In a recent interview with Rwdmag Janet jackson had this to say when questioned about releasing a new single from her latest album ‘Feedback’…

“That’s pretty difficult to say, only because of the record label at this point. We started off with Feedback and the label and myself haven’t quite seen eye to eye since, so they’ve basically stopped all promotion,” she said. “I’m trying to figure out a way to say this, but just to say it and to be quite honest, they just stopped all promotion whatsoever on the album so I don’t think you’re going to hear another single off this album.”

Over 20 years in the music game, enjoying success after success, countless accolades, and this is what it’s all come to… smh….. 

Why do you think Janet’s music career has stalled? What went wrong? What direction should she take now?

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  1. It’s a shame about the label issues.

    I do like Janet, it’s hard not too if you grew up listening to her, but
    the reinvention/come back can be a little too much.

    I understand you have to keep up with the competition/younger artists such as Beyonce/Ciara etc…but when you are already an established artist
    less is more someitmes. We already know what you are capable of.

    The over doing it in her videos puts me off. If it’s a great song it will sell.

    Just my opinion !!!.

  2. She´s grown, don´t need no competition with plastic pop-girls. Yet, at the age of 40, she better grow some personality, musically spoken.

    Or better quit the game and concentrate on movies, wouldn´t be no bad choice. Her movies and the roles she´s been giving always fit.

  3. I think Janet needs to go the independent route. She can release music on her time and can make the choices on what can be a single. I never thought that Def Jam was the best choice for her. For veteran artists, I think that independence is the way to go, especially an artist of Janet’s track record

  4. I agree with Domewrecka, she mighta go indie or to some little lable that puts more effort into her work.

  5. good time to duck out the game, perhaps.

    bar the Velvet Rope album, Janet ain’t all that.. she won’t really be missed and only revered for the occasional iconic contribution to music culture via good timing & association. and some chair action.

  6. If they are not going to release anything else, she needs to be release from her contract. My biggest questions is, why is she touring if it will not support the sales of this album. Def Jam needs to remember this is a business and either promote the product or let the artist go.

  7. I agree Nathan, if they are going to focus on their other contracted artists and not release her music then they have no excuse for not allowing her to pursue other creative opportunities elsewhere at a competing major.

  8. the issue apparently was that when she wanted to tour after the last album (20 y.o.) def jam made her stop..and record a new album…so now..they want her on tour..shrugs

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