R.I.P Naomi Benjamin

Naomi dancing at last year’s Brixton Splash

The former partner of Naomi Benjamin, who died when she fell under a prison van, has spoken of his grief.

Dicky Lawrence is the father of Naomi’s 10-year-old daughter and said he has not been able to stop crying since the tragic collision in the centre of Brixton on Tuesday.

Friends have told how the 34-year-old mum struggled to cope with the pressures of life and had turned to alcohol to ease her pain.

Dicky said: “She was a beautiful person. I’m trying to understand why this has happened, why Naomi of all people has been taken from us.

“All I can think is it was time for her to go to a better place because her life was deteriorating so much.

“She would do some silly things… make a fool of herself… get herself into trouble.

“But deep down she was someone who cared so much for her family and just wanted to be loved. I’m heartbroken.”  Continue Reading

There are reports stating that she was seen dancing in the middle of the busy road before the collision, and a shop keeper is quoted as saying, she could be seen doing this often. 

Naomi clearly suffered from mental illness. This is just tragic….

Rest In Peace Naomi Benjamin. 

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  1. Sadly “care in the community” seem to expect people with mental health problems to use extreme caution and the appropriate crossings at all times when wishing to cross the road. My sincerest condolences to her daughter that she leaves behind (and I hope that the daughter as soon as she can sue’s the pants of the mental health institute that was responsible for her mothers care).

  2. You know something. I have seen this lovely lady many times when I used to live in Brixton. I did not know her. I never spoke to her. When I found out about her tragic avoidable death… instantly I knew it was her). I was only able to confirm how correct my instinctive feeling was yesterday. I am not going to talk about the wicked driver.

    It is my conscious that speaks. When you passed Naomi regardless of what was in her hand. You saw from her eyes that she had a beautiful heart. It was clear that the pressures of life had gotten to her. So many times I wanted to speak to her. Maybe guilt and my delayed sorrow is speaking. But I wish now I had reached out to her.

    MAY she RIP.

    I know the lesson learnt from her death. Is when that feeling comes up in my heart to “help someone” even if it is just to talk and say hi. I will. I never want to let a chance like this go by.

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