A jury has found R. Kelly not guilty! The singer has been acquitted of all fourteen counts of child pornography.

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Kelly better fall to his knees tonight and thank God……

Your thoughts please….

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  2. hater want to hate
    lovers wannna love
    i just wannnn do none of the above
    i wanna piss on youu!!!!!!!
    i wannna piss on you !!!!
    how ironic!!!!

  3. I am absolutely disgusted.

    No f**king justice in this world.

    Apparently, even committing a crime on tape does not guarantee a conviction. Just ask the officers who beat the shit out of Rodney King way back when.

    I just want to punch something right now.

    But first, I am going to go hug my daughter and remind her of how precious and special and smart she is.

    Utterly disgusting.

  4. I just heard this news and totally disgusted. I want to throw the f##k up! I totally agree with everything Sundance said. This is a damn shame. I have never been so bothered by something as much as I am with this. It sucks!

  5. I mean, really…

    Not only did he f**k a 13 year old, but then he pissed on her.

    And filmed it.

    How can you be a fan?

    How can he be a free man?

    How can someone NOT take a gun to this cat’s cranium?

    F**k R. Kelly w/the long arm of the law.

    Oh wait—apparently, he wore a condom in the form of a high-priced legal team.


  6. R.ra!!!!! Yes!!!! FREE!!!!!
    The hell with all of you haters!
    R.ra!!!!! We go back like rocking chairs!!! Sit back! Lean back!! Relax!
    It’s on and poppin’ now!!!
    R.ra!!!!! Yes!!!! FREE!!!!!
    This is my people down bottom
    And my hustler’s on 22’s
    Single parent mothers in the hood
    That’s who I’m talking to
    I know its rough in the ghetto
    But let me walk with you
    Talk with you
    This is for the one’s that put you down
    And said you wouldn’t make it
    Still you held your ground
    And came up out that basement
    In the memory those that we’ve lost
    This is dedicated – We miss y’all !!!!!

    Man to man!! I love you R.ra!!!!
    Stay FREE my Brother!!!!
    May God bless and keep R. Kelly!!!!!

  7. I am glad to have a photo of this thief – Lisa Van Allen.
    She’s a thieving loser and she lost!
    She’s a lousy whore and an extortionist!
    F-Lisa Van Allen and everything she stands for!
    Love to R. Kelly – I can’t wait for the next and the next and the next album!!!! I have all of the previous releases and I will buy the next ones too.

    R. Kelly – Chicago’s own!!!!! The Pied-Piper of R&B!!!!!

  8. these guys above me are the reason i may never move to the states….
    i am ashamed!!!!
    you wannna big up r kelly for his achievements..?
    why dont you big up the police killers of sean bell for getting away with it also!!!!!
    DUMB ASS!!!

  9. R Kelly should be thanking God right now. Whether he’s really guilty or not, the jury had to come back with that verdict because the girl in question wouldn’t come forth. I wouldn’t have convicted him either. If she’s not too concerned about it or her parents, then it shouldn’t have ever gotten to this stage.

  10. @ Beta Carotene – I wonder if you would be so friggin happy and quick to big up pervert R.Kelly if he had pissed on your underage daughter, niece, cousin or sister.

    R.Kelly won’t learn, cos peverts never do. He’ll still be feeding his craving for young girls and he’ll still be singing about the hotel at 6am in the morning when he’s a ‘dirty’ old man….. FOOL.

    @ Beta Carotene, you are lost my friend.

  11. Can’t say I never saw this coming and the fact that the girl didn’t come forward says alot, perhaps she was paid off, and probably pretty well too, and even worse perhaps, see like being pissed on and thinks it was cool???

    I don’t even know what to make of this whole mess, I tired of it!

  12. Beta Carotene needs more vitamins in his/her diet.

    I don’t know how you can vouch for this man, regardless of how hot his music is.

    WAS, actually.

    Kelly USED to be an awesome entertainer, but lately, he’s just been
    talking over his tracks w/very little in the way of actual SINGING.
    Maybe a riff or two here or there, but nothing like 12Play or any of
    those classic jawns. “Step In The Name Of Love” and pretty much the
    whole Chocolate Factory album was the last I heard of the classic R.
    Kelly we all loved.

    I’ll vehemently admit to loving this cat’s sound back in the day w/a
    an absolute stentorian vigor. Heck, I couldn’t have gotten most of the
    pussy I got in college w/o Kelly’s help!!

    But once you engage in sex w/a little girl (I don’t know if you all
    saw the tape, but I did, and that girl was CLEARLY too young!) and
    then urinate on her? S**t, once you urinate on a grown ass woman, you
    done lost me.

    F**k R. Kelly w/1000 serrated double donged diseased dicks.

    By extension, f**k Michael Jackson and Beta Carotene too.

    Yeah, I said it!

  13. The Jurors Stated The Reason They Voted Not Guilty, Was
    Because The Main Alleged Victim (the girl) Was Not There
    To Say That She Was Or Was Not The Young Girl In The Video
    Tape With R. Kelly. People Spoke For Her, She Should Have
    Appeared In Court, So That The Jurors Could Have Seen Her
    Face And Decided For Themselves. They Knew R.Kelly Was
    The Man In The Video, They Could Not Be Sure If It Was Or
    Was Not The Young Alleged Victim In The Tape. I Can Respect
    Their Decision Why Can’t Others?

  14. @ Bree and anyone else living under a f**king rock…

    I can’t respect the decision because :

    A) R. Kelly had sex w/a 13 year old girl
    B) R. Kelly had sex w/a 13 year old girl then urinated on her
    C) R. Kelly had sex w/a 13 year old girl then urinated on her and videotaped it

    How on God’s Green Earth can you stand up for someone like this?

    Who gives a f**k if the girl was there or not? A technicality in my book. Granted, the law wins out in this case, but we know for a fact that the aforementioned A, B and C are 100% true.

    Unless you f**k and pee on prepubescent girls yourself…

  15. @Sundance – It’s obvious from some of the blog comments in support of R. Kelly and the amount of people that were outside the court to CHEER HIM ON !!!, … that the devil is walking the earth and having a good old laugh .

    The “LAW IS AN ASS”, and we all know that R.Kelly should be locked up right now. This is not the first and the only allegation, so why are people choosing to close their eyes. Just like MJ money talks. These perverts have to live in the dark with their own guilt.

    I agree with you 1000%, so easy bro. Just let the devil walk on.

  16. i like what bree said..
    ” i can respect their decision why cant others”……
    here the thing breee… 1 thing!!!!
    because if you have like i have and many others .. you WILL see clearly THAT IT IS R KELLLY.. pissing on somebody!!!!!
    so WHAT the girl didnt turn up or show up in court !!!
    HE PEEEING ON YOUNG GIRLS …… NOW can you respect that some more!!!

  17. America! the land of the Free if your moneys right! did anyone really think he was gonna be found guilty after the amount of times its been pushed forward and still Billboard charting. Its not fair but America is not fair and plays a dirty game period.

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