Spurred on by her WORTHLESS husband Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy and a friend sing a racist song …

Oh dear….. Amy, Amy, Amy…… (smh)

(*Note: Video is said to have been filmed some time in 2007)

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  1. im quite stunned by that. i would never have predicted something like that would come from her.

  2. hi Peva, i was surprised. someone being exposed as a racist hardly shockes me but i didnt expect it from her. I guess I got caught out lol

  3. Well, I’m not suprised at all by racist behaviour, but I am quite suprised at Amy being part of it, after all she has stolen music from blacks and now wants to rub it in our faces…tut tut Amy, I thought you of all people would know better, but this just shows how very lost you are….Get some help and ditch that Waste guy you call a husband you silly girl, can’t you see what he’s doing to you!

  4. Sad, but not surprising. I feel badly for these people. They are obviously wasting their lives.

  5. That is a shame. I wouldn’t expect that from her…I really respected her…It’s sad that this is what some do behind closed doors. She had such talent in her first album, “Frank,” and now she’s killing her voice, her reputation, but more importantly and worst off, herself.

  6. Amy is constantly HIGH on everything….EVERYTHING…does she even know what she’s doing? I don’t think so…plus it’s been clear from the start that her waste of oxygen FLAKE of a husband has head raped her to no end…I personally don’t believe Amy’s a racist. She’s a crackwhore, head warped by another crackwhore…i really think she has very little control or coherance over her thoughts and actions…

  7. She’s a CRACKHEAD.

    not only that but I find her WAY overrated. her music is just weak.

    afterall..all she does is shuffle around stage going “doobie doobie doo doo doo”

  8. Crack head biatttttttttch !!!

    She won’t be getting anymore of my hard earned cash.

    I’m not surprised !!!, nothing surprises me with these smack heads and what they do behind closed doors.

    smucccccccccch !!!

  9. right i think you all need to get a grip…yeah its shockin’ that she is being racist, but why the hell is it not just as bad that she also find humour in takin the piss outta people with disabilities in her song,as well as her being homophobic?!?!

    And also you people who have written that “you never expected this from her”, shes a f**kin Crackhead…is there really any level that can possibly be lower…let me think ummmm NO! So you should really expect no better from her tbh, so get a grip don’t support her in any way! So get away before she pulls you and all your children down into Crack-City, let her rot on her own man!


  10. i don’t think she’s racist. she sang a stupid little ditty.
    stop acting so shocked. i doubt it reflects some deep
    hatred of minorities and handicapped.


    How far does she have to go to be a racist. Is it so hard for you to believe because it’s precious Amy Winehouse.

    Racism does not always have to reflect some deep hatred of minorities . There are other definitions, such as ignorant and uneducated. I rest my case. Tcchh.

  12. durrr if you don’t think shes not racist…then i suggest you watch the vid at the top again asshole!

    but also as i said the piss takin’ of blind, and deaf people is just as unacceptable!

  13. I dont get it, I have seen much more controversial things in the world. Who cares. She has a cute voice. She was high at the time, give her break.

  14. wow…if we paid half as much attention to what the president is doing as we do Amy Crackhouse….wow, we might vote on something more than american idol!!!! PAY ATTENTION! Please, please, please…….

  15. eerrrr, those of us in the states anyway. he-he
    I know the rest of the world has a better idea of what goes on here anyhow!

  16. How many times do thing’s like this go on that we don’t see from other musicians and prominent figures?
    What about Kanye’s comment
    “Whatever we as black people are the best at, I’m a go get that. Like, on Christmas I don’t want any food that tastes white. And when I go to purchase a house, I don’t want my credit to look black.”


    “Hip-hop star KANYE WEST is advising his white counterparts that they can only use certain slang terms when they’re out of style for black people.

    The JESUS WALKS rapper – who recently charged that US President GEORGE W BUSH “doesn’t care” about African Americans – believes that certain slang words should only be able to cross racial barriers when they’re no longer in style for black people.

    He says, “I think white people are allowed to say ‘bling’. They are allowed to say old-school black slang, like ‘hottie’ and ‘homie’.

    “Actually, I do not think that (white people) are allowed to use slang until it is at least a year old. If you say a slang word too early, it’s like you’re trying to be black. So as long as the slang is a little played out, you’re all good.”

  17. That’s just . . . No. People don`t do that. It is people like her who needs to be givin a good ass wippin’!!

  18. This is just sad…just people taking advantage of other people for their own benefit.

  19. it’s ok for amy to say that because you know when blacks say racist things they get away with all the’s like we’re not allowed to shuck and jive like them or’s not fair!

  20. im split on this, for one i dont think that a stupid 3 second song(that looks like a setup anyway) about blacks pakis deaf and disabled people makes her any kind of racist. maybe racist song but just cause she was stupid/high enough to sing it doesn’t automatically make her racist does it?

    if so then she also hates all disabled people and deaf people, i dont beleive it. how could anyone hate all black people disabled people, deaf people and all asians.. havin said that it is very fucking stupid, but i don’t think anyone can label her a racist for this. just a crack whore dickhead.

  21. I’m deleting all of my Amy Winehouse tunes from my MP3 player after seeing this.

  22. People need to understand what RACISM is !!!.

    Being a racist is not just about having a deep hatred for other cultures etc.

