En Vogue

En Vogue reunited this past Saturday (April 26th) and performed at the Plymouth Jazz Festival in Tobago (West Indies).

It’s good seeing the orignal line up again on stage performing together. When Dawn Robinson split from the group in ’96’, that was a huge loss and things were never really the same again. 

But I’m excited that the funky Diva’s are now back and still looking good.  

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  1. fiiiiinallly!!!!!! I can now die a happy man. I wish that Dawn had never left.
    thank you En Vogue for you music,style,beauty,spirit. the funky divas.
    you are part of my memories, if only you know how much you were loved and still loved. Stay together and love Jesus i would love to see the En Vogue heavenly quartet when we reach there.

    Eric A Small (fan)

  2. I love En Vogue.. I so wish they would’ve never broken up.. Cindy is my favorite & my absolute all time favorite En Vogue song is Apart of Me & Too Gone Too Long..
    Please do another album ladies, ur fans are waiting for it..

  3. The Funky Divas of En Vogue Are Back!
    Popular R&B group is ready to reclaim its throne

    Known for hits “Hold On” and “Free Your Mind,” the sexy singing sensation En Vogue dominated the music charts in the ’90s with their unique sound. And to celebrate their 20-year reunion tour, these R&B divas plan to give fans the music they’ve been missing. “It’s like we haven’t missed a beat,” said Dawn Robinson, who left the quartet in 1997 but recently rejoined. “As the torch was passed from The Supremes to all-girl groups, then we passed it on to others. Now it’s our time again. It’s not about pushing anyone out of the way. It’s time to come back and finish what we started. We’re going to take the world by storm again.”

    So why did Robinson leave the group in its prime? “I wanted to grow and do different things. I wouldn’t say we were a unit back then. Now we are,” she told JET magazine. (p. 36)

    This issue hit stands nationwide Monday, March 9.

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