when you get out of prison. You useless dole sucking druggie. Give them life inside (min 15 yrs for gods sake), pity there’s no death penalty for both of them, perhaps an inmate will do away with them. THATS AN IDEA IF THERES ANY INMATES READING THIS – If they do get out then I suggest to the big moron-boy that firstly he gives her a good hiding and knocks her down dead and then he can go and hang himself quietly somewhere – neither of you will be missed.

  9. dear adam prendergest, I’m writing this to you as I can’t stop thinking about that poor innocent man who died. This must be such an experience for you. It is truly an example of good and evil in one place at the same time. One man just going about his daily life not hurting a fly and the others strutting round like they were the centre of attention. I don’t know you but I just want to say please be good and watch over those that care for you. It’s a hard world sometimes but it’s not all bad. From my own experiences it’s definitely not worth getting into any kind of stupid trouble, with friends, family or the law. Please take care of yourself, don’t get into things like stealing and hard drugs cos that’s what scum-shit like those two do – and you know it leads to misery. There’s loads to do in this world and you’re a young man just starting out in it.

  10. It’s plainly obvious from the picture of Richardson that she was a crack addict.

    It seems Tony Virasami was a regular crack user if not a dealer, and the extreme violence that accompanies the withdrawal symptoms of this drug is something that society appears to be ignoring.

    Were the judicial system to take blood samples from perpetrators of this type of senseless violent act, you would find an overwhelming proportion can be attributed to crack cocaine, or at the very least cocaine use.

    Harsher penalties for crack addicts who commit this type of offence – and indeed forced withdrawal whilst in prison as opposed to the blind-eye approach currently being taken by the prison service who know as well as anyone who has been in prison that there are more drugs available inside than out on the streets, may go some way to deter and to prevent these offences happening.

    In addition, those who are concerned with the supply of crack cocaine should face far harsher penalties, and should me made to undertake hard labour as part of their rehabilitation.

    Intense physical exercise would ensure that the drug user would be far too exhausted to carry out such appalling acts of violence.

    The justice system is toothless, far too much money can be made from the sale of these drugs, and the punishments are laughably lenient.

    All too often the judges have no idea whatsoever about the effect of these drugs.

    I would like to see a separate judicial body dealing with drug offences and taking factors into consideration that would not be even mentioned in a present court situation.

    I would also like to see addicts treated for their addictions forcibly – there are chemical solutions out there that prevent cocaine and crack from having any euphoric effect on the body, thereby removing the thrill of the drug and rendering it useless.

    By stocking up on such chemicals and using them for even the most casual of addicts, this country could save itself billions, not to mention the lives of young fathers such as Mr Tripp who suffer at the hands of not only violent crack-addled criminals but also at the hands of a government unwilling to address the problem properly.

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