    @ Jus , it’s about ignorance/being offensive. If I say Amy Winehouse is a cracker, crackhead, big nose jewish biattttch. I AM BEING RACIST !!!

    I am being derrogartory/disrespectful about her ethnicity, therefore i am being racist. If she was sober enough on the video to ask her husband if he was filming or not, she was sober enough to know what she was saying.

    For her to come ot now and say she is not racist is an insult. She may believe she is not, because she is IGNORANT. The truth is, if she was educated she would not have sang the song. I don’t care if she was smoking CRACK – drugs is not an excuse – bang to rights.

  23. ^ so what.
    people hurt your feelings?
    not everybody is going to like you.
    that’s true for everyone.
    why does it bother you so much?
    if you were confident in yourself you wouldn’t care
    about this crap.
    she sang a little nursery rhyme she probably heard on the playground.
    black people have it great today in america.
    the average black person is treated like a celebrity for no reason.
    yet you’re still complaining because some crappy r&b singer sang a song.
    black people have it better than poor white people.
    the more america hands you the more you complain.
    the more you complain about unimporant crap like this,
    the more white people will get sick of hearing it
    and think of you as a worthless crybaby.
    suck it up and get your heads straight.

  24. @ andthen…..FYI- I was addressing a comment made by Jus.

    The issue is not about “hurting anybody’s feelings” trust me my life ain’t gonna stop and what the f–k has confidence got to do about it. You are badly off the point.

    It’s about a high profile star/so called celebrity talking racist crap !!!

    I don’t know about you but if I’m gonna support an artist , I at least like to know what the f-kers are about.

    andthen says – “black people have it great today in america”. – what’s that got to do with the blog. In case you didn’t know Amy Winehouse lives in the UK, this is not about black celebrities in AMERICA !!!.

  25. Silly girl, this is not acceptable behavour, at all. She looks like she’s completely wasted in this video, but no excuse for being so blind to what she is saying!!! Will have to think twice next time i go to big-up miss Crackhouse. Shame on you!!!!

  26. wow, 41 comments???

    when in doubt throw in a race story. always gets the punters in.

  27. I can’t be mad. That’s some crackhead love right there. Seeing crackheads in love makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…..*searches for purse and finds money, credit cards, a bottle of hand sanitizer and the kitchen sink missing*

  28. for real though, inside every white person is the word NIGGER dying to get out. ive been friends with many a white person, puerto rican, pakistani, chinese, whatever…and like clockwork when they angry, high, or drunk ( sometimes all three) it comes out they face. little known secret is that puerto rican call blacks morenos like with a spin on it. they cant just say that this dude was at the bodega but, this MORENO was at the market. now if P.Rs are doing it then WHY NOT eveybody else. dont believe me get a fake account on Y.T. and pose as anyone of these races and youll see. me personally though, i dont like humans let alone a race.

  29. folks are SO DAMN KEEN to point a finger! so damn keen to call somebody a crackhead, so damn keen to say ‘you are wasting your life, ME, i’m certainly not’ – i sure hope you’re not.

    as if none of you would have ever broken taboos verbally and intentionally to have a laugh….. why don’t you sink your teeth into your own damn flaws right now

  30. You all have to be kidding. Do you really think that she was right?
    How dare you all sit around and say that what she did was ok.
    This just goes to show that you all have racism in your heart.
    That woman was wrong, and you all know it.
    Many people Black and white, have died to bring about equality in the world. It seems as though we are taking a step into history.
    If you have those kinds of feelings bottled up in you you should be shipped to a place where that stuff could fly, and be accepted.

  31. damn it i had to check back on that magnetic blog one last time… agnes – i’m not on amy’s side, and if i was amy herself i’d probably just go ‘awblffglooboobluh?’.. no? everybody stay SO righteous and just, the case can’t be let down. sorry, i’ll stop now…

  32. Of course it wasn’t right what she did but its a minor. Who cares if she says something racist at one very intoxicated moment of her life- there is far worse things in the world and I notice very few people bring up the fact she insults the disabled and gay people- it seems like black people are the holy grail that no-one can touch. I have love for people off all races and cultures (and why would i lie about this when i am posting anonymously on the internet) but ask yourself this- have you never said anything insulting about a group you dont belong to? The answer is almost definitely yes at this point.

  33. If she is not a racist then why in the world would you sing something like that? It was uncalled for and she can keep apologizing all she wants. When you are drunk or high the truth of how you really feel about certain people really comes out. I’m not surprised by this, because there are tons of people like this low life loser.

    She took black albums, imitated the sound of the singers, and then tweaked her music to make it seem as if she did something new. I mean what makes her different from all these other white soul singers? Nothing. They all do the same thing. Take something from black music and then act as if they created something new. But I digress.

    I have no respect for Amy at all. After I watched a video of her snorting drugs up her nose that was it for me. I deleted all of her songs, and I refuse to support ANY artist that does drugs or likes to do wreckless things. How about you do that mess with someone else’s money and not mine.

  34. woow didnt know she was racist, didnt not expect that at all, wow the element of surprise has got me this time…i HAVE OFFICIALY lost of the respect i had for her as a singer daamn, she done smoked her brains out. this is like bobby and whitney the white version

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